Sri Bhadra Purnima Wednesday 2 September “If on the full moon day of the month of Bhadra one places Srimad-Bhagavatam on a golden throne and gives it as a gift, he will attain the supreme transcendental destination.” Srimad-Bhagavatam 12.13.13 Contact Vibhu Caitanya on WhatsApp more », Kartik Begins! They are given fodder & concentrate produce of our own farmlands along with clean water to keep them in healthy state. In the land of Vraja, the trees, creepers, cows and all the other residents are wish fulfilling personalities, the ghats(river banks) of Yamuna are all made up…, Kartik is commencing from tomorrow. When churning process is completed we get butter. The store will be situated in Sri Sri Radha Radhanath Temple’s main parking lot (opposite Govinda’s Pop-up). © 2017 ISKCON Vrindavan. We need to be patient and continue praying. When these gopis loudly chant the glories of Sri Krishna, the vibration purifies the three worlds.”(Srimad Bhagavatam 10.47.63) The vrajavasis, and among them the vraja gopis,…, The lamps have been lighted Damodarashtakam is being sung the indescribable special feeling has set in Kartik has finally begun Devotees are feeling joyous transcendental bliss is abounding smiling faces and happiness in the hearts Kartik has finally begun The Gopis song of separation Sung with great sincerity and devotion…, Vrindavan is the eternal abode of Sri Shyamsundar, the Supreme Personality of Godhead and therefore the most opulent, even among the Vaikuntha planets. People more », Dear Friends Mayapur TV Live Broadcast Interrupted Kindly note that the Durban channel will be offline over the next few days due to maintenance. But Ayurveda considers Ghee to be a medicine and the most ancient food in mode of goodness that removes all types of disorders and ailments of human body. The fence is 2.2m high with grooves too narrow for a hand or foot to go through and has hidden fixtures that prevent tampering or vandalism. We are manufacturing ghee by Vedic method as following.. First we boil the milk on the cow dung cakes and wood stove. Just send a video of you chanting the maha-mantra for Love & Peace more », Dear Friends NEW Darshan Times We are pleased to announce that the Temple is now opened for darshan from inside the temple on Sundays.

Now you can calculate price of real ghee by your self. Purushottama Maas 17 September-16 October This month is understood to be even more powerful than the month of Kartik, and occurs more », Dear Friends Holy Name Week 17-23 September Fortunate People This year, the ISKCON Kirtan Ministry headed by His Holiness Lokanath Swami has partnered with Fortunate People with the idea to make others fortunate through the chanting of the holy names. Cow’s milk is said to possess the essential sap of all plants, and ghee is a most valued derivation of that nutritious stuff. Kartik Online 1st Night of Kartik – Saturday 31 October ZOOM online festival with His Holiness Bhakti Caitanya Swami & more », Dear Friends Kartik Seva 31 October – 30 November You are invited to sponsor Kartik ghee lamps or Devotee breakfast or lunch. Operating times: Sundays ONLY 10am-1pm COVID-19 protocols for Radhanath Gift’s Pop-up Store 1. Please check your browser settings or contact your system administrator. Sri Sri Krishna Balaram Mandir – ISKCON VRINDAVAN.

Ghee Facts and Truths CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASES AND FACTS ABOUT GHEE OF DESI COW It is a general observation that modern heart specialist blame fat and ghee for cardio vascular diseases. we add little curd in it. A new perimeter fence for Sri Sri Radha Radhanath Temple (535m)! Lamps are just R100 for 100 lamps. All rights Reserved. Online Store India, Buy, Cow Ghee, Pure Ghee, Pure Desi Ghee, Cow Urine & Panchagavya Products, Patanjali Ayurved Products - Shop online VedicGiftShop. more », Dear Friends Week Ahead Friday 2 October 7:30am Class by Her Grace Rukmini Devi Dasi Saturday 3 October 7:30am Class by His Holiness Rama Govinda Swami Sunday 4 October 7:30am Class by His Holiness Bhakti Caitanya Swami Monday 5 October 7:30am Class by His Grace Krishna Caitanya Das 11:00am Instagram Live with His Grace Vibhu more », Dear Friends Radhanath’s Gifts Pop-up Store Finally, we have found a way to safely open Radhanath’s Gifts Pop-up store.

Pure Desi Cow Ghee is made of cow’s pure & fresh milk using the traditional standards, the cows are kept in a stress free environment. As the golden boy walked by, all the onlookers wondered who this enchanting young boy was, and when he reached his home, his own mother could not recognise him and wondered about the identity of the extraordinary boy. E-mail me when people leave their comments –, REAL GHEE IS AVAILABLE NOW ALSO IF YOU READY TO PAY. Then what will be the Price of pure and real ghee ????????? When it became cool we add little curd in it.

You need to be a member of ISKCON Desire Tree | IDT to add comments! This year Krishna’s mercy is flowing, and Vraja mandal has come to you in the form of this 30 day online parikrama .How to go about it..Press the…, Blessed indeed is that fortunate soul, who, due to some past pious activities, can observe the month of Kartik in the most exalted of all holy places, Shri Vrindavan dham. Hare Krishna PAMHO AGTSP Dear vaishnavas we are group of devotees from Gujarat we have 150 indigenous pure breed cow. Today we’ll begin an exploration of ghee, which is one of the final foodstuffs derived from processing milk.

Week Ahead 29 October – 5 November 2020, Funeral & Memorial Programme for His Grace Shyamlal Prabhu, Week Ahead 7-11 March – In Preparation of Lord Chaitanya’s Appearance. Kindly note: Bhakti Devi is involved in Deity service and may not respond immediately. This architecturally-inspired fencing is a cost-effective means of enclosing the boundary of our property. Then we boil this butter in iron pot on the cow dung cakes and wood stove. Surely as per the above calculation we are not getting the pure ghee.

Report an Issue  |  More so than ever, I have been reflecting and praying like all of you that since coming in more », Dear Friends Kartik Lamp Offerings 31 October – 30 November You will be able to come to the temple to offer a lamp. In general, he is not doing badly but is fatigued and needs more rest. Terms of Service, © 2020 ISKCON Desire Tree | IDT   He then explained to his mother that he was her very own…, vande nanda-vraja-strinampada-renum abhiksnasahyasam hari-kathodgitampunati bhuvana-trayam “I repeatedly offer my respects to the dust from the feet of the women of Nanda Maharaj’s cowherd village. Bridge Darshan Monday–Saturday 11am-1pm Temple Darshan Sundays ONLY 10am-1pm NEW Govinda’s Trading Times Monday-Friday 11am-3pm CLOSED ON WEDNESDAYS Saturday & Sunday 10am-1pm Shravanam Week With the recent celebration of Bhadra Purnima, more », Dear Friends Do you have your GOLDEN TICKET Back to Godhead? Who grazing only natural grass . Week Ahead more », Dear Friends Security Upgrade! Pure Desi Cow Ghee (clarified butter) prepared by vedic method from the milk obtained from indigenous breed of Gir cows.

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