I guess that post influenced some people to dig further into Teti’s background than I wanted to go and they found that he had not been forthcoming in regards to his training.

GREAT JOB standing by the truth and not backing down, wish these shows would stop parading around attention whores and do there homework first…. I believe Teti’s suit was in NC court. no matter the cost, and there is so much more to this sickness, thanks for all those who helped in the fight saludos! Required fields are marked *. Our instructors include our founder and President Joseph Teti and highly skilled former operators from many branches of the military.

Oh, so he IS a pinhead.

Go take a look at his facebook pics if you’ve got some time to waste and are maybe looking for a little laughter. The decision was taken after Teti harmed a dog on-set.

there are a few dummies, Learn how to make your own crab trap basket, find clams for bait and successfully catch a crab for dinner. he could no longer get away with it. These people might be a tiny bit jealous. he caught saddam hussein…. In the time being, they came across Joseph Teti. He has extensive experience and training in fully armored vehicle operations, advance team operations, motorcade operations, CAT (Counter Assault Team) operations and surveillance / counter surveillance operations. wins. if a bro calls you out, Why would anyone be jealous of mediocrity much less failure? Teti is a blowhard with a bad temper.

to say the least. In a couple of cases on that list, due to the specific course names he used, it was obvious that he’d see a reference to the course somewhere but had never actually attended it. the real irony here is that, he had won, everything, all he had to do was stop, but he felt the need to destroy me and everyone that spoke against him. making claims about SERE and Discovery confirmed it.

I even emailed SFC Lilyea and explained my POV in detail. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pVmhCq1N7vk, He did have it on a Resume.

I think those only apply to “courts of the United States” – e.g., Federal proceedings.

I guess those men were jealous, too. http://www.soc.mil/SWCS/RegimentalHonors/_pdf/sf_guest.pdf, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/5th_Special_Forces_Group_(United_States). Pro-tip: When the dude has a nasty scar under his nose and says ‘They call me Faceplant’, he’s probably legit and an okay guy. He is a former Force Recon Marine, Army Special Forces “Green Beret”, and a former operator in a highly classified government counter-terrorist unit. 00:30. Perjury is a felony. I consider OGA contractors specifically hired to KP&BTS and who wind up doing so ‘combat veterans’.

Don’t forget about the Honor Code Violation… says a lot about his character or lack of. He was also a member of a U.S. State Department close protection team assigned to several high profile government officials and visiting diplomats in Israel.

However, MG Guest spent a fair chunk of his career at Fort Bragg. Period. Joseph Teti - Fan Club. and they lied to every sf man with whom they ever worked, served or met… food for thought. Folks, that lawsuit is closed. Thanks for all the amazing things you taught us.

Honestly didn’t think my previous comment would make it passed the censor , lol.

133K likes. so there is some legit to it.

* It had to be Joe Teti’s way, and it had to conform to his arrogant view of the world and himself.

The untold truth of Joseph “Joe” Teti: Wiki/bio, age, career, leaving Dual Survival. He failed, and was booted out. in case anyone doubts what we say, He dishonored himself and anyone else that earned an EGA. It’s not a hat, it’s actually a condom. And the only thing Teti has dropped was to his knees….

I was a resident of TX and voluntarily gave my jurisdiction to stay in the fight.

He probably got butt-hurt when he received legitimate criticism, and he “got back” in a “passive aggressive way”. > MISSION STATEMENT> WHY US?> ABOUT US> COURSES> MOBILE TRAINING TEAM, > TV / MOVIE CONSULTATION> CONTACT US PAGE> REGISTER FOR COURSES, Speaking Engagements & Corporate Team Building.

Or not. Cody was probably thinking as much of a weirdo, lair, maetgazer and burn out that he (Teti) was, Teti running his suck proved that he far was something worse. As in even if the target whose family was threatened opted to keep a cool head, some of his brothers just might react like a rabid kodiak bear when they heard about it.

which never made any dang sense to me anyway-.

be well and have a good summmer.

Teti exploited a gray area in a most cynical manner, and in doing so pissed on the graves of some very special American warriors, guys who will most likely never be known to the public but served the USA in a most hazardous capacity. my wife was targeted, as well as my son,’. Falsely claiming to be a ‘Beirut Marine’.

