GoPro has completely reworked its top-end action cameras. MAX has the 5.6K30 360° video but doesn't have 4K video in Hero mode. This is a classic case of a design heading towards maturity.

The 6-microphone audio system lets users prioritize the sound coming from either side of the camera in HERO mode or capture ultra-immersive spherical audio.

You'll have to answer these questions and others when deciding between the two. It boasts the smoothest capture in the entire GoPro catalog, rivaled only by HERO8 Black, and takes on the company’s built-in digital lenses to provide filmmakers with a breadth of options to take their shot composition, creative vision, and innovative techniques to new heights. As antecessoras custam R$ 2.599 e R$2.199, respectivamente. GoPro hasn’t capitalized on the accessory market as much in the past, preferring to focus on its bread and butter action cams — that may be changing with the Hero 8 …. A 360-degree camera is designed to take footage in all directions around itself, and that footage can either be kept in its slightly bubble-looking original form (like looking through a bug’s eyes) or edited into a more normal flat video.

Os modelos chegam às lojas na última semana de novembro e, com isso, as versões Hero7 Black e Silver tiveram redução de preço. For users who decide to focus on a more modular platform with the ability to capture industry-leading slow-motion, detailed still images, and sharp 4K footage, the $399.99 HERO8 Black stands out as a quintessential offering that can handle the harshest environments, applications, and climates with ease. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission.

Here’s a stabilization comparison of the Hero 9 vs Hero 8 and GoPro MAX. There was a huge difference in price between those two earlier models, of around £300. We’re going to look into these two cameras and show the history that led up to the current models, the technology that goes into them, and the differences between the two. The MAX is a 360° camera that replaces GoPro Fusion. Ela também vem com uma uma versão adaptada do TimeWarp para time-lapses em 360º.

A GoPro Hero 8 Black chega por um valor um pouco superior a sua antecessora, a Hero Black 7, para o mercado brasileiro.A tela adicional touchscreen da GoPro MAX não fez com que ela ficasse mais cara, muito pelo contrário, A câmera 360 da GoPro chegou mais barata que a sua primeira versão. The Fusion was GoPro’s first 360-degree camera. From the moment you open up the GoPro MAX things feel new. You can take 360-degree video like the Fusion, and use similar fields of view as the Hero 8 Black.

Ascend with David Blaine to 25,000 feet in VR: guess which 360 camera he used?

Having water trapped in your lens isn't exactly a good look, and, I wasn't about to test how waterproof a camera was without the given covers.

The mount is retractable so it doesn't get in the way, and if it happens to break, it can easily be replaced. Doubled shock resistance, longer battery life and a built-in mount all differentiate the Hero 8 from its forebears.

The MAX is more tailored to the mainstream. Like any camera, the MAX is only as good as its lighting.

But with the progression of time and talent, the need for a more innovative platform seems almost natural, placing GoPro in the precarious position of cutting-edge implementation. We may get a commission if you buy via our price links. GoPro’s MAX camera system is yet another capable offering from the brand, highlighting the same cutting-edge implementations as HERO8 Black but with an emphasis on immersive capture. That’s because the multiple angles and extra footage allow for far better horizon stabilization and panoramic views than a traditional lens. But it can, of course, do much more than that. Their latest high-end camera offerings are just as good as their older counterparts, and the price point is lowering. The GoPro Hero 9 (previewed here) has the best stabilization among GoPro’s action cams.

Both, as perhaps expected, also come with a bit of noise. The Hero 8 is still king if you’re working in very rough environments, need a smaller footprint or want the very highest image quality available. Os usuários agora podem tirar fotos RAW nos modos slowmotion, em vez de apenas no modo de foto comum.A empresa também confirmou que as fotos HDR da GoPro Hero 8 Black estão muito melhores agora, porque não estão … GoPro’s marketing in a lot of ways seems to be pushing the MAX as the next evolution of their cameras and a higher-end model than the Hero 8. No mais, poucas são as alterações perto da antecessora. If you’re looking for a well-rounded device that packs GoPro’s most innovative time lapse capture, advanced stabilization technologies, and 4K+ video capabilities into a versatile, intuitive design, you’ll be glad to hear that both platforms will perform well above expectations. Abe said it works up to 45 degrees, although in my own tests, the limit is closer to 30 degrees or less.

