Since Golem is actually much easier than Plantera, there doesn’t have to be a long period of time between fights, Explore the entire Lihzahrd Temple and clear out every single trap. This will make it much easier to survive, Clear out water candles in the dungeon to decrease enemy spawn rate, which increases survivability. They can barely hit you, and all that you need to do is repeatedly hit him until he dies. You’ll spend most of your time fighting her on the ground. If you have an infinite flight mount like the Black Spot or the Cosmic Car Key, simply fly high enough there the ground-based enemies can’t beat you and take out the flying ones as they come towards you. that's gunna be me after calamity wand of sparking. Although The Twins are usually pretty difficult, this Master Mode strategy makes them even easier than most Pre-Hardmode bosses. The first phase is insanely easy.

Fighting Plantera on the surface causes her to become enraged and makes the fight unnecessarily hard, so keep her in the Underground Jungle. This stage of the game is where you’ll prepare yourself to beat the final boss of Pre-Hardmode, the Wall of Flesh. Terraria Journey’s End – Not The Bees | mrsoundstick Easter Egg Seed 3 – For The Worthy. Before you even start this fight, be sure that you’ve maxed out your Life Fruits, and gotten the best armor and weapons possible for your current class.

Consider using this and getting more defense by reforging your accessories to Warding. Is this extremely higher difficulty a bug with Journey mode, or is it intended this way to punish you for doing for the worthy in a Journey world or something? Bosses are twice as hard and have double their original health, it replaces some bodies of water with lava, and enemies deal more damage. Just watch out for running into the end of the map, and be careful not to run into any floating islands along the way. Use your Shield of Cthulhu to boost into incoming slimes and damage them, and try to take them out with the bow. 3.75 deaths*15 seconds per death = you were always dead.

It’s only a matter of time before you beat him, so there’s not much preparation involved with it. You’ll get the much-needed Shield of Cthulhu, as well as Demonite / Crimtane for crafting a Nightmare / Deathbringer Pickaxe even before you beat the next boss. You just need to get enough Shadow Scales / Tissue Samples from the boss to make one with the ore dropped by the Eye of Cthulhu. A Calming Potion will also amplify this effect, The Terraprisma is the best summon weapon in the game, but to get it you need to beat the Empress of Light with 100% damage done in the daytime.

A single bridge of wooden platforms will do for an arena, and cover most of the honey with a bridge of normal blocks. Don’t get too far from him, and keep firing arrows at him and his small slimes until he dies. When it spawns, simply fly in one direction while shooting at it, and Mothron will go down pretty easily. With the Black Spot, it literally becomes one of the easiest fights in Master Mode so far. If you’ve managed to get higher tier armor, you could even make a hole at the top of your base and attack them from the top. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Master Mode is the ultimate challenge for Terraria players.

It should be small enough so that you can grapple onto the walls to pull yourself out of the Eater’s grasp if needed. A base like this is absolutely necessary to effectively defend against these attacks. If you have The Black Spot mount, you can easily cheese the summoner and not have any issues with it. Assuming that this is your first time beating Golem on this character, the only possible place you can fight him is in the large room in the Lihzarhd Temple. Spawn Skeletron and sprint away from him while shooting his hands with Jester’s Arrows. Mining a ton of meteorite is good for crafting Meteor Shot, which will help you fight bosses if you decide to go with a ranged weapon. You’re even able to farm them 2 to 3 times per night easily, so this works very well. The best thing you can do here is to use some sort of homing weapon. Thats why i think for the worthy journey mode is the HARDEST possible mode, coz it further saves your time on crafting and collecting items, farming gold (idk if you can sell researched items, correct me if im wrong) and shifts your effords towards real "journey" and literal path of pain. This is needed for effectively farming Flying Dutchmen. There are 2 main threats in this invasion: Pirate Captains and Flying Dutchmen. Master Mode for the worthy (not Journey) it has 2.9k hp and a damage stat of around 150. Establish a large herb garden if you haven’t already, Spelunker Potions are great for locating both Life Fruits and Chlorophyte Ore. Search for both during your times in the jungle. Seed: for the worthy; The third and final Easter Egg seed is called “for the worthy,” and it’s a challenge. Towards the end of the fight, he’s almost nonstop dashing at you, almost requiring the use of the Nurse throughout the fight. Help with for the Worthy Brain. Drink health potions when necessary, and try your best not to get caught when he surrounds you. Never stop moving, or else he’ll catch up and it could be the end of the fight for you. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to You can no longer use the King Slime rope cheese we used to use, so you actually have to be mobile during the fight. The Terraria wiki has a great breakdown of all the strategies needed to dodge each of her insane attacks, so check it out here if you need more info. Keep up your barrage of falling arrows and they’ll basically do all the work for you. The satisfaction of finishing makes it all worth it though. At the end of the fight, the Wall of Flesh charges at you with full force, so focus all your fire on him until you defeat him. The Molten Fury also works well, but you need to be much more accurate with it.

