2 out of 4 rating Weather is cool, sweatshirt or sweater needed. At the far end, anglers were catching shinerperch (and some anchovies) and then using them as live bait for halibut. Many anglers are catching the anchovies with mackerel rigs and keeping them live for halibut bait.

Best fishing times are indicated by the four solunar periods of high feeding activity. Great experience. Lots of bait has been in … I was lucky enough to catch a few of each of these; unfortunately, I could only stay a brief time. Date: August 19, 1997; To: Ken Jones; From: Dennis Herndon; Subject: Cayucos Pier Update.

New piere rebuilt in last few years.

The pier surface is wood planking with a rail height of 39 inches. If you're staying in the area during the appropriate times (nighttime high tides which occur during the spring and summer, and which follow the first three to four nights after the full and the dark of the moon), go down to the beach and see if you can catch some of the elusive smelt with your hands.

Cayucos Pier Facts I experienced some excellent fishing on the boat, but what intrigued me the most was the story of the deckhand who claimed anglers with know-how were catching dozens of large halibut daily off of the Cayucos Pier. Read more. The first minor solunar feeding period starts at 10:06. 17:05

Opposing lunar transit (moon down) Most anglers use heavy gear, and the most common bait is a freshly caught small fish (sardine, mackerel, smelt, white croaker, perch, small rockfish) that is either cut in part diagonally for bait or given several diagonal cuts in the skin to allow blood to attract the sharks. Feeding is said to be less vigorous. Your email address will not be published. White croakers (kingfish) are generally present 365 days of the year, although 366 days during leap year. 4 Be sure to stop in and say hi to Glenda, she provides the monthly fish report for the pier.

google_ad_height = 600; Download the app onto your phone, enter the password, and download the tour. We should see things open up in the next month. Please choose a different date.

The sun will rise at 06:30 and sets at Offshore winds are from the northeast.

Environment. Mackerel have been almost non-existent. Cameras are often clickin’ about as fast as the reels are reeling.

The surfperch can also be taken on grubs and the increasingly common Berkeley Gulp worms. Can be foggy in a.m. Nice small town that's built up over last 54 yrs. while the moon rises at 20:55 and sets at

the votes.

The current moonphase is a Waning Gibbous and 77 percent of Farther out, small strips of anchovy seem to work best on the walleye surfperch, silver surfperch and spotfin surfperch, although sea worms fished near the top can yield jacksmelt, and pieces of anchovy or squid can yield white croaker and, at times, a few queenfish.

like Handicapped parking but non-handicapped restrooms. Don’t believe everything you read.

Recommended: purchase one tour per vehicle. The majority were caught near the end of the pier with the exception of one that was taken inshore down by the pilings. It too was five-and-a-half-feet in length. Handicapped Facilities: 45 Helpful votes.

Cayucos Beach, adjacent to the pier, is the northernmost beach in California with grunion runs. more. Recreational fishing report: 10/29/2020 Michigan Department of Natural Resources Fisheries Division; Oct 29, 2020 ... Steelhead fishing has been steady for pier …

Cayucos Pier Surf Guide. Most years can also see a fairly good growth of kelp around the pilings, especially late spring into the fall months. Most surfers will need a thin summer wetsuit, or a shorty if you are used to cool water. In the springtime you might see an occasional blackperch or striped seaperch, while summer and fall will yield up a few pileperch, cabezon and lingcod, as well as a variety of rockfish—grass, kelp, brown and black-and-yellow.

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