(IGN), First person shooters have advanced a lot over the past few decades, and the Nintendo 64 had its fair share of hit titles. There are a few variants that are not listed, but I really didn’t feel those are necessary to list as there are very small variations that only a very detailed collector would care about. Additionally, the information provided is based on the models released in the United States. I also want to thank Kennith and Deniz at Wata Games for helping me make sure my list of NES console releases was complete. Models released in other regions may differ from the prices shown below.).

The price varies based on the system's model, color and condition. But, the Wide-Boy 64 was a rare example of an actual device that you can play Gameboy Color games on the console. It is possible that I was wrong and that this was the highest selling system in the NES era. We would always look it up in J.C. Penny Catalogs or at Toys “R” Us. By Staff Writer Last Updated Apr 15, 2020 6:41:27 AM ET. Stunt Racer 64 puts a good amount of gameplay into doing tricks with your car, but the racing is also very addictive which made the game a very popular choice. Hey You Pikachu Complete Set: $179.00Released toward the end of the Nintendo 64’s lifespan, the … Your email address will not be published. Mint or perfect will always fetch a higher dollar figure and it if is banged up or trash, not as much as you might think. Nintendo also released a limited edition Pikachu Nintendo 64. The Wide-Boy 64 was sold in very, very low numbers and thus the device is hard to come by. (IGN), Perhaps one of the more unique titles to grace the Nintendo 64, Ogre Battle 64 was known for its unique gameplay and a different storyline. Oh the age old question. (IGN), Yoshi’s Island was one of the most popular games to grace the SNES during its final run, and thus Nintendo decided to release a remake of the title on the Nintendo 64. The Yoshi's Story International Version is worth well over a grand, and the value is only going to keep going up at the N64 regains popularity. The value of a Nintendo 64 system ranges from $28 to $999.99 as of 2014. Nintendo was really ahead of the game in many departments. Yes. (Classic Gamer), When it comes to one of the rarest peripherals on the market, with its bright green design the controller was released well of ahead of the “Fantastic” consoles that came later on during the end of the console's lifecycle. Nintendo during the nineties was not a pioneer in terms of technology, but the Nintendo 64 was still one of the most memorable consoles to ever hit the videogame industry. It was just a nicer system all around. As with most retro consoles, there really isn’t a “going rate” for the Nintendo 64 due, mostly due to its rarity. parts that are in the box. In addition to the traditional Nintendo designed accessories, there were also a lot of aftermarket accessories that came along which retained their value as well. I mean , look at the games that came with this system, World Cup Soccer and Super Spike V-Ball. The Pokémon-themed console came out in a couple of different colors in Japan, but it was only released in dark blue stateside. The price had dropped a bit by then.>>>. All the parts are there so you can see and reference them, but it is actually missing all the original baggies and ties that went around each and every piece.

1985 NES Guide, Guess I got lucky again. In 1992, Nintendo upgraded their basic control deck by adding Super Mario 3 (one on Nintendo’s hottest selling and most successful games ever) and called in their NES challenge set. The game is a masterful presentation that still stands true to this day, and the game has much replay value that it's amazing. (IGN), Finding a great fighting game is never an easy task, especially when it comes to the retro consoles, because of the sheer volume of fighting games that hit the market during the nineties. 10 Rarest N64 Games (& How Much They're Worth) Today, we're checking out the rarest games ever made for the Nintendo 64 as well as the price they'll fetch on the collector's market. This controller made gameplay a little more bearable than the average controllers that came with the console, and the price was a little more affordable. The title can be found in a number of places, but the price has been rising in the resurgence of classic gaming consoles. I really just wanted to show the different later release version for those who may not have known. When you went to go get a system, this is pretty much what they had on hand. The World's Most Entertaining Car Website. Asking prices for sealed units on eBay start at around $500 (and $290 for Japanese imports), but sellers are asking for thousands of dollars in some cases. (Classic Gamer), Another unique Nintendo 64 peripheral that was released at the end of the console's lifecycle was the Millennium Silver Controller, which was as reflective as it was bright. GameStop is currently offering store credit and cash for Nintendo 64 consoles according to their website. A fresh take on sports: the biggest news and most entertaining lists. As an adult, I have paired my lifetime of knowledge along with a ton of research to try and collect all of the consoles and games I had growing up. So What Is An Original NES Worth These Days? I challenge you to try and stump me or my close friends, I really don’t think it will ever happen. This set was a bigger box and came with the power pad boxed on top of the usual power set system. | Free delivery and free returns on eBay Plus items! People just wanted the extra gun for a little more money (and people actually used it). Is It Just A System With No Box Or Games? Read our methodology. Everyone had a zapper and Duck Hunt. Click the button below to start this article in quick view. Thanks fake reality TV. This game was not like any other Pokemon game on the market, because there wasn’t really a storyline to go with. No Zapper, super Mario or anything like that. (IGN). Save my name and email in this browser for the next time I comment. The value of Banjo-Tooie has remained consistent, but you can find the game in a number of different avenues. Is the Coronavirus Crisis Increasing America's Drug Overdoses? Prices are updated daily based upon Nintendo 64 listings that sold on eBay and our marketplace. The Legend Of Zelda: Majora's Mask was another groundbreaking title, offering beautiful graphics and an in-depth storyline that made the game both interactive and very appealing to a wide range of gamers. It would appear that everything is there and complete, but when you are a true collector, you will know that it is not complete. (IGN), Anyone who was around during the third console generation remembers Conker's Bad Fur Day because it was a game that broke just about every rule there is. You can find these complete on eBay from $100-$200 or so depending on completeness and condition. You can find these on eBay any time you want for $100 on up if it has the box and is complete. Also my gamer tag in a lot of games, welcome to my personal website! (Classic Gamer), From the moment that you saw the yellow cartridge, you knew that Donkey Kong Country was something special.

