The replacement module is $10 at Lowe’s (online or brick & mortar), ***UNPLUG THE LAMP FROM THE WALL FIRST!***.

11. The case is held together with friction fit pins, some of which may break off while opening the switch. Wind electrical tape around the zip ties and wire nuts. Next, free the dimmer control board from the inner skull by peeling the black plastic case away (it’s held with double-sided foam tape. Thank god I found this blog. Target lamp base + Ikea lamp shade.

I have a white kulla, and it has been broken for over a year. Pack everything in nice and tight and press the two halves of the skull together.

Good thing they decided not to glue it down. Materials: Kulla Lamp (floor or desk model). Applying this may extend the life of the switch. I kept looking at the parts they had at the home centers before I actually tore the lamp down further. Several tutorials suggest replacing the switch as a fix, claiming the switch is not openable. You will probably smell a burned electronics smell at this point; that’s the old dimmer control board which is fried. Cut off any protruding nubs that are stuck on the ends of the top portion of the switch. It’s claimed to stay on for up to 40 years. ***UNPLUG THE LAMP AND REMOVE THE BULB!***. © COPYRIGHT 2020 IKEAHACKERS.NET | IKEA® is a registered trademark of Inter-IKEA Systems B.V. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Prepare the new board by breaking it out of its casing with a small putty knife or similar tool. The moment of truth… put in a bulb, plug in the lamp and touch the exposed eyelet at the end of the yellow wire of the new dimmer board. So time for an update of the lamps. You may need to put all your weight into it. Then repeat the process for the other two crimped connections. The bottom half of the shell seemed to unscrew but I didn't want to mess with that if it pulled off and I could not reattach it again. We wil be reusing half of this plastic capsule for the new board. Thank you will try it, since I love this lamp. Thanks so much for the tutorial! It is just a matter of dismantling, disconnecting the stick sensor and replacing it with another switch. I turned the plastic piece covering the socket pretty hard and it worked loose. Unscrew the top assembly, feeding some cord slack through the grommet by the lamp’s base if things seem to get difficult. Double decker Frosta side table with integrated lighting. You can personalize this lampshade by using a map of a favourite city. When it is nice and tight, the skull will be closed up tightly again. Strip the wires starting at the position where the contacts bit through the insulation.

You may need to use pliers if you can’t push it down hard enough. Don’t worry, no current runs through that piece. For those reading this, if your Kulla light is no longer working, please do not throw it. I am a Kulla-believer and chose between google and calling a medium (3 year old Kulla gone wild, blinkning, turning on and off etc).

You’re bound to find something to inspire you. I used a technique of wiring in the new board as I unwired the old: un-crimp one connector and attach the appropriate wire from the new board, the twist on the tiny, supplied wire nut. Learn how your comment data is processed. Worked perfect. Description: I was disappointed by the 6 month lifespan of my Kulla floor lamp, the glossy enameled bauhaus-y piece I finally let myself spend $100 on. Well, time to write off the lamp as a disposable or fix it so it is no longer a potential fire hazard.

While holding the main lamp post with one hand, turn the entire top assembly with the other, using the plastic diffuser disc and the touch post for leverage.

Some of the older ones have problems where they start flickering or stop working entirely.

The wire is fed through and snaked in the lamp housing or poles.

Many kept them as non-functional ornaments, unable to simply discard them. There is a little nut or finial that screws down the frame of the lampshade to the harp or metal piece that supports the lampshade around the bulb. We’ve tried just about everything. Open but don’t discard the black plastic housing. It did work with the bulb at just the right angle and screwed in really tight into the socket. It was not easy at first but I have photos on my blog for your reference. The problem is that the dimmer control board has burned out, so we are going to replace it.

Every lamp switch either comes loose at some point during its lifetime or simply wears out. You can now snap back in the lampshade harp. I unscrewed when rod switch (the one you touch to turn on the light) by accident and it seems the only way to screw it back on is to open the box. Ah, inspecting the failed socket closer reveals that there was some arcing due to the bulb base shorting out the contacts of the 3-way switch and that one of the contact rivets had been worked loose. I have tried and tried and tried… but I can’t seem to be able to “open the skull”, by either pushing or pulling or unscrewing… I guess this stupid lamp is going to go into the dumpster! This is just amazing, now i will try to fix my beloved lamp, 12. (Think G it wasnt any demons . Not true, you can open the switch with the right tools.

Place the new socket shell into the lamp and snap it into place. IKEA hackers is all about modding, repurposing and customizing IKEA products.

Snug up all rotating parts. I dismantled the Kulla lamp for both the table and floor lamp. The lamp should cycle through the various dimmer settings.

The Ikea Jansjö is my favorite desk work lamp. My 90-day warranty was up, I couldn’t find my receipt and IKEA was a 2-hour drive, so I figured I was on my own. The Best IKEA Lamp Hacks 1. When the base cover is removed on an older lamp and the switch is clearly broken, the switch is non-repairable and will need to be replaced. Squeeze the socket shell to remove it from the lamp base, then cut the wires attached to the old switch.

