According to Cobalt Boats, the R3 model costs about $. Beautiful evenings begin with illumination. Installation will vary depending on specific boat model. It delivers a white anodized aluminum tower and billet board racks that qualify as boating art. Just ask Mercedes-Benz about its C230 hatchback or BMW about its 318 Tii. CS23.

These are models you eventually consider once you’ve refined your tastes over years of boating. Required fields are marked *. But only Cobalt boats allow you to get out on the water with the highest standards of style, craftsmanship, safety, handling, and design.

Pillows are filled with 4 pounds of Vyram weighted pellets for stable placement while boat is underway.

The clamp-on design is extremely solid and secure, but easily removed. Storage is located beneath port side seating.

12v outlets provide necessary power to mobile devices on-board. The timeless design looks great and performs on the water even better. port side aft removable filler cushion mounts in the same hardware as the dinette table. Of course, if your family includes water sports enthusiasts, you are probably more likely to be looking at some models specifically designed or updated for skiing and wakeboarding. You can get a good look at it—and many other details on the CS3—in this First Look Video we shot at the Miami International Boat Show. The R3, reviewed above, is the beamy and spacious 23-foot runabout in the catalog. Only a Cobalt offers: Find a dealer near you and set up a test drive today, © 2019 Cobalt Boats. Since its first day on the water over 50 years ago, Cobalt’s commitment to performance, luxury and innovation has continued to set the standard for boating excellence. Last but not least, if you are in the market for luxury cruising, you will want to take a look at the A-Series boats. It can be difficult for a premium brand to offer value-leading products — and sometimes the results aren’t stellar. It is the most affordable option reviewed here and certainly seems like a bargain when you consider that you get all the craftsmanship and design of the Cobalt name at a fraction of the price of larger models.

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An aggressive hull shape and plenty of power give this design lots of speed and flexibility.

Crafted to stand out from a typical 23-footer, the Cobalt R3 has a sleeker, lower profile than other R Series boats, and it’s complemented by a beautifully designed transom platform.

And with wrap-around, yacht-style seating exclusive to a boat this size, the R3 maximizes interior space while delivering an exterior look sure to turn heads. The overall length is 27'6", but with the open design and bow seating you could easily host a party with ten or more people. It comes with a few challenges for the manufacturer, however, and that lies in how it offers more affordable models without cheapening the brand or delivering less than people expect from that brand. With the advent of what Cobalt calls its “gateway” models, however, entry-level buyers aren’t relegated to less luxurious brands and have more options available to them than what’s on the used market. The stern drive inboard with the walkthrough transom gives way to a well designed, efficiently planned cockpit. Remote lighting is as simple as the touch of your key fob. Every detail of the design, craftsmanship, and construction is the highest quality. We call it free-space reclamation.”. A single tension knob will loosen the clamp and arm articulation for adjustment. Those who want a little more sizzle may be interested in the, How to Buy a Boat: Tips for a First Time Buyer, Top 10 New Fishing Boats for Under $20,000, What Type is Right for You? Protect the gelcoat from trailer hook damage with the unparalleled bow scuff plate. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. The shape both conjures up the past, but also looks fast and powerful, and the ride is surprisingly smooth. Cobalt recently added to its gateway lineup with the all-new CS3. Flip-up bucket also includes a stainless headrest accent and dual convenient adjustment levers. Cobalt boats now come in a range of styles and sizes, whether it be the classic R3 23' runabout, several new models designed specifically with water sports in mind, or the large and elegant A36, clocking in at almost 40 feet with all the modern features you would expect in a larger luxury yacht. Cobalt boats now come in a range of styles and sizes, whether it be the classic R3 23' runabout, several new models designed specifically with water sports in mind, or the large and elegant A36, clocking in at almost 40 feet with all the modern features you would expect in a larger luxury yacht. The ride is the smoothest and most stable of any Cobalt boat... like a Rolls Royce on the water! Your choice will depend on how much you want to spend and just how much boat you need. And truly, there is no other 23' boat on the market today that is.

All the control and handling of a watersports boat in a roomy 23 footer. Shown in model R5.

At the 2016 Miami International Boat Show, Cobalt had a CS3 fitted with the titanium interior on display. We sorted through the options to help you make your choice. That’s genuinely good news for boat buyers.

Cobalt has long been the boat people aspire to, with offerings like the spacious R7 and the bodacious A40. The wake boarder's dream, this boat has a computerized system to create the perfect wake and even switch whether it is on the port or starboard side of the stern. LED underwater lighting system includes two light pods and the switch module. The craftsmanship and design of the past meet the features and technology of the future, with the powerful inboard engine, modern controls and cockpit, and Rockford Fosgate sound system.

The interior is stylish and elegant, the cockpit is roomy, and this boat can really move on the water. Those who want a little more sizzle may be interested in the Formula 240 Bowrider Sport.See Cobalt CS3 listings.For more information, visit Cobalt. Find Cobalt Cs23 boats for sale near you, including boat prices, photos, and more.

The A28 is the classic example of the Cobalt A series. Dual position port side seating with a fore and aft adjustable backrest and passenger flip up seat.

Get ready for good times on the water and bring the friends and family. Your friends and family won't believe how many features, how much fun, and how big of a party can be packed into a boat of this size. In addition, the handling and performance are unbelievable for a boat of its size. The dash is made of soft-touch synthetics and topped with a French-stitched dash pad.

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