The mechanisms that cause SUID and SIDS aren't fully understood but there are believed to be a percentage of cases in which resuscitation / CPR would not be effective. Convenient multifunctional design offers a comfy and safe spot for diaper changes, tummy time, lounging, playing, cuddling, and supervised napping. We can't. Created with love in Sweden. I would recommend reading this safe co-sleeping guidelines article. Never use components of dock separately. I co-slept part of the night with my firstborn, largely influenced by my breastfeeding support community and my lack of full understanding of the risks. By Alex Crabb.

Believe it or not, but you can actually accessorize your DockATot! She always has her cozy and nurturing dock with her for any overnight stay and she sleeps like a champ all of the time too! Unfortunately, when it comes to safe sleeping, misinformation spreads widely online. Dock A Tot Sids Safety By Tiara Maulid August 25, 2020 Following the infant safe sleep her new baby sparks debate about crib dock a tot nomad baby safe sleep tbstp position statement CLICK HERE or click on the image below to get your free access: Supporting new and expectant parents, demystifying infant development and inspiring creative play for healthier babies. The DockATot Grand is for tots 9-36 months and can be used for all the same activities as the Deluxe+ as well as a way to facilitate comfortable sleeping in toddler beds and twin beds, when your child is ready. The Grand dock helps with crib to bed transition and the raised edges keep your toddler from rolling out of bed. Be sure it lays flat and remains flat with adult(s) in the bed.

Room-sharing (baby on a separate, safe sleep surface in the same room as sleeping parents), however, is correlated with lower SUID / SIDS risks. This page includes affiliate links, which means I earn a small commission when you purchase products through these links. Yes. A non-swaddling sleep sack like the Halo Sleep Sack can help, though! I say sadly because it seems to REALLY help many babies sleep. Ironically, the DockATot does not meet CPSC standards for a safe sleep environment. Keep this cardboard for storing in the future. I would recommend reading this safe co-sleeping guidelines article. Spooky-cute Halloween printables to do with your littles! Full disclosures here. The views and opinions stated in this review are my own and are not a direct representation of DockATot. It's important to understand that rebreathing carbon dioxide is widely believed to be one of the main contributors to SIDS. For important safety information about use of the Grand Dock in a toddler or other bed, click here. But how can we as parents safely keep a mobile/active sleeper from getting his arms or legs caught in the crib rails? Furthermore, there is a concern that a young infant who can scoot or crawl out of the dock might get entrapped between the side of the crib, bassinet or play yard and the dock. All content and images © 2014 - 2016 CanDo Kiddo, LLC.

Your grandmother will tell you that she put all 4 of her babies to sleep on their bellies and they're FINE. Even once he can roll you should continue to place baby flat on his back for every sleep, but safe sleep experts say that once baby can independently roll to his belly, you can leave him there (even if he can't yet roll independently to his back). Never leave baby alone in adult bed. You can also use a stand-alone activity gym of any kind to place over your baby while in their dock, this is the one I have and it’s working great!

The DockATot also has a womb-like shape, which gives your baby the ultimate nurturing comfort. Newborn Essentials Ing Billy Bibs.

Only use when fully assembled and zipped.

If baby awakens and you aren’t present, s/he may scoot and fall off bed.

You may also stumble upon DockATot at Target and other bigger baby box stores, like Buy Buy Baby. Truly, both of our lives were better because of this baby product. Price: Deluxe+ Travel Tote $60.00 / Grand Travel Tote $75.00. Loose fabrics and parts may present a suffocation hazard. Boppy Lounger? Some parents certainly report that vital stats monitors like the Owlet reduce their anxiety. However, there does need to be a serious take on safety precautions when deciding to sleep in bed with your baby.

Co-sleeping can be a wonderful experience for mom and baby. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends waiting until 2 years old to offer a pillow. DockATot® is the original, premium baby lounger.

I share this safe sleep information to help you make informed decisions today and going forward as a parent, not to condemn or shame any decisions you've already made. Shelby K. Our Favourite Baby Item "Absolutely love the DockATot and bring it everywhere we go. Never allow baby to sleep with an adult who suffers from sleep disorders, is under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or is obese. Yes (the flat surface, not the add-on "napper"). Photo: Courtesy DockaTot. Rolling over is a natural development, which should be encouraged during waking and supervised time. And please, understand that research and experts do not speak of certainties and causes.

All Rights Reserved, Is The Dock-A-Tot Safe? <<. But the devices themselves aren't unsafe if used properly. However, The Grand Dock can be used in a toddler bed or big kid-sized bed, once the child is at least nine months old, and then only placed at a height that allows the child to safely descend on his own. I knew I wanted to have the option to safely co-sleep with my baby in our adult bed. They can go to the beach, to the park on a picnic or even to the pool. Confusing? In it, I share: baby gear buying tips for sleep gear, play gear, travel gear, strollers, baby carriers and more, all based on infant health & development, specific products and brands I use and love as a mom. These are the most common questions new parents ask before purchasing a DockATot lounger. However, I wish I would have gone through DockATot’s website because they offer sign-up discounts, loads of adorable cover options and better customer service overall. Shaking and ventilating are usually enough. Safe Sleep Experts agree that there is no "safe co-sleeping.". Because safety is my top priority, as hard as that is sometimes to put into action.