If I remember correctly, only a handful of people have ever been expelled from the SFA so that makes Joe Teti have something in common with SoMeOnE familiar to TAH. Other platforms (Maritime Patrol, trash haulers, etc) were “encouraged” to have one or two crew members per aircraft SERE qualified, but the training was mandatory for higher risk personnel.

I always loved that photo of Teti. but that was not a combat diver school. Hey Joe, some of us still love you. All hands on Team TAH face outboard and stand by to repel Sockpuppets. Give me a tall glass of my own, over any Mountain Dew. Out!”.

DIY Survival: Make a Compass. saludos! “Lack of adaptability”. Drink my pee, cook way to much coconut crab, stuff your belly while talking about how “tuff” real survival is. when i did go to sere- at tax payers expense

whomever is fighting that battle still, let me know, i will share what we saved.

He lied, he told my lies, he manipulated, distorted, and twisted information to make his career more than it was. At least for a little while.

I went to NASNI/Warner Springs between AW “A” school and the VP RAG at Moffett. Also, learn what a pleading is. One of our more popular frauds, Dan Bernath, has lied many, many times in depositions and under oath, and to my knowledge, not once has he even faced so much as a warning, let alone been charged with or convicted of such. The level four school I was a fail on my first go through talk about a Bitch of a school. I mean, you already buried him headless and hand-less, figuratively speaking. but a few others can go. Man Traps and Crocs. But when asked about his regiment, Joseph revealed that the government unit was so secretive that he was not allowed to mention it. SAVE YOUR COMPUTER! I just spewed coffee straight out my nose all over it and the keyboard. Joseph Teti "Dual Survival".

Joe Teti + Dale Comstock Tier 1 Performance Coaching. And that Discovery never even asked for his records- he stated that 3 times. The ATRRS computer also said Teti failed OCT 83.

And, as you pointed out I did use “pleading” and probably shouldn’t have.

Also, there were 2 other Defendants in this case, both also ran Stolen Valor type websites. )where three men died in a helicopter crash, then might Teti’s credentials be used by the families suing Discovery for the deaths of their family members? It is bad enough to falsify any credentials/qualifications/experiences when you’re a civvi, but for anyone that HAS served to do so is about the very worst thing you could do and to do it purely for financial gain is worse still.

I served in the British Army as a combat engineer in the Royal Engineers and spent my last 10yrs as a Bomb Disposal Engineer and Royal Engineer (High Risk) Search Team member. You’re correct in that it’s not technically a “pleading” since it’s not a complaint or answer, but many lawyers informally refer to most documents filed with the court as “pleadings”. Co-Star of Discovery's show Dual Survival Veteran of both military and government special operations units www.loneoperatorinc.com #AvantLink Jonn wrote that each defendant was dismissed but that he has only Hawke’s dismissal. 1st Class Daniel McClain, Teti’s former team sergeant, in a letter to the Special Forces Association that is part of a formal response in an ongoing lawsuit. Joseph “Joe” Teti is a man of many secrets.

I’m certain that this IS NOT the last we’ll hear about Teti, I’m sure he’ll do more to gracefully fuck himself yet even more and I’m all stocked up on beer, nachos, and pretzels. I have been waiting for you to show up in my back yard at night, coward. 4.6K likes. Season 1 and Season 2 of Dual Survival originally aired in 2010 and 2011, respectively.

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Joe Teti is clearly a valor thief.

If Wittgenfeld and Bernath would get their ass handed to them in court, then we could have a GREAT summer.

This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Joe Teti is best known for his appearance on Discovery’s Dual Survival. Unless a similar document (or a dismissal pursuant to summary judgment, etc) has also been filed, the case could still be viable against the other two defendants. to cover his lies, ha! [5][6], Season 4 debuted on April 23, 2014, and Season 5 began airing on January 21, 2015.[7]. They also said, he did pass Navy Diver in 84,

The World's #1 Nonfiction Media Company. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. Seems like yesterday you were drinking piss and swapping lies…. Just wanted to clarify my dislike for his show, NOT Hawke himself. Cody uses the materials mother nature gave him to make an impromptu drinking gourd. for personal gain and profit. Well, he hasn’t shown up in my back yard yet.

teti told my british tv exec, To hell with how things are supposed to be done in the course, and to hell what others thought about his creating a hostile learning environment. In your dreams “K”, er, Joe. to Dish in April of last year.

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