Kerfing Clamps & How To Build Your Best Guitars, Magnetic Mapping For Floating Guitar Pickups, Retractable Casters Installation & Review, The Luthier’s Guide To Tape For Guitar Making, Stewmac Luthiers Vice & Gift Card Giveaway, Hand Split Tone Bars (A simple way to improve your next guitar), Dust Collection – The Ultimate Luthier’s Guide. I am the second owner of the guitar, the former To meet someone so sincere and so humble in spite of his great success was very inspiring and left me feeling the same way I did the first time I met him years ago; wanting to be more like him when I grow up. Ive never had the opportunity to play an Olson, though have seen a couple at open mikes, and hacve seen artists like David Wilcox play theres- though now he travels with a Rainsong. You can view and learn more about his guitars by visiting his website:, I look forward to getting your new book/dvd in the mail soon. James Hand Built & Exceptional Sound. It is in He poured his heart out as he walked us through nearly every step of his process, explaining each fixture and specialized station that he had developed in his brilliant workflow. If you prefer the Martin tone you may not care for an Olson or Taylor as much.

Required fields are marked *. Since that fateful day, he has become my friend and one of the few people I look up to. I still think very highly of him not only as a luthier, but a person in general. They do not sound like Martins however, and so not sure how u could compare them. To me they shine as folky finger picking guitars. His years old Olsen was the most exquisite, articulate acoustic I think I have ever heard. taking off all of 2014 so new built guitars could become backlogged.

The only Olson I ever "played" belonged to my brother-in-law (at the time) who had just received his long-awaited custom order. I'm looking to sell my 2000 James Olson SJ, This one has some beautiful upgrades. By viewing the slide show at the top of the page you can see all the photos of my visit to Olson guitars. It has an impeccable, beautiful sound. I've played a fair number of them and while I thought a couple were great there were quite a few I didn't really think too much of. I have to commend his vision and passion for seeing it through, which from this side of that battle was obviously a great victory. It’s quite an amazing story. Oops, looks like you forgot something. Don't know how much longer Olson is going to be building. Jim has made guitars for players such as; Sting, Phil Keggy, Paul McCartney, and many others, and of course — James Taylor.

absolutely perfect, and it has a great setup. James Olson Dreadnaught ... James Taylor’s acoustic guitar style has been instantly recognizable since the early 70s, and has influenced countless singer-songwriters since. Just Enter Your Email Below To Get Started!

Hand Carving An Archtop Guitar: Time-Lapse Video & Photo Timeline. better than good condition except for some scuff/dirt marks. I never heard the full story until my visit last year to his workshop where I had the pleasure of hearing it in more detail, truly Inspiring to say the least!

This item is sold As-Described and cannot be returned unless it arrives in a condition different from how it was described or photographed. This seller has not set a shipping cost for Turkey. They are beautiful guitars and look incredibly crafted. He will stand before kings; He will not stand before obscure men. It is extremely even and balanced from highs It has that great Olson sound to match! Your email address will not be published. Shapers in the background and Jim’s home-made thickness sander in the foreground and jigs everywhere. What I didn’t expect though, was that the moment we met, I immediately knew that something was different about Jim, he was the real deal, he truly cared and it showed in his work. One of my favorite things about being a guitar maker is that I can always find more to learn, which I did for sure with Jim Olson. This incredible guitar is a gem. We swapped guitars for awhile that night, and after playing his Olson for awhile, I found myself preferring my M-38. If I had one given to me I'd sell it.

owned one.

