Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. I have often wondered to see a poor fellow sit, congealing and bleaching for hours together, at the mast head, during a gale which has raised blisters upon the faces of his comrades upon deck, where it is comparatively warm; while only the precaution of a piece of tarpaulin, raised up at his back, to meet the blast, would have saved him from several degrees of cold. The proper name for it is a "masthead". The only thing better would have been if they would have put me on a bungy and let me JUMP back down to the deck! “Crow's nest.” Dictionary, Merriam-Webster,

A crow's nest is a structure in the upper part of the mainmast of a ship … From hiraeth to washi: discover the latest words added to the Collins Dictionary. So-called ‘etymologists’ assert that crow’s nest originally referred to real crows, because they absurdly claim that the phrase as the crow flies (meaning in a straight, direct line) originated in a practice of early navigation at sea. I thought, surely for liability reasons, they aren’t actually allowing us to climb that thing. I’m mildly terrified of heights, but for the view, I think it would be worth it. Bellot was then under the command of the Canadian Arctic explorer William Kennedy (1814-90) during the second voyage of the, Without a shred of evidence, they ludicrously say that crows were kept in cages on board ships, so that a crow would be released and fly directly to land, thus showing the way; the crow would be released from the top of the mast, which was (so they claim) consequently called, origin of the phrase ‘as the crow flies’ (in a straight line), ‘trickle-down theory’ and ‘crumbs from a rich man’s table’, Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International Licence. If you're not standing on anything (say 2 meters high), you can see about 5 km. How far could a ship's lookout see from a crow's nest? Wow, what a cool view from up there! When he worked as a painting contractor, he constantly could be found dangling dangerously from some super-high scaffolding. Crow's nest definition is - a partly enclosed platform high on a ship's mast for use as a lookout; also : a similar lookout (as for traffic control). Learn a new word every day.

But hang on a moment. His “spell,” or turn, lasts from two to four hours, often whilst the temperature is several degrees below zero, and yet it never seems to have entered into the councils of Greenlandmen, that a covering to the barrel would be an improvement. After the young fledge, the crows will not return to the nest. His “spell,” or turn, lasts from two to four hours, often whilst the temperature is several degrees below zero, and yet it never seems to have entered into the councils of Greenlandmen, that a covering to the barrel would be an improvement. When we took one of our first trips together around Denmark, he pulled himself up to the top of the rafters in an old church.

The United States holds its presidential election on November 3rd after a long and sometimes rancorous campaign. But oh yes, they were. Crows will only use a nest once, and generally only fledge one brood a year.

And coming back down would be even worse…. It is used as a lookout point and positioned high above to increase visibility over the curvature of the Earth. That place looks amazing. By this addition to his nest, the harpooner would be defended from the severe and biting frost, which sometimes deadens his fingers and his nose, and which, when assisted by the keen lash of a stiff breeze, is scarcely tolerable. Crow's Nest. Bellot was then under the command of the Canadian Arctic explorer William Kennedy (1814-90) during the second voyage of the Prince Albert in search of the English Royal Navy officer and Arctic explorer John Franklin (1786-1847), who had departed England in 1845. See the full definition for crow's nest in the English Language Learners Dictionary, Thesaurus: All synonyms and antonyms for crow's nest. Amaze your friends with your new-found knowledge! It will be objected, immediately, that a head to the crow’s nest would prevent that freedom of looking around, which is the continual duty of the watchman, but a moveable hood, which would revolve readily on the rim of the cask, would sufficiently provide for this necessity, and if only a circular portion of the covering was made to slide round, as a pivot of rest for the telescope, that would be amply sufficient.

The name has also been applied to similar structures; for example, the following is the beginning of an article titled, According to the earliest instances of the word, The English Arctic explorer and scientist William Scoresby Junior (1789-1857) attributed this invention to his father, the Arctic, Crow’s Nest.—A circular box, like a small pulpit, fixed at the mast-head, for the accommodation of the captain or officer, when employed in navigating the ship, I […] sallied forth upon deck, to view the setting up of the “crow’s nest.”, This nidification was accomplished by fixing an open barrel to the main top-gallant- mast head, through the bottom of which a trap-door opens upon a. Don't subscribeAllReplies to my comments Notify me of followup comments via e-mail.

When did organ music become associated with baseball? Test Your Knowledge - and learn some interesting things along the way. The Arctic expedition — The “crow’s nest” Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Mayhem would probably beat you up the ladder, and then you’d find yourself chasing her up there anyway instead of standing at the bottom contemplating whether you could hack it! They will, however, build on top of an old nest particularly in areas where nest trees are especially sparse like downtown Seattle. You’re like a pirate. Webster’s New World College Dictionary, 4th Edition. This is amazing! So neat!

I brushed it off, as he often schemes, and figured he wouldn’t have the chance. Yes! But the general race of Greenland fishers partake much of the stolidity and blindness to their own welfare, which is so conspicuous in the animals they pursue.

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