Elemental Resistance: Strong against Dragon (5 out of 5), average against Fire, Water and Lightning (3 out of 5) and poor against Ice (1 out of 5). Toward the back of this area is a pink egg, one of Kiwi the parrot’s lost Nest Eggs. This finishes off Sandy Stacks, which I ended with 360 coins in the bank and 53 tax credits in the Tax Machine. It seems to be telling you to follow it. Requires slaying The Crimson Fiend in Darj Snowfields. Later on, you will also unlock the ability to do Local or Online Battles against other players using your Monstie allies, giving you another activity to do. Also, clean off the Recycling Machine and Coin Deposit Machine here. Climb it to get to the end of the game. As soon as you enter Frosty Floes turn left and cross the red bridge we purchased and opened up earlier (Note: you might need to jump your bear if it’s getting stuck and won’t walk onto the bridge). For the boss fight, make sure to check the monster list below for some quick strategies. Once you get back to Kiwi Cove and break through the wall that the big red arrows are directing you to, you’ll be on Turtle Beach and encounter one of the Litterbugs that created those rock walls earlier. I finished Dry Gulch with 348 coins in the bank and 41 tax credits in the Tax Machine (plus 5 on my person). You can grab the grubs and poop (from the ostriches that spawned) in this area. A downed monster will also drop an item when hit. His Spread Frost Breath and Kinship Attack hits all of Diablos’ parts, too, making it easier to take down the head and tail. Glitched trophies: None. Learn the basics, monster locations and how to get Monstie eggs in this handy dandy guide to help you get started with Monster Hunter Stories.

Climb up and turn left to see the Gold Key. Monster Hunter Stories Armor and Weapon Guide, Tony Stempeck of Casale's Halfway Club dies from COVID-19, Jub Jub's Thirst Parlor is in peril, concert aims to keep venue open. Battle Style: Likes to use Power Attacks and Technical Attacks so use Power to be safe. Each additional egg after the first will start 10 minutes after the current egg is fully incubated. Pop all the Bankimals in Bear Claw Bay, which should get you the “Area Cleared” message, and then exchange the currency back on Walrus Island. While you’re cleaning up Croc Beach, Kiwi will tell you that you can put funny hats on Bankimals you’ve saved. Once you get the “Area Cleared” message and deposit all your earnings you should go back to Snowy Shores and grab 15 Tax Tokens. Once in this new area Kiwi will tell you that you need Gornana seeds, which the parrot wants you to barter for. Skills: Reckless Dash, Peck Onslaught, Fire Res (M), Fortify, Rewards: Frost Sac, Ice Crystal, Zamite Scale, Battle Style: Tends to use Technical Attack, Habitat: Zarj Snowfields, Rare Monster Den, Rewards: Zamtrios Tailblade, Zamtrios Fin, Zamtrios Hide, Frost Sac. You will continue to get these pop-up messages so be sure to pay it early each time. Riding Action: Plant Search. These give you a chance to acquire higher-quality Monsties with better genes. Habitat: Monsonne Plains Monster Den, etc.

You can go back to Tax Creek using the shortcut to deposit your coins and at this point I had 564 coins in the bank and 64 tax credits in the Tax Machine.

Picking Power one turn, Power again next turn and Technical after that triggers a combo attack when using the Great Sword. Obtained from the Pruney Hunter at the Dark Rock Baths after clearing his A Cooling Crystal Subquest. At this point the Recycling Machine will direct you to use a Tax Token. Upon entering Whistill Forest, head right and you’ll see it under a tree. You will need to jump to 2 other pieces of beach before you reach this one (, When you enter this island there will be an Egg located to the left behind a tree, Continue along the eft edge straight ahead of the previous one, Continue forward along the left edge and you will find another Egg across a gap that you must fly over (, As you enter through the Portal there will be an Egg location within the Spiders nest on the right.

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