Afterward Donald walked in and tucked the boys into bed and kissed each one on the forehead "Goodnight Louie", "Goodnight Dewey", "Goodnight Huey". Huey has been acting strange lately. "How do you know all this Donnie?" Where is he? Team Uncle Week 2020, Day 3 - Game Night and Day 5 - Physical Affection, Team Uncle Week 2020, Day 2 - Cooking/Baking. Out from the hole on top came a dizzied face, and arms from the "creature's" ears. I am mostly going off the different medias, but I do make occasional assumptions.

Heracles. Cover art by Turzafiro, cover edit by KipATora, Life is Like a Hurricane~Ducktales(Reader Insert). Welcome to the right place. Donald Duck is not as graceful as his uncle, not as smart as his twin, and much more prone to getting hurt than having fun. Donald tried to coax a little more speed from the vehicle to avoid hearing another spendthrift story. He stood tall, an inch or two taller than Mrs. Beakley. If She did, She'd want the boys back. You, (Y/N) Comet, are the main star of the galaxy. He had messed up. She had even heard that he had past association with the mysterious "Agency", but the Agency and S.H.U.S.H.

Gone was the obstinate berserker. The damage you inflicted may have kept me anchored to this time, but with this that is no longer an issue", the villain boasts. Emperor Nero with King Arthur's face. Donald questioned. the gentleduck's gentleman inquired while floating and keeping up with his employer. Good to see- WARK!". An energy seemed to cover the thief and he looked down to his still struggling adversary. Donald had to keep that's thought in His head He would never want to hurt them but when it comes down to it they're Dellas kids. The group parted as the creature hit the floor and slid between them to stop at Scrooge's feet. Work Search: You’re at a party and your wonderful ex shows up. This was a fighter with more secrets than anyone believed. Lu Bu. The triplets are quite skeptical... Donald and Daisy have date night on the houseboat. Four days later, and he was still exhausted. "Stop fooling around Donald", Scrooge used his cane to grab his nephew by the back of his black sailor uniform and lifted him to his feet. Those kinds of things never seemed to happen when he had worn the mask. Looking up he noticed the three adults had moved in front of the others, to protect them.

He mentioned you being retired? They were four years old. After not having a crime to fight in the city, Darkwing finds it waiting for him at home. Donald suddenly burst into action startling all those around him. Donald questioned his uncle from his post leaning on the wall of the elevator. This is my first DT fic, so please be kind! She was privy to S.H.U.S.H.

He didn't feel like he was ready to answer any of their questions at the moment. Della gathered the triplets together, Mrs. Beakley reigned in Webby who continued to drag a still zonked out Lena, and that left Scrooge with Donald. The wedding party gathered under a large, open air tent set up on the grounds of McDuck Manor.

(I own nothing except for Dr. Don Reubens, Athena, and the concept o... [ ! His family must face what's happened and how to … Barring that, bill chattering fear or sheer apathy because sometimes even his face was too lazy to work. Some of my favorite stories are the Paperinik or Duck Avenger tales. Up to now, Donald Duck had faced his personal crises mostly alone, carrying the weight of three boys and ten years of estrangement on the wide, wide sea.

"This dinnae make sense", the elder duck whispered.

However, Uncle Donald has some news that will shake their world.

Donald smiled at His nephew but then He thought about how Della could still come back. Donalds nephews Huey, Dewey and Louie were left in His care Series of One shot story's of life on the houseboat for Donald and the boys. Your review has been posted. He was clad mostly in red with a flowing purple cape. will yo... [DUCKTALES x READER ONE-SHOTS! Huey, Dewey, Louie, and Webby are in high school now. Gladstone is set to sail on home after the events of the House of Fortune. Then things really get interesting, because nothing can ever be simple with this family.

He pushed the others away and frantically typed his 30-digit passcode. The two placed the side of their heads to the door and heard definite movement within. This was not the man she had slowly come to respect. -More after the story.-). Scheherezade. ! ] A companion piece to a longer fic I’m developing, I had this idea for a cotton candy one shot (it’s sweet AND fluffy, y’all) featuring my OTP, Daisy and Donald Duck. However, his three nephews, Della's kids, have shown the same passion their mother and great uncle shared. well yes, and you happen to be that child. Suspicions about Daisy's true intentions causes a fight between Beakley and Donald. Join (Y/n) to find out! "RAIDER! If ye need light lad, I have a candle right here." ]: There is always more than one pathway. They watched as the creature got louder and began hopping around in frustration. The duo moved down a few floors and exited into a dark, empty hallway. Boyd wonders if he’s any different from other kids and Gyro assures him he is not. The group turned their heads to an unholy sound coming from some creature at the top of the stairs. And now, they want to find out the truth. Making it outside he moved to hide under the bridge connecting to Duckberg. Please consider turning it on! Donald let out a muffled shout of protest as Raider fiddled with the damaged controls on his wrist.

what happens when you find out what happened to her and meet some new friends along the way? Hi people!Ducktales is one of my favorite series (even if I didn't watch the originals) and I wish to express my love for this great piece of television by writing a series of prompts for every character, for every episode.Take a seat, grab a snack and good reading! Sorry for the couple of reposts. ... DuckTales (Cartoon 2017) (149) Disney Duck Universe (22) Disney Ducks (Comics) (13) Legend of the Three Caballeros (Cartoon) (7) For you, are a powerful legend of the stars. I wish I owned Ducktales, but alas, none of these characters are mine.

The author would like to thank you for your continued support. ", Della Duck Character Development to Be Seen, Gyro Gearloose Character Development to Be Seen. Sorry, you might need to look up a few things to get the full scope at this time. Lena has been properly adopted but retains the LeStrange name. She chucked the clock at Raider while her kids shook their heads in embarrassment at their mother's lame taunt. When she gets there she realizes it’s not all that it’s cracked up to be. Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings, A grumpy gremlin slowly learning to open up and grow as a person, Lena (Disney: DuckTales) & Violet Sabrewing, Lena (Disney: DuckTales) & Indy Sabrewing, Indy Sabrewing & Ty Sabrewing & Violet Sabrewing. As always, I try to encourage everyone to support official releases of the subject matter, which in this case would be Donald Duck, Ducktales, and anything related to them. after della disappeared in space jose and panchito help Donald rase the boy and they became there tio jose and tio panchito. Donald grabbed the nearest item, an old WWII disc emblazoned with the red, white, and blue, and took a purposeful step forward. From what he could tell, no coins or greenbacks had been so much as touched by a stray breeze. Of course, that'll change, but in the meantime, Donald Duck and family have to deal with a hyperactive scottish duckling in search of what exactly has happened to his family.

Who is he? So they follow him one day and find out about a huge secret Huey's been keeping from them. READER]: Little did Y/N Duck know that one warm summer day would turn her whole life upside down. I desperately want more of this Daisy and Donald. Bentina Beakley, like her employer, was wondering where this side of the slothful sailor had sprung from. Raider leapt over a rushing Donald. Diana let out a startled shout as she was thrown across her apartment by the large redheaded man. While moving out of range he erased all footage from his fight with Raider and everything after. However, Uncle Donald has some news that will shake their world. It took over a decade, but his family was whole and bigger than ever. He found the number at the same time the limo drove overhead. She moved in front of the group and picked up one of the scattered items, an antique looking clock.

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