It is just a matter of dismantling, disconnecting the stick sensor and replacing it with another switch. One day, it just didn’t turn on. Excellent! Following are instructions on how to get the Kulla up and running when it becomes possessed or just dies totally. Place the stripped wire back in the IDC contact. Place the wires back into the switch, then put the clear plastic strain reliefs back in.

They are even more energy efficient than a CFL. For troubleshooting, unplug it and if possible remove the switch. Newer models seem to be of a retainer ring that fits between the bulb and light socket with the braces radiating up from there. But people still LOVED their Kullas! I was then able to wiggle up the socket itself. The harp can be removed by squeezing it together like a spring and pulled out.

Whenever I put a new bulb in this one lamp, you would hear a loud pop and then the circuit breaker would trip.

The compact fluorescent 3-way bulbs were starting to show their age as they didn't seem to be as bright anymore. Some of the older ones have problems where they start flickering or stop working entirely.

I think I missed the fine print in the user manual or didn't get what the pictogram was saying, which is long gone, by the way. What type of content do you plan to share with your subscribers? I am desperate for it to work again but we cannot seem to get the “skull” off. There had to be a way! Still I am angry with IKEA, seems the problem repeats itself a little too often.. wish i’d found this post before I returned my lamp to Ikea, and when they wouldnt refund I just left it there! Use a small screwdriver to hold the metal contacts down if needed to avoid pulling them out of the plastic.

I think what you are doing here is breaking a bead of adhesive that keeps the skull together. For this step, match the black and white wire positions and substitute the gray wire of the new board for the blue wire of the old board: Remove the old, defective dimmer control board by clipping off the tiny zip ties, cutting off the black heat shrink tubing and un-crimping the connectors one at a time. My IKEA lamp inexplicably stopped working. Secure on top with the finial nut. 1. The Ikea shades are made of polyester and I was slightly worried they would look super cheap, but you know, I don’t even notice them (especially now that they’re not crooked). Well, the silver metal casing seemed to move.

3. Now enjoy the refurbished lamp. I only saw the wire routed in there and figured you wouldn't be sticking a screwdriver or allen key in there to detach the socket. Wind the wire around the screw clockwise so when you screw down, the screw really grabs the wire and draws it in. This all started out with the lampshades on a pair of old IKEA floor lamps that were looking kinda ratty.

You may need to push the contact open to allow it to fit. Put on the lampshade. This post shed some, uh, light on what I was up against: Commenter Marc had gave me the confidence to take the lamp apart and the rest I improvised. Hope you managed. Assuming it works, let’s put Kulla back together! We were thinking about bringing it to get completely rewired but I am not sure they will know what to do with it. You’ll have to push down very hard, don’t worry about the switch breaking. In general, lamp anatomy is pretty simple and the same for most. This is easiest applied with a PPE-containing contact cleaner. Given that the bulb flickers when plugged in even though the switch is off, I'd blame the switch because this means that the circuit isn't broken (which is what a switch is supposed to do). Protect the switch with a cloth for example if using pliers. Now comes the brain transplant! Many people reported their Kulla had a mind of its own, cycling through the light settings in the middle of the night. 8.

Twist the wires together and plug it in. It is a very nice lamp. This has to be one of the easiest and cheapest Ikea lighting transformations and it looks really good too. I searched on the internet to see what kind of parts are available for repair and to get a clue of how things were installed. With the top assembly off, it’s time to separate the halves of the Kulla’s skull!

First, unplug the lamp and put the end of the cord where you can see it away from the outlet. There were plastic/phenolic replacement 3-way switches/sockets and brass/metal cased replacement 3-way switches/sockets. So time for an update of the lamps.

I then played around with turning the parts to see what may have been threaded to fit together.


I just cut off the original one, stripped a bit of wire and crimped a smaller one on to fit over the fitting of the touch post. Fix your flickering lamps without a new switch! You can fix a lamp switch easily. Unfortunately its gray housing is slightly too bulky to fit into Kulla’s skull.

This POS switch doesn’t deserve UL approval, so remedy that with a Sharpie. Insert them into the wire entry port and squeeze, being careful not to pinch the wire. I went to a couple of home centers before I could find the replacement lampshade pictured here. I’m having trouble and not sure how exactly this can be done (namely, how you did step 3)… can you please help!!! This might require some jiggling at the very end. It seemed there were some standard lamp replacement parts, but IKEA uses metric stuff and getting something off the shelf might not work. Hope it works.. I’m a little afraid to mess with electricity but my floor lamp has been sitting dead in the living room for over a month! Amazing I have one of these lampshades above my bed with a London street map. we purchased it in jan 2011, it lasted until April 2011. Carefully pull the wires out of the IDC contacts. The wiring below the socket is wound up in a special underwriter's knot, you can look that up.

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