HP and Concentration checks are never bad to have for a caster.

Lock down your opponents. Modify Memory is the only curse that can’t just be Dispelled, and that is a very rare spell to encounter. Good for lots of reasons, though not to every character’s tastes. Handy if part of a chain-lock pet collection and you stay in Eldritch Blast sniper range so you don't lose Concentration.

Warlocks can always use more AoEs. While they do refresh easily on short rests, you cannot count on a rest between every encounter; its recommended you get two short rests a day, and around 4 combats.

Its the ultimate in clairvoyance magic. Feats that you will want include Great Weapon Mastery, Warcaster, and potentially Martial Adapt for another superiority die, leaving two of the five attribute bumps for actual attribute bumps. The sheer amount of versatility make this path the strongest of the three Pact Forms.

- Strong damage and a chance to get a permanent zombie. What’s not to love? Despite being a general spell, archfey and fiend have other options that work with their boons better, making this more appropriate for. With a generous GM, its a niche effect.

Next Last. can get you a Xorn. Here's a discussion on the subject using a Dragonborn. So, if you hit a single creature with three beams, then he takes 3d10 + 3*Charisma Mod damage, and gets pushed 30 feet. Useful in social situations or to recruit a second chain-lock pet.

Stealth is always a good option. It also provides a combination of technique & utility Cells for Slayers to experiment on. And the spellcasting check means that you can bring down high level magic as well. Adventure Game Industry Market Research Summary (RPGs) V1.0, TSR, WotC, & Paizo: A Comparative History, Eric Noah's Unofficial D&D 3rd Edition News, Advanced Rules Miscellany: 5th Edition Rules Modules.

In general, Arcana is more likely to bring you information about the various extraplanar creatures than not, and will likely come up as part of dealing with your Patron.

It depends on what you want to do with it. I get that Bladelocks skipping Lifedrinker and Thirsting Blade probably almost never happens, but what about Tomelocks and their unique option? There are better options for controls that use non-Wisdom saves.

Maybe not top-tier, but you’ll be good with this choice. The Archfey, with their multitude of evasive capabilities, illusions, and emotional swaying make the best witches of the paths, lending themselves to the directing the battlefield as a controller and enabler. Which, given Fly, most enemies should have at this point.

There are days where a warlock is not given any chance to get a short rest at all. Probably best to save for book pacts to use as ritual.

You don’t. See link for twitter responce. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.

spell, but unlike its larger cousin, the fact this spell only takes up a 5’ square makes it easy to avoid. These two spells alone make this a path worth considering, as are Sleep, Faerie Fire, and Blink. once a day is good against a major boss at low levels, but against an average battle? Secondary .

But it provides flexibility with technique and mobility slots for Cells. Here, we’re hoping to go over every one that would be attractive to the class, or any traps one may fall into. Of the six Invocations your character will have, Lifedrinker is the only absolute. The power in this spell is actually the last paragraph: touch a creature, who must make a Charisma saving through. I thoroughly enjoy the Warlock, both in crunch and flavor. Just like your flaws, ideals, and bonds.

You are playing a masochist. Not exactly good for being in combat or social stuff. You take less damage per hit, and you buffer yourself via Temporary Hit Points. A chain weapon, the Chain Blade's damage is increased when used with the War Angel armour set. can lift you out of melee threat range, or lift up a threat with a successful Con save.

The ability to hold four people at fifth level keeps this spell competitive with the later Hold Monster. They simply lack access to the spells and abilities needed to support and maintain conjured, raised, or dominated pets at mid levels.

Like most fighters, you have the option of going Strength based, or Dexterity based. - Minor magical tricks. While abyssal patrons aren’t unknown, this path is highly influenced by the Infernal. But it does it in a rather unique way. Its more than possible to work with just vocal and somatic spells, though. Check Out The Best Weapon Tier List Here! However, not all magic items are made equally for the warlock.

I am thinking that fighting chains would be martial weapons and do 2d4 with reach, and greater fighting chains would be two handed and deal 2d6 with reach. See below for more details. - If you’re running a Fiend Polearm, chances are you want to kill off the enemy yourself for the THP. Not everyone speaks Common. It also depends if your GM is using any of the options in the DMG to lengthen or shorten the time it takes to have a short rest.

Which, while a niche situation, can be really good when it does come up.

I personally have never used it. Save or be banished to a plane of your choice (ie Save or Die).

Where's the rule that allows familiars to share Magic Resistance? Because warlock spell slots are renewable, and thus make extra room for the paladin to smite even more.

- With Friends in play, its best when used in long term social situations where you don’t want people to know you messed with their mind.

The Ember Blades is a slightly less powerful version of the Inferno's Fangs. Avoid these at all costs. Something to keep in mind - warlocks are not AoE blasters like the evoker wizard or the sorcerer. This armor offers modest Protection to the wearer’s upper body and allows the sound of the rings rubbing against one another to be muffled by outer layers. No multiattack, no Two Weapon Fighting, no using bonus actions for anything else. It also has a bonus perk of Evasive Fury, allowing you to attack faster after dodging a Behemoth attack. Thief tools are handy to have if you run into locks while sneaking; if you’re not sneaking, little reason to not just blow a lock off with magic. That said, its possible to have warlocks without an interest in any of the Int-based skills; without them, Int becomes superfluous. There’s really no reason to have this skill or kit, beyond character concept. You are using an out of date browser.

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