The Boawoman Caramel boa pictured above is our Boawoman Caramel, Caram.

The ghost is actually an anerythristic/hypo. If your Dumerils Boa sheds in pieces, you need to raise the humidity level. All of the hypos are Sugar Redline Pastel as well. Boa. Dumerils Boas should have a large water bowl. A Hypo (short for Hypomelanistic) boa is a boa that has less black or brown color than a "normal" boa constrictor. Dumerils Boa (Acrantophis dumerili) SCIENTIFIC NAME: Acrantophis dumerili DESCRIPTION: We have baby Dumeril's Boas for sale. The oils in pine and cedar smell nice, but they can leave a chemical burn on your snake’s scales, and the fumes can cause permanent neurological damage. Thus increasing the possibilities when breed to another. Bei Quoka seit This is a recessive gene. Suriname Boa strongly display the trademark attributes of the red-tails; bold markings and colors which resist fading or blending with age, a large angular head, and the flowing contrasting cherry red or velvet red tail-saddles. I usually wiggle the food with tongs to stimulate the snake to strike and eat it. Baby Caramel Albino Central American Boa. The Aztec boa is a color and pattern mutation. Adoption fee $200. The average length is between 5-7 feet long, with females growing larger than males. This beautiful girl was born here in 06. Take a look at our Terms of Sale and the types of Payment we accept. Take a look at our collection of boas, including some "world firsts" that we produced, like the Sharp Strain Snow pictured here. The Dumerili live in Northern Madagascar in damp forested areas. All of these genes are compatible and do the same thing although you may get many different looks. View Details Compare. This is caused by microscopic ridges on their scales that create a rainbow glow when reflecting light. I can’t say for sure exactly how this genes work.

The Motley Boa is by far one of our favorite Morphs.This pretty lady came from Jeremy Stone, and is possible het for albino.

As a result, these are the best substrates you can use for your snake: For best results, layer your substrate with plenty of untreated dry leaf litter. The right choices in Dumeril’s boa substrate can help regulate humidity and promote good health. Boa's Sunclipse / Sunglow / Hypo Motley ENZ 2020 all pos. As of now 2007 there has not been a super jungle albino produced. Genetics: Color and pattern mutation - not proven yet. If your pet reptile is experiencing a medical emergency, contact an experienced reptile veterinarian immediately. Select options. If your Dumerils Boa refuses to eat, the first thing you should check is the temperature and humidity in the cage. Their saddles are wider with beautiful widows peaks and their tails are a deep burgundy. Dumerils Boas are most active at nighttime, and this is the ideal time to feed them. The Pastel is very objective term. We have additional photos of We have posted all of our 2020 baby boas on our available boas page, as well as some previously unavailable 2018 and 2019 boas. Add to Wishlist. They have a beautiful creamy pastel colors with dark splotches.

The anterior and posterior face markings are black to light powder gray often with extensive amounts of black. When they are young their color is blood red, but as they age they tend to darken up and turn a brownish color. The research I have done leads me to believe they are true Colombian red tails. Because Dumeril’s boas are ground dwellers, they like to burrow in lots of deep substrate in captivity — try for at least 4-6 inches. sie ist handzahm ... Boa, aus Zucht. The picture above is of our Sharp Snow boa (the first created in the world by using the Sharp strain of Albino), Whitesnake. resources needed to properly care for each of our pets. The Jungle boa originated in Sweden by a breeder named Lars Brandle. Next. The Albino gene is a recessive gene. Add to Wishlist Select options. Mehrere boas abzugeben verschiedene Morpheus und nicht nur normale! Their bodies are usually silver and their tails are a lavender color when they are first born. Acrantophis dumerili - A genus containing two species of old World boas, native Only to Madagascar. A snow boas is a double simple recessive (Albino & Anery). We have a few different bloodlines of “Pastel”.

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