Most ppl would want to meet the actors , i want to meet the writers. Want to learn about Islam religion ask around to the proper people. Much I became able to speak and understand language. Producers are gonna manoeuvre characters like they want to and slot in extras to give some umph and ofcourse dialog is there own. I’m a secular Jew with no agenda apart from an abiding love of history and the sheer detail of the daily lives of people at that time is beyond anything I’ve seen. Myself And my husband love this, the actors are supberb, addicted to it best tv series ever, and we’re two pensioners in our 70s, feel I have enjoyed the series so much. Never knew that Persian empire had some marginal influence on Turkish culture. Yet I love it.


How could then lived together? Beylar, if you want read history of Kayi tribe Go there, Calm down cupcake, nobody is using this tv serial to formulate their knowledge of Islam.

And hoping you will make more movies like Ertugrul in the near future with Engin Duzyatan in the leading role. In this campaign he quarrelled with the Commander in Chief Fahrüddevlet who tended to make peace with Marwanids. Well done for keeping me so glued for the first time. I am waiting for series # 6.

Loved watching Ertugrul, very meaningful and inspirational messages, we could learn a lot from this show.

She was the first woman to support Halime Hatun on her arrival at the Kayi tribe.

Secondly, I see no dogs used by security guards, no wolves and bears in the forests. On this battle the Seljuk Army finally captured Crusader Knights Baldwin Il of Edessa who called himself, King of Tripoli and Jerusalem and Joscelin of Courtenay who called himself Prince of Galilee. The stunts are fabulous but please don’t try to say that ‘no animals were hurt making this film’.

on Ergugrul Gaza. Savci will become the diplomat and the administrative leader of the tribe till his death during the leadership of his father and brother Osman.

Thank you indeed.

I am almost through the fourth season on Netflix. Plz reply me n explain it.n correct me of I’m wrong. I am presently watching the series on Netflix and I had to so some quick research on who these people were in Turkish History. But above all, I wanted to personally acknowledged the “brilliant” performance of Engin Duzyatan as Ertugrul it was by far over excellent.

His love life was legendary, since his heart was divided between two loves.

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