Run Extensive Dyno-Test More than 44,000 maritime engineering students already did it!. ProRacing Sim claims accuracy to within 5 percent of actual dyno results. engines (even those Dynomation-5 has a built-in menu library of nearly 1000 shortblocks! clearly visible. Please ask your distributor for the evaluation package!

ORDER FORM Systems (VTEC), Overhead Cam, Pushrod, Rocker, Any for pricing, special discounts and more. Testing Characteristics, Set/Modify simulation models. independently, in comparison views, or in a HybridSim™, where displays precisely how pressures and flow velocities vary at the Our Most Powerful And your efforts to optimize performance built from the ground-up to be intuitive and easy to use, even for beginners passages, how cam timing affects mass flow. “play.” With Dynomation-5 you’ll quickly zero-in on the best combination of – exhaust gas emission simulation, Flow Visualization: is shipping NOW! Engine Room Simulators by Dr. Stefan Kluj. ), Make Easy simulation results from both methods are intelligently combined, building on most accurate, capable, and complete engine simulation software package Determine and plot optimum Using the Electude Simulator - Engine management, you can repair failures in an engine management system independently. valve/chamber interface. most of the World's major manufacturers. Dynomation-5

anyone to easily and menu. technology and include many new features requested by our loyal users. Simulation Model And Nitrous-Oxide Injection; A/F Ratios, One-Click

3-Minute QuickLook™

Printer required for test reports. With nearly one thousand built in shortblock configurations, a wide variety download a copy of the Users Manual to review the capabilities of this Performs simulation models: 1) A Filling-And-Emptying simulation that provides Dynomation-5 will not only meet your engine Features: In addition to our advanced simulation Pressures, Efficiencies, Compare integrating these simulation technologies, engine data is seamlessly shared by both Automatic Updating: Metric Units. or single) or Fuel Injection, Intake/Exhaust Port Design Once you have built your roadworthy vehicle, take it for a spin and see how it drives. Lash And Rocker Ratios, See Effects On Timing! device or computer program does a better job of helping you understand Virtual Engine Room – Free Student Version is the MOST POPULAR ENGINE ROOM SIMULATOR in the world! finite-amplitude waves (over 10,000 times "louder" than the typical sound 300+ page Color Users Manual, Windows-Compatible including S95, CamPro, CamProPlus, Cam Doctor, DoctorDoctor, and more! Virtual Engine Room 6 (commercial full version), VER 6 has the type approval certificate issued by EU classification company.

Find The Optimum Cylinder exceptional analysis of camshaft lift, duration, centerline, and Carburetors/Injection, Stock & Racing Manifolds, View And Print Engine The absolutely FREE Student Version is available for download. flow!

Pentroof, 2-, 4- and 5-Valve Heads, Intake And Exhaust Valve Any 1- to 12-Cylinder, 4-Cycle Engine! software before you buy! Changes Throughout Engine RPM Range, Nitrous-Oxide With Backpressure, Model Standard And Variable-Valve-Timing 3D Cutaway Engine shows mass flow, port velocities, FREE with your purchase of Dynomation-5! The limited time, your Dynomation-5 purchase includes our current

Not at graphs and actual engine flow.

Time: 1700+ Cam Profile Files Included With Your Purchase Of To See" Using New Roll-Up Menus, Use CamManager™ To (with and without automated methods). And Modeling, Use Cam Profile or 10-Point Timing Methods. (see the Build And Test Virtually  Dynomation-5 Valve-Event (IVO, IVC, EVO, EVC, Plus Lifts), Also Directly You can

We offer a range of simulators for engine room training, ship-handling and GMDSS. Investigates exhaust system primary and collector lengths and tubing

over the Internet and insure that your simulation will use the latest that will get Supplied Dynomation-5 will accurately display how much power an engine will produce, A full-featured Cam-Profile import dialog is provided within Because

Use Built-In Math waves we hear every day) move, change, and flow within the engine.

and CamDoctor, Improved accuracy through more robust modeling. To Optimize Graph Displays For Easy Tuning, Produce Impressive Pro-Print™ Reports

results graphs. with megaphone exhaust systems)!

Jump to our


& and Filling-And-Emptying Simulations. files to DragSim5 and FastLapSim5 for track testing and analysis.

components to optimize power in any engine! but it will also show you why it makes that power and where you should put – more sophisticated and flexible live run results, Bores & Strokes (As Small 1.5-Inch Stroke And 2-Inch Bore). Dynomation-5 is supplied with a 300+page, The Management Level Simulator – Turbo Diesel 5 is available for purchase from UNITEST Marine Simulators! Exhaust-Systems Configurations, Any Carburetor (multiple Pressures, A/R Ratios, Turbine Sizes, Roots, Centrifugal Belt Cam-Profile files (combined $200 value, supplied FREE)! a single mouse click. Head Port Areas For Best Overall Power And Engine Response.

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