, Nov 5, 2020 at 11:18 AM A very lucky few, like Rock, become viral so fast that they break the internet. Juan Gonzalez - White Voters Let Democrats DOWN! He's also breaking down barriers as being one of the few men in the beauty industry. He has turned into something of an icon in the LGBTQ community, and for good reason.

Famous as: Instagram Star, YouTuber, Viner. Celebrity News and Gossip. "I knew I was going to love or be doing beauty when I would watch my grandmother get ready for church," he told HelloGiggles. Bret’s success is mostly rooted in positivity and inspiration but the only twist to this is that his good vibes comes with cutting humor that complements his fierce, devil-may-care attitude. Charles Manson Murder House Back On Market Again $2.2M.

Bretman Rock, born Bretman Rock Sacayanan, is one of the biggest stars of the internet. "Before I fell in love with beauty, I fell in love with fitness first," he told PopSugar.

And then a wild, visibly happy Melanie Trump appeared, Psycho Sid feat. ', NASA Visualization of the Ocean Flow off the East Coast of the United States. Politics, you went from being entirely dependent on your mom to entirely dependent on a dope boy who tells you what to do. "It all happened so fast," Rock told KITV shortly after hitting the big time. 1.1m Likes, 10.5k Comments - Bretman (Da Baddest) Rock (@bretmanrock) on Instagram: “Kylie: RIiiseeee and Sshiiine Me:” Rock is unabashedly himself and celebrates his individuality.

", As a person of color, Rock is well aware of the need for diversity in the beauty industry. "I do CrossFit three times a week and weightlifting two times a week, and then I do my own training in the weekends," he said.

Always on a roll, he decision to fill his ‘YouTube’, ‘Instagram’ and ‘Vine’ with positivity that would change the society’s perspective is why he is one of the biggest rising social media star. x 4; Skeptical x 3; Disagree! Bretman Rock (which is actually his real name) is a combination of the famous wrestlers, Bret Hart and The Rock. I can’t believe how buff he’s getting. These are not the things we care about. Rock's dad is a big pro-wrestling fan, and he wanted to pay homage to some of his favorite wrestlers in his son's name. He first became active on YouTube when he was in eighth grade (although he has since deleted the videos since he thinks he "looked a hot mess") and by the time he was 17 his name was known by millions. To him, beauty is a means of self-expression, and he wants to share that with the world. Pearlfection After that, Rock's account was restored, but it took him a while to adjust to his new fame. "Ever since I was a child, I was always upside down, running around, or hanging somewhere; I was always signed up for sports like soccer, volleyball, cross country, and the love of my life: track. Here's a closer look at Bretman Rock, from his childhood inspiration to his plans for the future. I Never Knew Brandy & Whitney Houston Recorded a Duet Album?!? How did he come by such an unusual moniker? His parents separated when he was young and he currently resides in Hawaii with his mom and sister. His line of makeup tutorials with an overwhelming amount of jokes will leave you in splits for hours! His energy levels and sense of humor are unparalleled and no matter how hard you try, once you enter his channel, there is no going back! At the beginning, he was convinced that his internet popularity was just a phase. Spice New Fashion Line Graci Noir Sold Out, Lucy McBath wins rematch against Handel in Georgia House race. Politics, White really suits him. His on-screen charisma will have you gripped for hours and before you know it, you’ve already hit the ‘Subscribe’ button!

I thought he was always trying to be a twink but I guess not! Regional Gossip. Bretman Rock grew up in the presence of a lot of women who weren’t typically the beauty-obsessed kind, but somehow was exposed to beauty and glam since a young age. , Nov 5, 2020 at 11:18 AM Bout It. Rock has to deal with a lot of people who attack him, but he isn't letting them get in his way. "I want to prove that Filipinos can do things just the same as others, if not better — and cuter. ", His family supported his love of beauty, and Rock's mother let him experiment with her makeup, something he is still grateful for.