buy and value. This website uses cookies for functionality, analytics and advertising purposes as described in our, Queen Annes Revenge, loyal sea dog, grog. I see this guitar as a prime collectible: one that can only appreciate in value with the passage of time. Better hold on to you wallet with both hands - one of these (even used) will leave a huge dent. It might have been fitting to have the Darth Vader imperial march music playing in the background, this thing is legendary, at least in my mind. Since James Taylor was my inspiration for playing the guitar in the first place, that meant a lot to me personally. It is signed by James Taylor and the builder, James Olson. | 1955 D-18 | 1972 D-18 | D-28A 1937 | D-18A 1937 | D-18 GE | CS-Bluegrass-16 | D-21 Special | D-35 | OM-18V |. I thought my OM-18V blew it away in every category, which is the closest thing I have in size to compare it to. We seemed to bond that day, as Jim so kindly and generously shared his experiences with us of his tough beginnings, and of the wonderful breakthroughs that came later as a result of his walking by faith and never giving up. is your chance. For those of you that know, this is a great better than good condition with a few tiny scratches and dings, but nothing it wasn't super loud and didn't resonate as much as say one of the authentic D-18's i owned. Not many people have the persistence and diligence to never give up on such a huge undertaking. This was back in 93-94, when the only guitar I owned was my $125 1974 Gianini. Items must be returned in original, as-shipped condition with all original packaging. It sounds so good, plays so flawlessly, and is an absolute gem on an instrument. If you have ever wanted to own an Olson this Because James Taylor was one of my first inspirations to begin playing the guitar  (long before I even knew anyone could make their own guitar), I couldn’t resist including a video of him playing his Olson guitar to finish off this article, enjoy! Anyone ever play any of his guitars? Based on your location, we've changed your settings: If you watch the listing, we'll notify you if it becomes available again. But that's just my subjective opinion. If you change your mind, you can unsubscribe anytime. Jim’s setup is every luthier’s dream, the nice piece of land, the beautiful workshop out back within walking distance. Please contact them to ask about shipping. It has an impeccable, beautiful sound. Might have been a diamond in the rough, but oh my, what a diamond!! It has herringbone inlays around the top and Pau abalone around the sound hole. I jammed one evening a few years back with a fellow who had an Olson. He can produce in the range of around 50 guitars a year I understand -- when the demand is there. Talking with Jim, and listening as he explained so many wonderful things to me, seemed to help me as a luthier, an artist, and as a person in general. The model new now sells Tom is also the author of the guitar making book/DVD set - The Art Of Lutherie - published by Mel Bay, and has written for and been featured in may publications both in print and online as well as several television and film spots. I arrived early in the morning and even as I pulled into the driveway I was already impressed. The Olson SJ has only been in my home music room and in a recording studio. He began to tell us stories of the struggles that he and his family went through in his early days.

Tom Bills has been hand crafting one of a kind custom guitars for the top players and collectors around the world since 1998. . I'd actually rather have a standard Martin than an Olson.

The only Olson I ever "played" belonged to my brother-in-law (at the time) who had just received his long-awaited custom order.

Once Taylor got a hold of one, demand soared. It comes with the original hard case. Comfortable neck style, the action is 2006 Olson SJ Standard model guitar, Serial # 585. The efficiency and precision that he has been able to harness is unmatched. that detracts for its beauty. This was back in 93-94, when the only guitar I owned was my $125 1974 Gianini.

The adventures and the experiences that unfolded for each unique situation were amazing to hear. . Guitar Truss Rods: Which One Is Best For Your Next Guitar? . James Olson SJ Acoustic Guitar . I played one a few years ago. The day we met in Healdsburg emotions were running high for my wife and I who were still newlyweds at the time. 29 Do you see a man skilled in his work? If you want a new one, you may want to order soon. but, all-in-all a very balanced guitar and amp'd real well. He might not be a virtuoso instrumentalist – always using the guitar to accompany his voice — but there’s a … This Olson is #460 and was built in 1993, four years after James Taylor purchased his first Olson which I believe he still plays. This is the pinnacle of a great builder's art. Thanks. That's why his waiting time is low. Very Good items may show a few slight marks or scratches but are fully functional and in overall great shape. I believe the waiting list is YEAR$ long. Jim explained how each step is executed and he demonstrated how the different body molds and other jigs and fixtures worked. It is extremely even and balanced from highs to lows and is an exceptional recording instrument. Fingerstyle was nice on the cedar-topped jumbo, but not amazing. for a starting price of $13,000+, and I have heard that James Olson may be Strumming with a pick was not great at all. Please check the fields highlighted in red. The workmanship was great, but really not any better than most of the high end Martin and Collings guitars.

As soon as I entered the shop there it was, The Fadal. Olson SJ Acoustic Guitar . Talked to the soundman after, and he said it was pretty much straight up with very little EQ or effects. Simply put, the guy is a genius. Hey! He told me it cost him $4000--and I was afraid to touch it! GET 4 FREE Video Lessons From the exclusive Luthier's EDGE Video Library & More Just Enter Your Info Below To Get Started!

great build quality--extremely nice wood work. Nickel Schaller tuners with Ebony buttons.

Jim shared with me the stories of how he started using the CNC, he had it for an entire year, working long days every day, before he could finally begin to make guitars with it. James Olson Guitars. I think they are ridiculously over-priced. owner is a Grammy winning Hawaiian songwriter and instrumentalist. Hand Built & Exceptional Sound. My journey to visit Jim Olson of Olson Guitars began a long time ago in California at the Healdsburg Guitar festival in 2003 where I had a chance encounter with a master luthier who up until then I only knew as, “the guy who makes guitars for James Taylor”.

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