Or, this could go an entirely different direction. he always used to be mad at me when i couldnt carry a conversation. I met this guy online, after a few months we’ve became really good friends and started talking everyday. well he’s different now n we don’t get to spend much time together n I’ve heard that he has a girlfriend but he denies it to me. It’s like those wonderful dreams you have during a light sleep…, You finally found an awesome guy who seemed to be really attracted to you. A day when he gets drunk he tells me he dontvwant me for me to move out .to leave now .but when he is sober .i ask him did he want me to move out and he says he like having me here…we been together for 11 years so i dont kn what to do ….

The truth is: you can influence how a man feels about you before it’s too late, but you need to have a good idea of how he already feels about you. Me and him started dating for 4 months, he told me that he loves me, that he will never leave or turn his back on me.

more: Why Men Withdraw And Exactly What To Do About It.

He could have something going on in his personal life that’s draining all of his attention. Sorry girls, but if he's putting your feelings aside, he's losing interest.

This could mean that he’s losing interest. So the idea of a man’s eye never wandering again, is a bit of an impossible and hen-pecked standard. YES He or she isn’t initiating contact with you, isn’t paying attention to your wants and needs, isn’t trying to help you and doesn’t appear to be invested in getting to know the real you.

You can’t ever read his mind – and if you try to it will only hurt your relationship. But I’m 15 and he’s 16, but that never stopped us from liking each other, or so I thought. Sometimes it can be hard to tell the difference. However, there are even more ways that you and your partner can connect with one another that will help to strengthen your relationship. So if he used to be super lovey-dovey, and then backed off once you told him you felt the same, it’s probably because he’s an insecure guy who was looking for reassurance that you liked him, and now that he knows you do he’s backing down on the charm. Since you and your partner aren’t taking the time to communicate openly and honestly with one another and aren’t looking for ways to visit each other, a connection for the long-term is going to be a challenge. He wasn’t withdrawing from you in the first place, and he must have been acting distant for some other reason. He doesn’t look at you the same way anymore. Even if it can’t happen often, plan ahead and get excited about the time that you do have together coming up. He’s still around, but there seems to have been a shift in what he feels about you. So there’s this guy I really like and his name is Jeffery.

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