Congrats to Her and Georgians, Kushner’s Property Firm Files to Evict Hundreds of Families During Raging Pandemic, Says Report, New Jersey is more blue than New York at this point, CNN calling native Americans "something else", Not just Trump: Republicans pile onto conspiracy theories about vote counting, What a Biden or Trump win would mean for a second round of stimulus checks. Hector(Majah Hype) Got a Problem With Florida.... Black Wedding of the Day - Hip Wedding in Tampa, FL. Cartoons and Anime Forum, Melania was cheerful because she was having her HALF loaded in a moving truck at that very moment. His videos like ‘I’m Prada you’re nada’, and ‘When I enter the classroom’ have received a lot of praise for his sharp humor that definitely separates him from the rest. My mom found out that I am consider running away. Bretman Rock grew up in the presence of a lot of women who weren’t typically the beauty-obsessed kind, but somehow was exposed to beauty and glam since a young age. In spite of his fame, Rock stayed grounded, focused on maintaining his 3.5 GPA and being on Student Council. , Nov 5, 2020 at 11:18 AM Rock told KITV that so many new people were adding him (roughly 100 thousand per week) that it "broke the system," so Instagram shut down his account. The YouTube star is also beloved for his sassy personality, quirky sense of humor, and confident style. "I usually wait for opportunities and act on them if I like them or I like to really think through any new ideas I have. He may be famous as a beauty expert, but Rock is also a born entertainer who loves to ham it up for the camera. "I feel great to show the beauty of Filipinos (they are some of the brightest people in the world) because we are underrated and have the stereotype of being poor or ugly, especially in Asia," he told HelloGiggles. Instead of getting caught up in the negativity, Rock is focusing on enjoying his success. While he wouldn't consider himself to be an LGBTQ activist, his confidence has been an inspiration to many. Why is the world filled with racial strife? "I don't want to not be normal. Pathetic.

"My highlighter is a piece of me; it's a piece of my life," he told PopSugar. Regardless of what happens the Dems (Identity Politics) needs to end (Wake Up Call), Bahamas Government Pleased with “Rapid Decline” in COVID-19 Cases. Jun 22, 2017 Ratings: +47,819 / 2,053 / -2,067. Rock is all about keeping it real and staying true to himself, and he has no problem conveying that message with a bit of potty-mouthed frankness. They have always been there for me and because of that I will always be there for them and continue to actively fight and support causes that do the same. Why is this old Twitter bird always shaming women for working? I want this to be wrapped up! "My dad was obsessed with wrestlers, and he liked Bret Hart and The Rock, so that's how he got Bretman Rock," Rock told KITV. While mainstream society has made major strides in embracing the growing presence of men in the beauty industry, there's still room for growth. ", Rock's many fans have been drawn to his magnetic, over-the-top personality. I was always surrounded by nature and beautiful, diverse people, which is my main inspiration for my palette. I really wanted to capture that.".

"When I'm talking to people, I can't relate to them, especially when a fan comes up and tells me, 'Oh my God, Bret, you've inspired me so much. Who Is The Greatest Female Warrior In History? My parents don't accept me for being gay.' Bretman Rock is a pretty unusual name, so it wouldn't be surprising for people to think that it was a made-up social media handle designed to conceal a person's real identity. Rock became fascinated with beauty products when he was around 4 or 5 years old. All the credit for Bret’s success goes to his supportive family and fans. "I grew up in the islands my whole life — living in the Philippines and moving to Hawaii when I was 8.

He later moved to Hawaii, but he hasn't forgotten his roots. This site uses cookies. "I want to live like a normal life," he said.

I feel like I'm best friends with all my supporters here," Rock told The Philippine Star.

Do you find truth in the idea that creatives are often 'off? Famous Role Models You Would Like To Meet. Bretman Rock was born in Philippines on July 31, 1998. Hier sollte eine Beschreibung angezeigt werden, diese Seite lässt dies jedoch nicht zu. ". Bretman Rock 25 days ago; Facebook; Twitter; 12806 ; Thank you Neutrogena for sponsoring this video bitch! If only he had worked this hard to prevent the spread of Covid. Can y'all stop being so unattractive and then complain about dating? (of course hypothetically if he wasn’t 110% gay) LOL! "I want everyone who uses my highlighters to feel the warmth of the islands and feel like a babe in paradise," he said. The makeup guru has always been open about his sexuality and is proud of who he is. Bret aspires to study Fashion and Textile Merchandising in California one day. "I just want my haters to know that I've been eating well and healthy lately... so if you think I'm dying soon, I'm here to tell you I'm not..." he wrote in one such post on Instagram. So basically I'm working out the whole week. , Nov 5, 2020 at 11:18 AM Of course, as we now know, people continue to find him funny and Rock is still going strong. While he might come on a little strong for some people, Rock isn't backing down. A lot of people see Rock's full face of makeup and flamboyant personality and assume that he's not the athletic type, but that couldn't be further from the truth. When he released his highlighter palette in 2018, a collaboration with Morphe, Rock made sure to pay homage to both of his homelands and to celebrate diversity.

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