The sheer volume of the bar prep materials left me unsure where to focus my time and energies. As a result, I found myself vacillating between procrastination, and venturing down rabbit holes, spending hours pausing and restarting individual lectures, and ferociously taking notes. This is just our educated guess on what may appear on the exam, which we do for fun!

Not bad at all. That’s when the idea to create a formal course came about. • Florida Bar Essay Predictions.

All subjects are fair game for the exam.

WEEKEND ESSAY WORKSHOP: The Ford Method instructor will go over actual Florida bar essays, line by line, answering questions, and pointing out issues, showing students how issues are tested, and what to look for. Also, unlike the commercial options, Jennifer is always available to you via text/email and offers clear reviews of your work along the way. The Florida Bar Examination Study Guide is updated with the essay questions from the last examination twice annually. I highly recommend The Ford Method to anyone looking to succeed on the Florida Bar Exam. FULL FLORIDA BAR PREP COURSE: This is a very structured and comprehensive Florida Immersion Bar Prep Course. Cloudflare Ray ID: 5ed6e0d59fb1bbb2 I've seen some sites that made predictions in the past, and got it pretty right but they haven't updated in a while. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Contracts is definitely overdue for sure. My scaled Florida bar score was 159, in the 90th percentile.

94% Upvoted.

After 100s of hours of painstaking work, analyzing all the old bar exams, learning the issues and the prompts, and then compiling the course into an Immersion program, this course was created (a formalized program of the method I just taught myself). One thing I'm surprised by is the fact that they haven't tested PR in a few exams so it might be worth it to bone up on that one/two question related to ethics. If it's not on the exam I will have wasted so much time trying to get it. I know this is a dumb post and I should be preparing for any possibility, but I was wondering if anyone has a good prediction of what might be tested on the essay portion of the exam.

Jennifer did an amazing job preparing me for the Florida Bar Exam, and I am happy to report that I passed. Especially since they tested juvenile delinquency in Feb (never been tested before) and that terrible dependency one last July. This is NOT a forum for legal advice. Your IP: Does anyone think it would be worth it all to memorize the FL crim law distinctions for theft and murder offenses? The sample multiple-choice questions included in the guide are updated periodically. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Constitutional Law has typically been tested on every other exam since February 2012. Applicants who qualify should submit the Application for Temporary Supervised Practice form to the board, via portal upload through the applicant portal, fax to (850) 414-6822, or mail to 1891 Eider Court, Tallahassee, FL 32399-1750. Tbf, the February juvenile delinquency was only one question of three in a general crim law/crim pro fact pattern. Sadly for me. With all of their long lectures and thick books, I felt completely overwhelmed. Her program truly works if you put in the work…  [Comment left after July 2018 bar results out- posted on this site on October 23], Apr 18, 2018 by Jon on The Ford Method-“i cant believe i passed. hide. Apr 17, 2020 by Alex on THE FORD METHOD I was one of the latecomers to Jennifer’s program. If you are at an office or shared network, you can ask the network administrator to run a scan across the network looking for misconfigured or infected devices. I'd say some standard Fed/FL Con law as well with a dependency/commercial paper just to fuck up everyone's shit. report. Disclaimer: You should NOT solely rely on these July 2020 MEE predictions when you study! By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. share.

Not even the standard torts/contracts/property is a safe bet anymore.

They did con law on the last July and Feb so I'm not sure if they will do it 3 years in a row but it's a possibility. I would be okay with that. Similar to my guesses. That dependecy one in July still gives me goosebumpbs when I think of it. This was my 3rd time….i passed. If you can graduate from law school, you can pass this test! If you are on a personal connection, like at home, you can run an anti-virus scan on your device to make sure it is not infected with malware. At this point I'm torn between spending more time on it and bagging it to focus on everything else. Florida Bar Exam study resources, mock MC questions, essay graphs, grading info, raw scores and results, exam predictions, PDF downloads, outlines, and more. You should review all subjects when preparing for the UBE exam. Constitutional Law was last tested in July 2018.

Another way to prevent getting this page in the future is to use Privacy Pass. i pretty much had gave up. However, we did not have any homestead question in the essays in the February 2020 Florida Bar Exam. But, that wasn’t productive, because there isn’t enough time to do that with every single lecture. After receiving a failing score, I threw away all of those thick books and long lectures, and began studying in a way that made sense to me, and felt natural. This is for the student that wants to make SURE in every way they will pass the bar, Oct 23, 2018 by I Passed The Bar on The Ford Method- “I passed the bar yesterday due to the efforts of Jennifer’s Immersion Program. I’m being sworn in! On August 24, 2020, The Florida Supreme Court entered an order establishing the supervised practice program for 2020 bar applicants. Each guide is in PDF format and between 200k and 400k in size. I think since they threw delinquency out in Feb and dependency in July that UCC 3-9 are coming up and I'm expecting them with a contracts essay.

Thus, we think it is very likely to appear on the February 2020 UBE. VIP ALL INCLUSIVE PACKAGE: This option is an all inclusive package with not only the full bar prep course and the essay workshop, but ALSO one on one tutoring 4hrs per week, for 12 weeks. October 2020 Florida Bar Exam Exam results are scheduled to be released on Friday, November 20, 2020. They haven't done torts in the last 2 years so that's a very big possibility as well. My guesses in order of most likely to least likely for the essays: Ethics question on 1-2 essays Contracts w/ commercial paper Torts Property Con law (Fed) Wills and Trusts Con law (FL) Family Law Business entities (they've never done a business entities essay as far as I know but it might by likely they do this for the multi choice since wills and trusts was tested on the last 2. I certainly never intended to create a bar prep course; I just wanted to pass the Florida Bar. Sometimes we are right. But I’m feeling contracts with a commercial paper issue, Family law, and FL con law. Please be right. Constitution. Please review our free MEE guidefor the highly tested topics and be careful not to ignore any subject! I've seen some sites that made predictions in the past, and got it pretty right but they haven't updated in a while. But like I said if people were doing bad with wills n trusts on the last 2 they may keep going to it). Past results are not a guarantee of future results, and I can not guarantee that you will absolutely pass the bar following my system. Sadly for me. Press J to jump to the feed. I cried while writing it. I created The Ford Method out of necessity, after spectacularly failing the Florida Bar studying with a competitor’s program. For current and former Law School Redditors.

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