Giving credit to Tekla Castillo, the founder and creator of this amazing bloodline! Get the digital version FREE when we publish it! 0 Likes, Started by PR Del Castillo's in Health & Nutrition. However no bloodline was extremely consistent than the next top bloodline. There is potential for confusion in the general public between the pit bull and closely related breed known as the American Bully. Now you can buy better than most dogs a breeder of 300 dogs can own, by just having a single puppy from my breeding program. When law enforcement officials capture dogs that have been used in dog fighting rings, the animals have had fear and aggression beaten into them for so long that violent outbursts are not uncommon.

Our dogs are for people with a strong personality, honor, courageous character, and people who value traditions, heritage. BREEDING NUMBER ONE AND TWO MENTIONED ABOVE WERE MADE BY SOUTHERN KENNELS AND WERE BORN IN THE HOUSE OF SOUTHERN KENNELS.

Their gameness, conformation, and temperament are the attributes that made this bloodline popular with game dog breeders and owners worldwide. Created by John P. Colby in 1889, his bloodline was created by importing dogs from England and Ireland into the US. More , dogs at a global level. Happy, Healthy, Friendly. 0 Replies Treat yourself to the best real American Pit Bull Terrier on earth bred by a man who paid the price to be the best. The story began when with great economic and logistical effort, SCK’s BLONDIE was mobilized from USA to overseas. Tekla Castillo has been breeding top quality American Pit Bull Terriers for 38 years. These included Hemphill and Wallace bloodlines. Our breeding program is intended to preserve and improve one of the finest breeds of dogs ever created. In reality, the pitbull is just as capable of being a loyal best friend to mankind as any other breed. Young Chico Lopez has access to a dog hardly known till that moment. The original purpose for this breeding mixture was farming. However, one thing that is clear is that these dogs came from various parts of Europe, specifically Spain and Sicily. The other 50% was up to him. Here below you can read his own words and explanation on how ” CHAMPION AWESOME BUCK ROM ”  is 100% based on the hard work made during the best years of Southern Kennels. For some reason Bull was just a so so producer. 4 Likes, © 2020   Created by Debbie Gonzales. We are committed to the improvement of the breed through responsible breeding and ownership. Let’s break it down for the fancier to understand. Our breeding plan, (which turned out to be a very special breeding plan) was developed with the hope that the dogs produced would reach the hands of people who had the dedication and willingness to sacrifice whatever the dogs demanded of them. A community for the Castillo American Pit Bull Terriers. I could not be part of that as I had work and I had no money for parting an night life. In particular, if they managed to handle MACHO correctly in shows and in a breeding program, they too would have left a mark in the dog game. The qualities of the main dog, will represent this particular bloodline. He instead to the pretenders to have a trip and see for the first time in his eyes Chico Lopez in his environment  , his YARD. I feel honor to be like his son . Giving credit to Tekla Castillo, the founder and creator of this amazing bloodline! 0 Comments In fact we advertised on magazine our dogs, with a NON FOR SALE. Some people want a dog with special qualities. Today I considere him to be like my father. The entire Pitbull community at the top shelf just became crazy over his work . Likewise, a pitbull raised in a violent environment with poor training is just as likely to act out aggressively towards human beings.

I say that without demeaning all the other extraordinary MAYDAY children and given his known reproductive history. This bloodline is the most merited APBT bloodline at a global level in the past 15 years. with every single puppy ! "Happy New Year and Decade to you all. This special combination produced one of MAYDAY’s best Pound x Pound offspring. Then one discover that there are some trails with in some families of dogs  that are specific to a dog in particular, from where these special qualities are from and that is often called a bloodline. Who for many years while building the Mayday empire , he always had time to support and show friendship to the perpetual rookie, Chico Lopez. our Red Nose Pitbulls For Sale and Rednose Pitbull Puppies For Sale come from solid show and working stock bloodlines.

The image of pit bulls as dangerous or violent towards people by nature is a tragic misconception. Their Pitbull puppies in California make excellent guard dogs, show dogs, or family pets. Many owners would breed the dogs, with their combination of gameness (terrier) and power (bulldog), to participate in pit matches and fighting rings. Achieving these goals requires a great deal on the part of the handler and owner so that a good dog can reach what it can.

Sadly that is how the stories of the BIG ones pan out just like it did with SOUTHERN KENNELS MACHO . So basically at war mode Souther kennels was building bases to breed with fundamentals. Over many years, Ms Castillo built her dogs' legacy and reputation, and left one hell of an impact on the Pitbull community - especially for us Red Nose lovers. Totally amazing.

Soon I had a clear Idea of what I wanted , the trails and all. The genius of Souther kennels underwood the combination and was already building his yard with those same components. This dog made its name known in the 1980’s when a dogman called Cune, from Serbia, imported him from Holland. 0 Likes. Key sparker and creator AWESOME BUCK. “ The source of the best MAYDAY dogs TODAY is Chico Lopez “ During many of these bloodsports, the pit bulls were often enclosed in a pit with other animals to do battle.

1 Like, Added by DEUCE IS WILD Giving credit to Tekla Castillo, the founder and creator of this amazing bloodline! Tekla is the world-famous originator of the Castillo Pitbull Bloodline. With 64 dogs in a very small place, a mattress on the floor, a black bag with my things in them , and a coffee pot was all I owned. Please check your browser settings or contact your system administrator. A strong leader is necessary because an intelligent pit bull will defend its pack and home with violent aggression, unless it is shown from a young age how to interact with guests (both human and animal).

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