Dark Souls 2 | Best Starting Class and Gift. Sorcerer makes the early game easy as hell, the starting sorcerer armor set looks cool and has high magic defense which comes in handy later. The most shocking thing for me about this one is I was stood inside the Milf cage and punched through the wall, all completely on accident. Ended up as a quality build, and will be using to go into NG++ soon. Archived. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Some builds benefit from having higher starting stats, like dexterity builds choosing Swordsman, or Strength/Faith builds choosing Knight.

As for gift, a new player is probably best off with Healing Items. No racist, sexist or homophobic language. SM~100k but will probably pick up the agape ring as this has recently become available. My history: No1 was deprived as it was when the game first came out and I wanted maximum flexibility. For my very first character I started as a knight because I usually start as the medium armor generalist melee for my first time through a game. His starting equipment is decent and he can twohand the mace found in Majula right out of the gate.

Two people can wedge themselves in a small corridor in Bright Stone - wouldn’t recommend doing it, but two people can activate the ladder at the same time and become wedged. Whats the advantage? To put it simple the knight is the perfect frame for every meele character. The beginning of the game is more difficult, but you have more flexibility in how you spend your points. I'd suggest Knight. save hide report. It’s my first time playing DS2 after beating DS3 up until NG+8 and I was wondering what was the best class and gift to start with? I bet most of us are going to experiment enough that we'll probably end up with at least 16 in all stats (16 is the highest level any character has of any stat; the Swordsman, with Dexterity), Attunement perhaps being the exception. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Me,I think I will go with the temple knight.I like him because he looks nimble enough to dodge well but good enough to still do alot of damage. Stopped using magic, except for buffs, as I relied on the range as a crutch for my first 2-3 playthroughs, and hindered my ability early on to learn boss roll dodging. It's really easy to adapt any build to it (and very useful for Soul Vesselling from pure physical to pure caster - lots of saved points! Sorry if this post isn't allowed on this sub. For those of you struggling with which class to pick, this should make it a bit easier.

SM~2-3m No3 was deprived even though it was to be a dex build and I didn't … So I am new at Dark Soul Games and I keep dying with keyboard as my controller doesn't work for the game even though it is giving all controls in an … Press J to jump to the feed. Even a caster will use a meele weapon at some point, therefore physical stats are always required. SM~2-3m No4 was for a SL1 build, so was deprived, as it was mandatory (about 1/2 way through ATM).

I’m disappointed in myself. report. I’m a pure strength and melee only type of player and can use some help.

My brother ran DS2 on it on med to high settings with no problem at all, but I'm wondering if can boot up SotFS. You really want to do all you can to avoid fighting large numbers at the same time. Knight if you are a beginner. Knight has also quite little wasted stats, has nice ADP and alright str and dex. Most of the time I start with a class that has the stats I won't need at their lowest. A community dedicated to everything about Dark Souls 2. Close. Deprived is the best starting class ever but I use it sparingly because of reasons. My personal pick is the Knight. What class are you going with in Dark Souls 2? I ALWAYS go Merchant because of highest adp and at 9 dex you can powerstance the daggers you get in the beginning/tutorial and for a gift, healing wares. I always start with Swordsman because of the high Dex Stat when doing melee builds. It's called tearmail.

Plus a decent starter weapon. If it helps, think of the arrows as a challenge to a 1v1 duel. Bandit might seem better, but it's not - at all: 1 int is great (4 less wasted points), but 8 faith means you waste 3 extra points: only 1 less wasted point.However, I always get 10 attunement for Flame Weapon: warrior only need 5 points there, bandits needs 8. I know deprived is the most BALANCED, but balanced doesn't exactly equal good.

hide. Already have plat and most just do invasions/co-op, and in one of those countless invasions in the Shrine, someone had a cave open that I didn’t. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I still have to beat multiple NG+ and earn all achievements/collect every single item in the game. Here's how a deprived playthrough starts: Oh shit I'm naked and don't even have a weapon, Thank gwyn, it's a fucking dagger. I want to know which is the best out of them all. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Better stat layout in my opinion. Question. Press J to jump to the feed. No5 was a swordsman, who hasn't gone very far into the game, as I wanted to initially rush the re-skinned 'bloody club' (and on a whim it also became a CoC run just for the hell of it). 59% Upvoted. Just because I see people pick him all the time on the playthroughs I watch. Pure STR should take bandit for the low casting skills. Knight has the least wasted points while still having Int 3 - Straid won't talk to 1 Int Bandits and that's annoying as hell. A community dedicated to everything about Dark Souls 2. 13. r/DarkSouls2: A community dedicated to everything about Dark Souls 2. Healing items are the ds2 version of the master key. All your stats start at 6, so when you inevitably decide to reset them using a Soul Vessel, you can completely reset your character to the lowest possible average minimum instead of having some of your stats locked to higher values because of your starting class choice. I have been playing this game on and off (mostly on) since Xbox 360 release and I’m shocked that I am still finding new things to this day. He also starts with decent Str and high dex. His starting level is 13, the second highest, therefore you spend less souls to reach the same level than a deprived for example, meaning more min/maxing potential. If any other caster, Sorcerer.

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