In my opinion, this is the hardest part of Master Mode since you still have Pre-Hardmode weapons and armor. save. It should have a wall at each end to prevent you form falling off. Basically, when you find a new bulb, make a tunnel all the way to your arena and slowly lead Plantera to it. So you’ve beated the final boss of Terraria on the hardest difficulty, but what is there to do now? Here’s the gear you can use to beat the Martian Madness event: In Terraria 1.4, the the Martian Saucer’s death ray attack now goes through blocks. Since Plantera is so insanely hard in Master Mode, the best thing you can do is beat Duke Fishron before Plantera. With the Ankh Charm, it is possible to remove most of the debuffs. it might be bug but i think it's intended. He killed me so many times, but eventually, I figured out a strategy that works almost every time. Skip the armor and get the Pickaxe, and then go for the next ore. Make Adamantite / Titanium armor and tools ASAP, and you’ll have a much easier time surviving. Upon starting, you will find the Demolitionist instead of the guide. Molten Armor and gear will carry you all the way until Hardmode, and the weapons are necessary to defeat the remaining early game bosses. Once that happens, you’ll leave the boss arena and take to the skies. Try to get as many as possible while navigating that biome. The hardest part of the fight is the fact that tiny slimes spawn everywhere, and for this you’ll need a good piercing weapon.

Plantera is pretty much the first of the bosses that there isn’t a cheese for, unless you count the teleport cheese which is harder to set up. This site also participates in other affiliate programs and is compensated for referring traffic and business to these companies, link to These Are the Best Ways to Get Ammo in Fallout 4, link to How Magic Works in Dark Souls III. A one-stop shop for all things video games. There’s a chance she might catch up to you, and in that case, use the Shield of Cthulhu to evade her and switch directions. Unlike game journalists, we actually have fun playing games. If you don’t have a base with lava traps already, it’s important that you make them. This is it. The weapons you get from the pillars are going to be the ones you use to beat the Moon Lord, so be sure to get that and reforge it for maximum effectiveness. 16.7k. You can put the nurse here if you plan to heal at all, but she’ll most likely get killed by Plantera during the second phase. For the bees, something like the boom stick works well, and also works to hit Queen bee several times per shot. The Reapers are fairly easy to deal with, but Mothrons are absolutely insane on Master Mode. In this seed, the world’s difficulty is naturally higher in all aspects. The only thing I used was a single block bridge about 200 – 300 blocks long. To start out the fight, dash with the Shield of Cthulhu and immediately equip the Black Spot mount. Just be sure you’re ready to face the challenge that lies ahead. Some regeneration items are good to use as well, but aren’t necessary.You’ll spend the majority of the fight in the air, and the bridge acts as a heart catcher for easy health. Since you didn't change hours into seconds. Once you’ve beaten Plantera, you’re done with the second most difficult boss of Hardmode. For these guys it’s best to use some sort of weapon that can pierce through walls or take out many at the same time. His head is armored until you defeat the hands, so shoot both hands at the same time.

The only thing you’ll need is a long bridge to run across as you shoot arrows at King Slime. For me, Skeletron was the hardest Pre-Hardmode boss. With the addition of one overpowered mount, we can easily beat the Destroyer every time. Break every trap in the room, including spikes, and then place torches all around the interior of the room. Skeletron Prime is harder than The Twins, but with this strategy he’s still easier than The Destroyer on Master Mode.

If any of the mechanical bosses spawn, you’ll likely not beat them without proper preparation. Getting Gravitation Potions early is highly recommended. Other arenas such as mine cart rails can help with getting around quickly, but you aren’t able to dodge his attacks as easily. For the small bees, you could also use a piercing weapon like the Sunfury, or even a sword like the Night’s Edge. Master Mode Plantera has proved to be one of the most difficult bosses yet. Just watch out for the arrows they fire an you shouldn’t have that big of an issue. You’re almost to the end of the game, and coming up are some of the most difficult parts. "For the worthy" seed is meant for advanced terraria players, thus it both makes game harder and easier at the same time. Place campfires along the bridge with Heart Lanterns underneath to increase your health regeneration.

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