I am having this issue now, i reset the bulbs, i did all i could.

I have now tried swapping it out for my other home mini I kept in a different room, fingers crossed. “desk light”), "Dim the desk light" or “Dim all the lights”, Set a light brightness to a certain percentage, "Set desk light to 50%" or “Set lights to 70%”, Dim or brighten lights by a certain percentage, “Dim/Brighten lamp by 50%" or “Dim/Brighten lights by 10%, “Turn on all of the lights” or “Turn off all of the lights”, Set Tunable White bulbs to Vibrant or wake color, Set Tunable White bulbs to Active or everyday color, Set Tunable White bulbs to Calm or sleep color, Change the color temperature of Tunable White bulbs, "Change lights to 2700 kelvin"  (2000-7000 range), To turn on or off a specific plug (e.g. These should be easier to connect. STE 200 Alpharetta, GA 30005 We'll get back to you only if we require additional details or have more information to share. You can click the eye icon to reveal the password and confirm there isn’t a typo. I’m sorry you’re having problems!

Delete the device from the C by GE app. Open the Google Home app . Here are a few common issues to watch out for: I am having trouble with one of the bulbs, the other three work great. Please let us know so we can further assist you with your concern. //www.google.com/tools/feedback/metric/report, Set up and control C by GE smart light bulbs and plugs, Tell us more and we’ll help you get there. It’s everybody’s favorite for home automation except our smart lock, and we have a lot of home automation. Touch Start.

It is still showing for two and for the other two.

A member of our SmartThings Support staff will respond as soon as possible. Setup each bulb one at a time in a lamp. What is the difference between E26, E27 and A19. Lastly, after several restarts of my router the Wyze app still shows the incorrect IP addresses for the light bulbs. When you’re ready to pair the bulb simply insert it into the socket and turn the power on (again, we’re ignoring the instructions included with the bulbs that indicate you should perform a bunch of steps before turning the power on).

It only supports 2.4, so I have tried splitting the bands, which hasn't helped.

How do we restrict our WiFi to only broadcast at 2.4 just for these bulbs? All C by GE plugs and bulbs, including Soft White and Tunable White bulbs, can be paired with your Google Nest or Google Home speaker or display. Note: When your speaker or display and C by GE devices are in the same room, your speakerr or display will know your voice commands are for the C by GE devices in that room. I have put it in a lamp… does that matter?

The device must be turned on before you continue. To increase the signal strength, move the C by GE device and your speaker or display closer to each other. Factory reset your Google Home Mini and your GE light. The Google voice assistant doesn't work on my smart devices, what do I do? This reply will now display in the answers section. I know how it feels to not been able to set up your lights on the Google Home app. Could it be a bad bulb? If you get the bulb to flicker but the hub can't find it try moving the bulb to a fitting close to the hub and try the steps again to see if it pairs. We are hearing some Android users are having similar problems so try these steps: Thank you for your reply. Your device will blink when selected. Smart light won't connect to google home mini. Anyway, I might be buying myself in the butt by stating this, but since I upgraded my home mini's firmware to the preview version (https://support.google.com/googlehome/answer/7365257?hl=en), I haven't lost the bulbs from the Google home app. Some community members might have badges that indicate their identity or level of participation in a community.

Please ensure that any mobile security app allows Cygnett Smart the appropriate permissions.

Restart your smartphone and router and try to pair your smart device again. If the light or plug LEDs don’t blink, you'll need to factory reset each, Choose a home to set up the device in and tap. Check that your wall switch is on. This is to refresh your device and to make sure that GE light is not link on the native app. Tap the 3 dots and select DISCOVER NEW BULBS. So i thought i would start with a bulb and see how i get on lol… Hubby kindly bought me echo dot for exmas. Your device will blink when selected. I updated it to the latest preview version, I'll keep you updated. And I’m pretty sure it is an App bug. Plug in your device in the same room as your Google Home device. Select the device you’d like to set up. Some things to check if you are having trouble installing a Bulb: Environmental: Bulb can’t be on a dimmer circuit. I have tried factory resetting the bulb. Follow these steps to reset your C by GE lights and plugs: New to smart lights?

You'll receive email notifications for new posts at. So I did more digging and noticed that the bulbs are getting the same IP addresses leased to them.

What am i doing wrong? Thanks for sharing the steps! This should put the hub into pairing mode and will make it flash amber. If the factory reset is successful, the bulb you’re setting up will blink 3 times, or the plug LED will blink blue. Choose a Room for the device and touch Next.

Why doesn’t it work on 5G? Hi this might be really simple BUT… On the Right-hand corner there will be 3 dots. Then the countdown continues down to 0 and fails. //www.google.com/tools/feedback/metric/report. I was successful connecting the bulb in question once after much persistence, but this caused one of my other bulbs to go offline. I’ve tried everything, read all the posts, turned off all the things I’m supposed to.

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