The Third Party Game Rumble Packs are quite influential on the used game market, and adding them to your collection will make a one of a kind Nintendo 64 collection. (IGN), The Nintendo 64 was revolutionary when it came to certain aspects of the gameplay and titles that were released on the system, and the Zelda titles that hit the console were revolutionary. The combo of Super Mario and Duckhunt is probably the most seen cartridge on the planet which is what leads me to believe that this could be the most sold system ever (include later releases of this same system in 1992). I would also love to see any and all pictures of peoples collections and maybe if I get enough will create another blog to show some of them off! This virtual farming simulator was among the first of its kind, at a time when RPG’s were still working to find their way. With all of the rare and valuable games on the console, the PS Vita can be kind of daunting to collect for today.

Anyone is free to ask what they want, but if you want a real buyer, these are the factors a real buyer will be looking at. Ok, What Is An Original Nintendo In Box Value Matt?

The Nintendo 64 Horipad was a more unique controller then you might be used to seeing, as it was much smaller than the traditional controllers that were being sold for the console, making the value quite reasonable. (Classic Gamer), The Nintendo 64 actually had quite a few great platformers, from Glover to Donkey Kong Country, so when Banjo-Tooie came along we knew that we were in for a treat. We are compensated for referring traffic and business to Amazon and other companies linked to on this site. This means that there was one less area to not have a connection. Doom 64 was a massive upgrade over the original game, offering a much smoother framerate and graphic design. Donkey Kong Country is not an easy or cheap find, but this is a must-have in any Nintendo 64 collection. This was one of a kind device that made renting video games in a hotel room a reality and something that many gamers had wanted for a long time. These are the rarest games for the Nintendo 64 and how much they're worth. It is a little more sought after as it was one of the better systems in my opinion for reasons already stated above. It was ground breaking really. with prices, genre, and more game data, Average price for all licensed Nintendo 64 games (see overall index), Login | The graphics alone were so much better than it’s predecessor (Atari). The resale value is huge on these devices and they are quite an enjoyable experience that will enhance the gameplay on the Nintendo 64. 97% of the time, it is just another Nintendo system.

Doom 64 offered little in the way of a storyline, but the gameplay was both addictive and in-depth. New, in-the-box Nintendo 64 consoles are still around online today, but they are going for quite a bit of money. The dog bone controllers also fetch a slightly higher price because they are a little more rare. (IGN), Released toward the end of the Nintendo 64’s lifespan, the Hey You Pikachu Complete Set was a one of a kind game that would actually let gamers speak with Pikachu on the screen. Date published: 2020-10-26 Rated 5 out of 5 by Anonymous from Goldeneye is the pinnacle of the FPS on the N64 Goldeneye for N64 is a classic game with it's fun …

For the record, just having a Nintendo entertainment system (nes-001) does not mean that it is worth a lot unfortunately. These used to sell for about $45-$60 but they fluctuate a bit depending on where you are looking. Festival of Sacrifice: The Past and Present of the Islamic Holiday of Eid al-Adha. Required fields are marked *. My good friend down the road had one but his dad wouldn’t let us play it without supervision, so we basically never played it…lol. View cart for details. The title was quite unique on a console that was basically marketed as being a family friend, and thus the game had a good deal of unique aspects to it.

Still, Paper Mario makes an awesome addition to any collection. That's what makes the game so rare! You can read about it on Wikipedia here. In 1993 Nintendo came out with a new control deck design and all of us enthusiasts called it the “top loader” and you can see why. Most of these are missing things and the satellite typically yellowed a little.

>>>To The Right is a picture of one of the Toys “R” Us ads for a little memory lane. The Nintendo 64 was always marketed as the fun console, offering four-player connectivity and a bevy of games that offered fun multiplayer action without sacrificing gameplay. This was dead mint and never opened). The game had a good deal of features that hadn’t been seen on a game the time, and the graphics were surprisingly crisp and clear. There are a lot of possible missing parts and such that change the overall value. Not many people know that this 1990 NES sports set even existed.

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