[17], After having been admitted to the hospital for a month, on December 23, 2019, Velásquez was transferred for health reasons from the maximum-security prison of Valledupar to La Picota prison in Bogotá. Velásquez was once in a relationship with Wendy Chavarriaga Gil, a former lover of his boss Pablo Escobar. [4], Velásquez entered the School of NCOs of the Colombian Navy, and eventually transferring to the General Santander National Police Academy, where he spent one semester. He is now due to face trial but the case has had to be delayed after the assassin was diagnosed with stomach cancer and has been hospitalised. The deeds that I have done never deprived me of sleep.". Velásquez said: "Don Pablo said ‘Yes, sure, that man deserves to be killed, he is mean’. César Gaviria was supposed to be on the flight, however, he never got on the plane after his chief of security raised concerns about him traveling. But in 2014 his sentence was reduced when he became one of the key witnesses linking his former boss to a string of crimes. In part one of Alias J.J., Velásquez talked about bombing a Colombian airliner in 1989. After John was released from prison, he started a very popular YouTube channel. FBI … John Jairo Velásquez salary income and net worth data provided by People Ai provides an estimation for any internet celebrity's real salary income and net worth like John Jairo Velásquez based on real numbers. "He just knew how people worked.

During the war when the Search Bloc (a specialist police unit set up to hunt for Escobar) took control of the morgues here in Medellín, they put my friends alive in the ­incinerators, they were throwing my friends alive from helicopters from more than 1,000ft in the rainforest. Her son asked Escobar for permission to killed the driver as no one could be killed in the Colombian city without his say so. In 2014, Velásquez was released from a Colombian prison after serving more than 2 decades. Disclamer: John Jairo Velásquez net worth displayed here are calculated based on a combination social factors. According to internet, John Jairo Velásquez's height is 1.75m. Despite supposed ­incarceration, Escobar maintained his drug empire, netting £4billion per year while continuing to sanction kill after kill. He also received a choice: “love or death.”, “Live honestly like I do, with discipline and without being hunted by anyone.”, “I am not against peace, I am against the agreement and the Nobel Peace Prize the Norwegians gave to Santos.”, “I’m a professional killer, I kill for money. If you think John Jairo Velásquez's age is not correct, please leave a comment about John Jairo Velásquez's real age and John Jairo Velásquez's actual birthday below. "I found my friends with their knees, teeth and brain drilled. He also tells riveting stories from his years with the Medellin Cartel. Jhon Jairo Velásquez Vásquez was born on April 15, 1962, in Yarumal, 50 miles from Medellín, in northern Colombia.

[citation needed] He was admitted to the Colombian National Army; later he joined the cadet school of the national police, only to leave days later, having school of apprentices of the Colombian Navy where he earned his distinctive nickname "Popeye" because of his physical resemblance to the character, which would later be removed by plastic surgery. John Jairo Velásquez was romantically involved with a former lover of Escobar, named – Wendy Chavarriaga Gil. LIFE GOES ROUND AND ROUND AND SO DID MINE, Yes, there is a story about my past, find it here, … I have implored God’s forgiveness and I will not know until my body dies if He has forgiven me… I have served society with my long condemnation, but perhaps I have not achieved its indulgence…. In 2015, he released a book, titled – ”Surviving Pablo Escobar: “Popeye” The Hitman 23 Years and 3 Months in Prison.”. Jhon Jairo Velasquez was born in in April 15, 1962. My decision is to die as a legend, but not as the Sicario of the ’80s, but as an entrepreneur, a person who was forgiven and re-socialized and for the rest of his days will show that he is a berraco, that he knows how to make a living, that he is regretful and that deserves to become POPEYE LEGEND. "Despite how he is portrayed on film he was a very quiet man, a friend and a father-like figure. "He had incredible magnetism but was ­exaggeratedly plain. General Santander National Police Academy, "El ex jefe de sicarios de Pablo Escobar seguirá en prisión al menos hasta 2016 (Spanish).

Apart, he might have been in a relationship with some women, but since his life was not friendly to be in a relationship, he remained single all his life. All rights reserved. Currently, his YouTube channel has more than 1.17 million subscribers and over 91 million views. Velásquez told the Mirror previously: "You have to understand I was a ­professional killer. In 2008, he was sentenced to twelve years for other judicial proceedings against him. Change in this life is not something that gives you chew, it cost me 23 years and 3 months in jail, confinement, and loneliness, in endless hours of gloom and sadness. I also killed out of love and respect for Pablo Escobar.”, “I’ve been famous for 30 years. Little by little, I changed my way of thinking and acting.”. [4], Velásquez was identified as one of the foremost hitmen of the Medellín cartel.

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