That's it for this segment of the Top 10 Comedy Anime! But we can guarantee that you'll be giggling yourself silly while watching any of the funny anime moments on this list of some of the most hilarious series ever. Support The entire cast is hilarious and likable, while Kusuo is a fantastic protagonist and serves as a prime example of deadpan comedy done right! You could listen to the masses and go with whatever anime they deem funny, but how about comedy anime that are created with the sole intention of being funny?

Well, a recent anime that had come out is named Happy Sugar Life, which is anything but. Gintama is so awesome, I'm kind of happy that idiots just give up on and miss out on it greatness, you're simply not worthy. SAKAMOTO is OVER RATED its dosent deserve to be even in top 10 instead there are better gag animes than that like grand blue, Asobi Asobase, sket dace if u r n gintama fan its fun but not much as gintama , saiki k deserve to be at top 3 if its not #1 cuz of gintama n for Beelzebub i should say they ruined the anime manga was much better even comparable to gintama.

What's funnier than a guy selling out for money?

Apparently, Nozaki is the popular shoujo mangaka Yumeno Sakiko. So what’s it like to have a school that’s so unique that you’ll never want to be called absent in class? High school and anime go together like butter and bread, but few other series distill this formula down to its essence quite like Sunrise's Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou.

Mob Psycho 100 II; Add to list .

There’s funny, and there’s comedy funny. Let us know in the comments below! This series was not initially on the radar for fans when it aired in 2013. Contrary to the beliefs of what it's really like at high schools in Japan, you have some areas that are like Azumanga Diaho, and others that are like Great Teacher Onizuka.

And while most people hate oblivious characters (i.e. I’m Sakamoto) demonstrates to all its shine of being cool, cooler, and coolest!

It takes time but eventually you will understand why its on the number 1 spot. Woah, what?! And we can’t ignore the fact that Saitama wears that ridiculous yellow jumpsuit that actually make other shounen jumpsuits better looking.

Oh no, now he’s in debt for the first time ever! to the guy who said gintama is not funny, you're missing something dude. Current mottos are “I don’t care” and “I’ll try almost anything once”. The funny and hilarious antics of the cute female cast will definitely make you laugh. Tadakuni, Hidenori, and Yoshitake are all male students attending the same school at Sanada North High School. Explore all of the comedy anime you need to know about from on-air comedy anime, to yearly best of comedy anime, to seasonal anime and best of all-time comedy anime.

With limited powers, an inadequate amount of money, and a new environment, will they cope and survive? The Demon Lord Satan was in the midst of conquering the continent when the hero Emilia thwarts him, sending him through a dimensional portal which lands Satan and his general Alsiel in present day Tokyo.
The boys are all friends and go through their lives like any teenager should, with each other.

With a middle-school student always serving as the focal point, it is hilarious to see the different ways they handle certain situations. Interests include traveling, eating, video games, and weightlifting. They look interesting I love comedies.

They run rampantly as they’re the primary cause of all the hilarity and amusement! Everyone has a Sakamoto complex! At the same time, another classmate of Tenma's, Harima Kenji, is in love with her and he's too shy to confess his feelings. No need to take life too seriously, just find the jokes in it and you’re all set for a world of glee! When it comes to Yuugo Hachiken, the latter seems to be the case.

i rewatch the anime 3 times and it still manages to give me great laughs. Itoshiki Nozomu is a teacher—but he’s unlike any other teacher! And so, with the wacky situation left as it is, things have led to Chiyo becoming his assistant! I'm Sakamoto).

Nichijou not #1 on an anime comedy list?!

While the title suggests the focus is on the boys, Sunrise's anime boasts an extensive cast and is more of an ensemble comedy. After opening the box, a psychic called Hina comes out and decides to start living with Nitta.

DMC refers to a hugely popular death metal band recognized for their outlandish shows and songs dealing with grim subjects, as the band's deranged lead singer, Johannes Krauser II stands in the middle of this demonic tornado and tends to grab most of the spotlight.

That is the goal that caused him to leave his bike gang ways, however, his new class really puts him to the test. Golden Boy is a classic comedy anime that fans will enjoy worldwide. What did you expect? Everything he does is cool, cooler, and coolest! Though the answer is different for everyone, most would agree that a 'cool' anime is one that won't leave the viewer's thoughts, even long after the series or film has ended. Bolstered by crisp animation and an enjoyable soundtrack, Barakamon flip-flops from gut-wrenching humor to sincere moments of reflection. But, you can’t let your guard down because the Great Teacher Onizuka is not your average teacher and he won’t stand for your troublesome ways. Heartwarming and funny, Arakawa Under the Bridge is sure to leave you laughing hard! ), Saiki Kusuo no Psi nan (The Disastrous Live of Saiki K.), Hoozuki no Reitetsu (Hoozuki's Coolheadedness), Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou (Daily Lives of High School Boys), Top 10 Comedy Anime 2015 [Best Recommendations], Top 10 Comedy Anime [Updated Best Recommendations], Top 10 Action Comedy Anime [Best Recommendations], Top 10 Comedy Manga [Best Recommendations], Top 10 Comedy Anime Movies [Best Recommendations], Top 10 Comedy Light Novels [Best Recommendations], Top 10 Comedy Manhwa [Best Recommendations], Top 10 Best Comedy Anime for 2017 [Best Recommendations], Top 10 RomCom Anime for Girls [Best Recommendations], Top 10 Best Comedy Anime of 2018 [Best Recommendations], Exploring Different Types of Comedy Anime, Top 10 Best Comedy Anime of the 2010s [Best Recommendations]. Silly scenarios coming ahead! They are actually delinquents who try to cause as much trouble for Onizuka as possible to drive him away.

Hopefully none of those events took place for you (at least not in front of others), and you were able to enjoy the anime. Sarcastic and far from a pushover, Kazuma is an absolute delight and the cast bounce of each other like seasoned pros!

The characters in Gintama are all unique in their own way, and the series is filled with unexpected situations that will surely make you laugh.
Great Teacher Onizuka explores how Onizuka solves the problem of having delinquent students. Sounds like a decent plan that might have worked, but the residents of Goto Islands refuse to leave Seishuu alone!

Anime filler episodes can make you laugh, cry, fall in love, feel angry, or impact you in some other way. Sometime in life, we’ve all experienced the same situations and experiences these boys make. Beelzebub is a unique comedy anime that will either have you wondering what the heck is going on or make you laugh until it hurts and it's not funny anymore.

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