Lots of, RS05RR 18x10.5 +15 in white (white is special orde, The TSR-X Tuning Series MAT wheel is available in, Anthony’s 1994 Mazda Miata on Enkei RPF1 Racing, Enkei PF01 Racing Series wheel in 18x10.5. Hydraulic machines mold and bend the cast piece metal until it is one solid round wheel.

products you will love. The Lusso series of wheels features an 18-spoke design. It includes a spiraling spoke design with several smaller threads making up the outer face. They are available in two sizes: 18 and 20 inches. If you had t, One of our latest creations! The Enkei ENKEI92 silver wheel is certainly impressive-looking. Perhaps the number one thing you should focus on is the size of the wheel as it will determine the tire package size you get. The battles continue! Enkei wheels also include unique finishes and color choices with one of them being gunmetal. You may also need to completely swap out your tires for a new tire package as well to match the wheels. Enkei 92 Black MATT BLACK LIP POLISHED. Alex compares the differences betwee. It's with this experience that you can be sure that you have come to the right place for all your Enkei Wheels' needs. They also come in a silver color as well. Available in 17 &, Nate Hamilton representing at Gridlife on Enkei RP, The Enkei TS-5! The lug nut patterns can range from four, five, six, and up to eight lug nuts that secure the wheel to the hub of your vehicle.

#BMW #E30, Introducing the Enkei Vulcan Performance Series Wh, The Enkei TS-5 in Storm Gray. Enkei, Enkei TS-10 18x8.5 5x114.3 +50. They are even capable of fitting on small SUV and crossover vehicles. They also come in either a silver, black, matte gunmetal, or copper color. The Spec-E represents Enkei’s confidence in its technology and quality of Enkei wheels. As far as looks go, the wheels include a 16-spoke design that makes them one of the most interesting wheels from Enkei. The offset is measured in millimeters and can either end in a zero, negative, or positive offset. This is great for smaller sports cars, SUVs, Jeeps, and pickups, but if you have a lift kit on your large vehicle, they would seem a bit small. They branch out like a spider’s web to form various shapes and patterns. Enkei wheels are light and designed for speed and power. Choose one! Emelia Hartford’s S14 on Enkei RS05RR. While larger vehicles like Jeeps, trucks, or SUVs with lift kits can fit larger wheels, you can also find wheels that only fit on the front or rear axles of cars. This specific wh, Love this brushed gold and brushed black finish on, The Enkei Hornet Performance Series wheels. However, due to their lightness and weaker design, the wheels do tend to be more prone to damage so they aren’t best for off-road vehicles. Enkei’s signature flat center cap finishes off the clean and understated look of the SS05. This allows them to perform well under intense speeds, torque, cornering, and more. RPF1 in Gold Finish! In fact, Enkei established its own test standard called “Spec-E,” which is tougher than JWL requirements. The EKM3 wheels feature the gunmetal color, and doubled with their 20-spoke design, they are a sight to behold. 18" Size PCD Offset Load Rating Centre Bore Price 18X8.0 5X114.3 35 690 73.1 $413.95 Enquire now Please note, Enkei rally spec wheels do not come with centre caps. The wheels come in several sizes to fit cars, trucks, Jeeps, or SUVs, and range from 15-18 inches in diameter. NT03+M vs PF01! The spokes are what give each wheel their individual look and design.

affiliate commission. You should note your stock or factory tire size so you can determine what size wheels you will need to fit your car. Enkei are one of the... View Details. The ENKRPF series of wheels from Enkei is sleek and modern-looking. However, the wheels are not compatible with all vehicle makes and models.

Photo by th, Reece’s Tacoma on Enkei RPT1 Stop by our #S, The Speed Academy EVO 6 is looking amazing on Enke, The Enkei Kojin Tuning Series wheels. With a 17- and 18-inch wheel diameter, the wheels make an excellent choice on sports cars, muscle cars, and compact cars. If you, The Enkei NT03+M in Matte Black! Enkei alloy wheels have been used... 18" Size PCD Offset Load Rating Centre Bore Price   18X8.5 5X100 40 690 73.1 $214.20 Enquire now ENKEI SC46 18X8.5 5-100 +40 MATT GUN MEATL The Enkei SC46 is another exciting all-new addition to... 17" Size PCD Offset Load Rating Centre Bore Price   17X7.5 5X108 40 690 73.1 $187.85 Enquire now ENKEI SC46 17X7.5 5-108 +40 MATT BLACK The Enkei SC46 is another exciting all-new addition to Enkei’s... 17" Size PCD Offset Load Rating Centre Bore Price   17X7.5 4X100 40 0 73.1 $187.85 Enquire now ENKEI SC46 17X7.5 4-100 +40 MATT GUN METAL The Enkei SC46 is another exciting all-new addition to... 20" Size PCD Offset Load Rating Centre Bore Price   20X8.5 5X114.3 45 690 73.1 $175.95 Enquire now 20X8.5 5X105 45 760 73.1 $175.95 Enquire now Impressive looking wheel finished in satin black with machined... Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. products!

RPT1 now available for the Ford #Raptor (Kris’ R, Noah Nelson’s RX7FD on Enkei RPF1 Racing Series, Hope you’re enjoying #WheelWednesday! Learn more. As far as downsides go, they are on the heavy side, even with the MAT Technology. If you want a wheel package that will impress other drivers and enthusiasts, consider the Enkei ENKEI92 Silver w/Machined Lip Wheels. PF05!! The wheels are light yet impressive and great for touring, cruising, and enjoying a night out. They can come with a hefty carrying capacity and are less prone to rusting. One of the best parts is they are lightweight and weigh only 16 pounds. A steel Enkei wheel is developed out of a different material or metal alloy that makes them stronger and more durable. Enkei Rc-g4 found in: Looking for Rally Wheels? The MR502 Rally VT-Spec is the wheel that started our venture into rally racing. Available in 5x114.3 18x9 +40 and, Jasmin’s 2016 #WRX on Enkei Raijin Tuning Series, Endless Japan Time Attack Mazda RX7 on Enkei RS05R, The Enkei #RCG4 Rally Wheel.

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