The player meets Hagrid in the Courtyard to ask him what he knows about Nifflers. And more quidditch. No idea how they would handle it if you just ignored the TLSQ completely. Not to spoil anything, but just finished the chapter and it's yet another time-wasting filler. Bill is released from the hospital wing and wants to make new plans for breaking into the cursed vault. The player is told to get a specific outfit for Knockturn Alley. Bill tells them they should worry about it another day. Madam Rakepick tells the player she would help them. Posted by. Both Skye and Erika have 5-cost actions linked to them.

He then explains that they were working for R to find all of the vaults. Cookies help us deliver our Services. This error limited those players, making them unable to pick Tonks to accompany them to the, In Chapter 2, Jacob's sibling and Hagrid will talk about the, In Chapter 4, a background character at Zonko's Joke Shop is called "First-Year Boy". Duncan says that Peeves will only appear when chaos happens. He reveals to being exiled from his camp due to aiding Jacob in finding the Cursed Vault in the forest. The player meets Professor Kettleburn in the Care of Magical Creatures Class to spend some time with Madam Rakepick's Niffler. Both Murphy and your character have 5-cost actions tied to them. The player can respond with a choice of three possible answers which determine whether they can persuade Flitwick to let them learn Flipendo. Murphy will ask if you’re in the mood for a round of wizard’s chess.

This way, you can save some valuable energy. The player comes up with the idea that the portrait Beatrice is stuck in has been magically expanded, and decide to ask Professor Flitwick for more information. Neither Jacob or Duncan wanted to join this group, but R threatened to kill them or their loved ones. In Care of Magical Creatures, the player asks Kettleburn about Acromantulas and depending on the excuse the player gives him, they can earn house points. Hogwarts Students. Rubeus Hagrid needs the player's help, as something horrible has happened and ask them to come to the Clocktower Courtyard. The player then meets Rowan in the Common Room because they found a letter from "a friend" on the player's bed, warning they are in danger. They find and enter the Vault of Fear and confront three Boggarts all taking the form of Voldemort. Tulip is then taken to the Hospital Wing. Penny offers to help the player when they need it. The player gets the option to check on Ben. Hello everyone, welcome to our Walkthrough for Quidditch Season 1 Chapter 11 for Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery. 1 month ago. walkthrough. The player then persuades them to help. The player learns from Hagrid that Jacob went to the Three Broomsticks Inn and knew Rosmerta very well, hence wanting to talk and find out what Jacob may have said. Regardless of the choice, Charlie finds the two. If you like Skye very much, you should support her, but in truth, Erika did not hit her on purpose, so if you want to do what’s right, you should side with Rath. Bill believes that they should work on attacking the door before it has a chance to attack them.

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