The name of the quest that awards this achievement is "Quest for the Quidditch Cup". Most of these quests use a great deal of energy, far above the 25 points I have available, meaning this is the most common screen I see in the game: Each of those images is from a different quest or lesson I ran out of energy on. I'm not sure exactly when the Honourary Rocker quest starts in year 2 because I was already in year 5 when it first released. So, without any delay, let’s start the adventure that will rock the foundations of the Wizarding World! For example, in Year 1, players have to choose between Ben Copper and Penny Haywood in one particular quest, and that choice may determine if players have a chance to romance Ben or Penny in future years. “You’re 11-years-old, but the game covers the entire seven-year saga. This fall, the choice is simple. You’ll have three days to complete it, which will earn you the achievement and an exclusive, rock-themed outfit. This content is SEASONAL and will only be available in OCTOBER. For every game I cover, there are three or four I play for a day and move on from. Final rewards: Talbott's friendship, 50 Empathy. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the HPHogwartsMystery community. The plot details of achievements in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery. The name of the quest that awards this achievement is also "First Date". The name of the quest that awards this achievement is also "Become an Animagus". I'm really upset about this because I keep seeing this was a side quest around chapter 5. The name of the quest that awards this achievement is "Valentine's Day at Hogwarts". I read on the FAQ that the animagus quest should have triggered at the end of chapter 3, so I guess I'm gonna miss that one too... Only hope now is that after Christmas, the quests will apear. Very early in the story, my character is being strangled by Devil’s Snare and the only thing I can do to save myself is to cast a Lumos spell. You can choose which animal you want to be from a list of three animals, but opportunities to transform are rare. event, and the crests required to unlock each one: At the time of this writing, the Hogwarts Rocks! Final rewards: Peeves Hat and Giant Dungbomb (usable in duels). I'm glad I'm not the only one with this problem, maybe that means it will get solved, eventualy. event has about five days left in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery, so anyone who wants to unlock all of the rewards will want to start completing classes now. I think LTSQs are just on pause for Christmas, like thet were over Halloween. The name of the quest that awards this achievement is "Meet the Malfoys". London wouldn’t confirm that queer relationships will appear in the game, but told Polygon the studio is committed to incorporating more diversity. I can’t write about every game and I decided last year it’s better to focus on the good mobile games rather than bog down the site with articles that amount to nothing more than “This game is shit.” There are exceptions, but I try to keep things positive. What chapter are you in exactly? However, I think this is because I didn't start playing around Halloween. Rewards: 3 Brown Notebooks, 100 Courage, Empathy and Knowledge, 1250 Experience, A choice between three outfits. You can't choose the starting time yourself, but you can take into account when certain TLSQs are triggered. To succeed and advance the story or class sessions, I have to obtain a certain number of stars for each quest/lesson. Being able to explore a gay or lesbian romance in Hogwarts Mystery wouldn’t be the same as seeing two canonical figures get together in the main Harry Potter franchise, but it could at least be an option for players in the future.

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