That allows you to get lots of rebounds in the following ways...1) The player driving gets close to the basket and if they miss, they are in good position for the put back rebound.2) Teach their teammates to follow the player driving to the basket. 1 makes the pass to 2 on the wing. Easy to teach, easily scalable – what I mean is that the basic principles (pass and cut, fill spaces, spread out) are simple and quickly picked up. Subscribe to our free monthly newsletter to receive new drills, plays, scoring tips and coaching strategies, These are the 4 scenarios you’ll see with the pass and cut: NOTE: I know this kind of pass and cut seems easy to defend.

This opens up driving lanes and makes it difficult for defenders to help each other. Sometimes, they won't even have to move to find an open spot. 4. Coachbase basketball drills and practice planning, Practice planning resources and guides for kids basketball, December 5, 2016 By Coach Keith 2 Comments. In each scenario, the passer simply makes a pass and then screens for a player in the opposite direction. I practice this drill in both the half court and full court.I think if you have one or two guys that are good scorers, this offense would work great. I wrote this late last night after a headache-inducing practice. All 5 spots along the perimeter must be filled unless a player is cutting or screening. Keep in mind that this spread offense will get lots of dribble drive penetration. This assumes you’re only being denied one pass away from the basketball. What we see is that the defense is packed in the paint, or close to it, so even if the ball or the roller get free of their man, there is help defense there to stop them. When the player drives middle, you might have them slide to the short corner.After you figure out movements for certain situations, you can break down that drill into a shooting drill to get player's repetitions in that situation.

• Always watch the basketball on cuts. Also, how would you advise I teach it to them with the limited amount of time I have?

5 Out Motion Offense - Cutters This 5 out motion offense is an extremely simple offense to teach that could be used for a number of reasons.

For example, when you pass you must cut and others will fill spots as well as dribble at someone and backdoor cut. If you end up with two players cutting at the same time, it's not a big deal and it could actually preoccupy help defense and open up driving lanes. And another thing - what are the options for the "cutter" when they receive the pass and can''t get the shot off? Players fill the empty spots along the perimeter. This is imperative for a great youth basketball offense.

I have attempted to lecture them on moving with a purpose thusly: If you leave your spot on the floor (other than to crash the boards), you must do one of four things: cut to the basket, screen away from the ball, screen on the ball, or v-cut to get open on the perimeter. • Sometimes difficult with a shot clock – Similarly to the above point, if your players aren’t constantly searching for scoring opportunities, the shot clock can play a factor and force your team to rush a shot with a few seconds left. I try to get them to make good V cuts but it doesn’t seem to work. That's what a lot of teams did against the high school team that I played for. So cutting and movement definitely repeats. If you are one pass away and covered, look to back cut.

This will help a little against that type of defense.For high school age kids and advanced middle school teams, I will also incorporate flare screens and ball screens to counter this. After passing players may cut to the goal, screen away, or cut to the ball.

3. Don Kelbick's Motion Offense - A Comprehensive Guide to Implementing a Motion Offense, The Open Post Motion Offense DVD with Lason Perkins,,,,,,,,,,

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