They do a great job at selling the product, but once I placed my order they were rude and extremely hard to get ahold of. Received a call from agent advising that all appliances were on back order.

First, the salesperson who sold us our fridge in 2012 implicitly told us the price of the warranty could be used on ANYTHING in the store at the end of the warranty period (fast forward to now), making it essentially free if it was not used. No communication within this company whatsoever). Low reputation means there has been review tampering or a company request to remove a review. CarShield: Best Value. I asked them if they were calling to help me if not I would hang up. While I appreciate that purchasers must follow rules and guidelines, Goemans does not take responsibility when its employees and documentation does not meet "rules and regulations" essentially making a mockery of the founders mission statement: "Character Matters. First of all, I would like this company to take accountability for this matter. This is the average rating based on homeowner reviews. No one expects a brand new purchase to break down, but if it does, the last thing you would want is to pay significant repair costs.

Within 3 months, 3 appliances are unusable. next time i will take my business some other places. After the 1-year Manufacturer Warranty expires, if you do not have an Extended Warranty from the retailer, anything that happens with the appliance will not be covered. Company refused to honor commitments made by sales staff; just quoted from a brochure, which was different to agreement at time of sale. Typically these will be refunded to some extent or a percentage of the warranty can be used as credit in the store if you don’t end up using it. Goemans doesn't want to take ownership of this at all and keeps saying it's an older model they no longer have in stock. * I also bought a fridge with a waterline that hooks up and the installation of this was never completed, even though we paid for it. Further discounting is not possible with our current system setup under the rules of the plan. The appliance was delivered but delivery person would not be disconnecting or connect anything. Nobody cared at all. I have now spent over two months chasing after this company, spending hours away from the office trying to resolve this issue, calling multiple people and no one takes accountability for the matter. I never received an apology for the inconvenience. One-for-one means if you purchased an extended warranty on 3 products, you must the use the credit against 3 new products to receive the full value. No communication no service no respect no resolution. ****** - Customer service manager from head office Since September 5th, I have spoken with the following individuals all whom advised they would address my issue and concern, and each one of these people has not returned my calls. The Goemans Blog is built to address all of your appliance needs - both big and small. CarShield started in 2005 and has since protected over one million vehicles. All of our actions are driven by our unwavering commitment to our core principles of knowledge, integrity, and respect." September 5th Completely unhappy and dissatisfied with the entire purchase and sales experience with Goemans Kitchener location, along with the customer service staff at head office. very very disappointing. Review from March 21st: Like the others, we too were deceived about the Goeman's GSPP 4 Year extended warranty, but it is the way Goeman's dismissively handled the situation that disturbs me. Delivery took about 4 weeks and I am in central Toronto area. The staff was misleading in saying that they would disconnect old appliance, remove the old appliance, and then connect new appliance.

We wanted the one with the gray interior and they sent us the one with the white interior. I had food that got spoiled because of this issue and the amount of money that was wasted needs to be compensated in some way. This score is also impacted when we do not have enough information i.e: low number of reviews.

This has since been updated, I believe to comply with the Canadian Code of Advertising Standards. This is a multi-location business.Need to find a different location? After talking to two different people who could/would not do anything to help me I was sent to customer service.They told me that nowhere on the invoice did it say install or disconnect which I left store with the understanding that that was going to happen by Geomans Appliances. You are now part of Goemans Appliances' super-informative, delightfully entertaining and non-overbearing e-mail program. 2. They delivered the wrong fridge. He also followed all COVID guidelines. Will the company compensate me for the wasted time and efforts on trying to address this matter, or making 15 calls a day, driving to the store and wasting gas, when in fact they should have been following up with me and keeping me updated from the beginning. They use another company to do their service/delivery. Plugged the stove in, shows error. We’ll guide you through the process.

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