7. The Deluxe+ is designed for infants 0-8 months old and The Grand is more suitable for babies and toddlers up to 36 months.

No. Keep it bare of any bedding (other than a fitted crib sheet), toys or bumpers. Never use components of dock separately.

3. Do not tumble dry. Get the Bump App.

So is the DockATot safe? We will be looking at both docks in depth today and I will be giving you my experience with each and filling you in on everything you need to know before you buy! Happens all the time? Contributing Writer. Position dock in center of bed, near headboard. This dock is a cozy “hang-out” lounge for toddlers to enjoy anytime and anywhere. Transporting your dock is easy too with their stylish and water-resistant travel totes. "Breathability" is not a regulated term in the U.S. Can I use the dock if my baby is rolling over? The comfort it brought me to place a hand on her chest as she slept and hear her little breathes gave this anxious new mom a priceless gift of peace.

But there are alternatives that offer the same features as the Dock A Tot but at a fraction of the price. Updated Apr 2017. Do not purchase DIY or imitator products as none have been safety tested and could be dangerous for your baby. All Rights ReservedAll CanDo Kiddo activities assume close supervision of your baby. Placing the DockATot in a crib, bassinet or other sleep surface is against the manufacturer's warnings and is not safe. Keep all cords and strings away from baby.

We take our safety and quality certifications very seriously. DockATot loungers can be found online at DockATot’s main website. What age is appropriate for my tot to sleep in a Grand dock? By Tiara Maulid September 15, 2020. The content of this website is for informational and entertainment purposes only. U.S.

For some parents, these monitors increase anxiety (a phenomenon which is not only reported but demonstrated in research). Are Dock A Tot Safe About Photos Mtgimage. Written by a pediatric Occupational Therapist.

So we should take risks and correlations seriously and put our babies' safety above convenience and above our own sleep (if it takes that). "dock a tot grande" Baby Lounger and Baby Nest Perfect for Co Sleeping Baby Bassinet Soft Cotton Cosleeping Baby Bed Premium Quality and Suitable from 0-18 Months -Breathable & Hypoallergenic Portable Crib(Gray) 4.6 out of 5 stars 593. DockATot® DELUXE+ and GRAND have been tested in Europe and the US and Canada and proven to comply with all of the following standards: Oeko-Tex certification, Standard 100, Class 1, All components Intertek tested for and proven free from harmful substances, Tested for compliance with US Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008, Tension tested for 'Normal and reasonably foreseeable use and abuse', Resistant to ignition according to BS5852, Phthalate testing

 Small parts and use and abuse testing under 16 CFR 1500.50, California Bulletins 116 and 117 flammability testing. Yes. You can also find them at Amazon with some limited choices and no discount options. But, is the DockATot really all it's cracked up to be? Yes. Sadly, no. Remove all extra pillows, blankets or anything else that could cover the baby’s head. No. Download The App to explore more tools like Planner+ and Food Safety. The Dock … "Breathability" is the only safety regulation or standard the DockATot website cites that is related to sleep (all those others relate to hazardous materials, choking hazards, flammability, etc.). No. The Consumer Product Safety Commission has cautioned that babies should be placed in a bare crib without any additional bedding, blankets or pillows. Hang to dry directly after machine wash to help avoid color bleeding for covers with prints. DockATot Deluxe Review. The toy arch attachment turns the Deluxe+ dock into a lounging play yard. Furthermore, there is a concern that a young infant who can scoot or crawl out of the dock might get entrapped between the side of the crib, bassinet or play yard and the dock. Do not tumble dry, iron, bleach or dry clean.

This DockATot review is a genuine tell-all about a baby product I have used everyday for years and for two kids now! The same micro-climate and high-tech fabric is used on the Grand, which means no harmful amounts of heat are harbored. After 2, choose a small, firm pillow. 5.) Here is the Care and Use label that is sewn onto each Deluxe+ dock (it contains important information about safe use, and how to care for the product): And here is the Care and Use label that is sewn onto each Grand dock (it contains important information about safe use, and how to care for the product): Here is a list of some of the many tests to which we have subjected our products to and certificates we have obtained: 1. – DockATot Safety Guidelines. Your DockATot will also come in a waterproof poly bag (keep this for future storage). © 2020 - Love Our Littles® | All rights reserved, ⭐️ Join “Interested in Blogging” Facebook Group. Size: Deluxe dock vs. Grand dock; A Message about Co-Sleeping; How should I wash my DockATot products?

Dockatot Safety Reviews Deluxe Casual Claire. DockATot should not be used in a crib, bassinet or play yard.

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