With lenses on both sides and sturdy design, I hoped this device could be a tool of all trades. There are six mics for 360-degree spatial audio. Don't skip reading the manual of either camera, it may prove to be frustrating. The GoPro Max and Hero 8 Black were announced on October 1. Also included is the Hero 9 with Max … But for those who don’t need the most rugged miniature option or the very top-of-the-line quality the MAX is the better camera. They are the very wide “SuperView”, “Wide”, “Linear” and “Narrow”. Confira especificações e preço da nova câmera, O TechTudo testou o fone Bluetooth que promete graves potentes; confira os prós e contras do modelo, Equipada com luzes de LED coloridas, linha PartyBox tem produtos com preços a partir de R$ 2 mil, Speaker sem fio pode ser controlado por meio de gestos e tem design resistente, Novo protótipo busca aumentar a interação entre os personagens do parque temático e visitantes, Nova versão da TV Box roda sistema MIUI baseado em Android 6 para transformar TV em smart com alta resolução, O TechTudo testou o fone Bluetooth à venda por R$ 749 com promessa de graves de qualidade; saiba se vale a pena, Com votação popular e de júri especializado, premiação revela também os campeões das categoria Aplicativo, Fone de ouvido, Caixa de som e Notebook, TV top de linha da LG e finalista do prêmio Melhores do Ano TechTudo se destaca ainda pelos recursos de Inteligência Artificial; uso a partir de celulares Android decepciona, Novas gerações dos fones de ouvido da Apple devem chegar ao mercado em 2021. Also included is the Hero 9 with Max Lens Mod. GoPro’s intention is to bring this 360-degree video to regular people who film but don’t have the background in video editing or the experience to mess with all the settings. It's designed for your adventures with fun perks, such as the SloMo option (indicated by a snail in the menu), Night Lapse, Burst Mode, and TimeWarp options, as well as impressive stability for all those action sports.

But there are a few important things that differentiate the two …. It’s a worthy entry in the space, and though it’s much newer technology than the Hero 8 it doesn’t seem to suffer from the sort of jitters some early editions of now-ubiquitous gadgets did. Best to memorize those before you head out. GoPro’s original HD Hero was a revolution in filming, a simple camera that allowed anyone to film action in a convenient and easy-to-use package.

Example of what happens when you don't take off the "waterproof" lens cover and continue to film. Is GoPro toning down its obsession with accessories? Burst mode? How much of an improvement is it over the Hero 8 and how does it compare to GoPro MAX? This is GoPro’s stabilised timelapse video, which offers some very neat professional-looking results. An 18-megapixel sensor joins forces with the camera’s bolstered 6K Source / 5.6K Stitched 360-degree video, which uses two different lenses to capture every possible angle, while a single-lens, HERO-style layout affords creators the ability to record traditional 1080p60 video. versatility combine to make MAX a 3-in-1 powerhouse camera. They have slo-mo up to 8x (240fps, 1080p) and custom capture presets that let you set different parameters for different occasions for quick access. Entre as novidades, o destaque vai para a poderosa GoPro MAX que é capaz de capturar imagens em 360° e chega a resoluções de 5,6 K a 30 frames por segundo. The more evolutionary improvements are solid, too. While GoPro cameras are not a be all end all solution, it would be nice if both models started sharing more of each other's specs. Create seamless time lapse content with the camera’s integrated Max TimeWarp capabilities, or stream your adventures in real time via its Wi-Fi + Bluetooth/GPS-enabled 1080p Live Streaming component. Instead, a folding fingers mount is built into the bottom of the camera. The first is a high-end consumer action camera, the second a 360-degree camera that lowers the (RRP) entry price for such footage. GoPro’s software leaves a little to be desired, too. Now with the introduction of MAX and the upgrade of HERO8 Black, choosing the one that's best for you is not only a question of what you’re capturing but how. Better yet, HERO8 Black improves upon the flagship’s performance through a never-before-seen built-in digital lenses, which allows users to cycle through SuperView, Wide, Linear, and Narrow lens types to compose their shot in the best way possible. Com isso, é possível prever movimentos ainda mais suaves em vídeos. You could find the Fusion for around £375 online at the time of the Max’s release. It’s an extremely capable action camera. There are very minor feature differences between the two, and the price point is about $100 different, but for as close as they are the MAX is the clear winner for most applications. How to Write a Screenplay During Quarantine [FREE 100-page eBook], The Blackmagic URSA Mini Pro 12K Legitimately Shakes Up the Camera Market, Forget the Gimmicks, Screenwriting is Just Telling a Story, Panasonic LUMIX S Series Receives 5K, RAW Recording, and AF Boost via Firmware Update, Canon Goes Full-Frame With Its Multi-Purpose Cameras. The Capture Presets feature allows users to flip between customized setting templates in the field instead of setting everything manually.

O modelo chega ao Brasil por R$ 2.999. While GoPro cameras are not a be all end all solution, it would be nice if both models started sharing more of each other's specs. Related: GoPro Hero 8 Black vs Hero 7 Black: 5 key differences. GoPro has clearly found ways to make the camera’s use of internal space more efficient – and that’s a huge benefit for highly active users.

We’ll always tell you what we find. Next is the image quality. To give HERO8 Black even more of an edge on its competition, GoPro made it compatible with over 30 of its accessories.

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