Loons Both the male and female have a boney helmet referred to as a casque, making them the only type of bird to have this form of protective armor. They are able to disappear into the forests before they are seen by humans. Belonging to the ratite family of birds along with the emu, ostrich, rhea, kiwi, and the now extinct moa, there are three different species of this bird, which get their name from the Indonesian word for birds, kesuari. Why is this important, you ask? There will be complimentary free parking and there will be signs posted for directions to the observatory.  Swifts/Humbd  Wattle-eyes

A recovery plan for the species has been drawn up by the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service, with the aim of securing and enhancing the status of the southern cassowary in Australia through integrated conservation initiatives. The male will then incubate the eggs, maintaining a constant temperature for 50-52°F by painstakingly removing or adding leaf litter to regulate this temperature. Activities include over 30 stalls about cassowaries and other wildlife, music performances, wildlife displays, face painting, and other activities for the kids.

As they grow, the cassowary will have head and neck patterns similar to the full-grown adult, with their feathers becoming darker as they age. The cassowary plays an important role in helping to populate the rainforest with more flora as the seeds they eat pass through their system unchanged, landing on the ground, and becoming implanted, growing again into more fruit. Oscines There are also three extinct species.    Woodcreepers Adult Cassowaries generally from 4.9ft-5.9ft tall, although it has been recorded that some females may reach a height of 6.6ft. Cassowaries maintain a solitary life, except when laying eggs, during the breeding, and occasionally around ample food sources. Natural causes included 4 cases of tuberculosis, general natural causes, and 18 cases were from unknown circumstances.  9-prim. Two of the three cassowary species have wattles, or bare, fleshy pouches of skin.  Corvids The casque could also work much like a hornbill’s casque does in helping the bird make sounds.  Penguins The most common is species is the southern Cassowary, which is the third tallest and second heaviest living bird. Whilst the older brother continued to club the bird, he tripped and fell to the ground.  Monarchs  Turacos  Aust. Four extinct species are known. They will often venture out into swampy forests, grasslands, palm scrub, and savannas, but it is unclear if some of the islands populations of the birds is because of trade or if they naturally originate there. When the stone is ready to eat, so is the Cassowary. The wattles are brightly colored blue, red, gold, purple, or white, depending on the species or subspecies. The Southern Cassowary Casuarius(casuarius johnsonii) is listed as a threatened species internationally and under State and Commonwealth legislation in Australia. The female will then go on to lay eggs in the nests of other males.  Tits/Parids Forelimbs modified into wings which most species use in flight.    Ibises excellent swimmers, able to cross wide rivers and swim in the sea plus they can jump up to 5 feet high. Only about 20%-25% remain. A spongy, horn-like but soft crest called casques sits atop every three species of a Cassowary’s head.

 Bowerbirds Some of the Highland Societies in New Guinea capture Cassowary chicks to raise them as semi-tamed livestock or for use as ceremonial gift-exchanges and for food. Last year about this time, I discovered this amazing and unique animal called the Cassowary bird, which is Australia’s biggest species.

armadillo. 55%% or 140 cases of mortality were accounted for by automobile fatalities. After the eggs hatch, he then maintains sole responsibility and vigil of protecting and rearing those brown-stripped chicks for nine months. Another says that it is used as a weapon in battle.  Nightjars An earlier article published prior to Andrew Mack’s theory suggests that the casque might be a form of protective headgear because whilst charging through the forest they run into trees. The cassowary boasts an impressive lifespan, usually ranging from 40 to 50 years. Some important fruits of their diets are nightshades, wild grape, palm, myrtle, laurel, and podocarp. View information on this species at the UNEP World Conservation Monitoring Centre.    Cranes If you live in Australia near there or are going to be in Australia near there on those dates, I highly recommend checking this out.  N Creepers  Kinglets  Starlings Natural food sources were being defended 5% of the time. The call has a throaty tone and has been described as either the sound of thunder in the distance, or similar to a lowing of a cow calling to their young. As well as being shy, these birds are also very elusive.    Ovenbirds Enter your email address to follow The Backwater Primer and receive notifications of new posts by email. snake.

 Shorebirds    Jacamars/Puffbd

 Pipits Ratites differ from others birds in that they do not have a bone in the chest to support flight muscles, making them unable to fly. Some have suggested that human infant meat is so tender that it resembles fish in texture. They major in 2 1/2 to 3 years of age.    Rails On April the 6th, 1923, two brothers, aged 13 and 16, found a Cassowary on their property.

Tinamous resemble other terrestrial birds but, based on their palatal structure, reptilian-like blood proteins, and other traits, are believed to represent  an early Gondwanian divergence most closely related to ratites. Have you ever attended a World Cassowary Day or plan to attend this years?  Flowerpeckers

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40-50 years is thought to be the lifespan of a Cassowary in a zoo, whereas only 12-19 in the wild.  NW Vultures One theory suggests that it helps them plow through the underbrush of the dense forests. Find out more about the Southern Cassowary and its conservation: View backwaterprimer’s profile on Facebook, View sereneviewphoto’s profile on Twitter, View sereneviewphotography’s profile on Instagram, View heatherjoan83’s profile on Pinterest, Follow The Backwater Primer on WordPress.com, Australia’s Biggest Birds-A Keystone Species and A Cultural Icon, UNEP World Conservation Monitoring Centre, Community for Coastal and Cassowary Conservation, BirdLife International – Southern cassowary, Recovery plan for the southern cassowary Casuarius casuarius johnsonii 2001 – 2005.    Gulls/Terns It is said that you are to cook it with a stone. Cassowary meat is reputed to be so tough as to be essentially inedible.    NW Sparrows They are smaller than the ostrich and the emu. – Cassowary meat is described as very tough to eat.  Bush-shrikes The rumble is so low and powerful that keepers working with the birds report they can feel it in their bones. The Cassowaries can produce very low-frequency sounds, called booms, that help them communicate through the dense rain forest, so perhaps the theory that Andrew Mack proposed that says casque helps with that in some way.    Sandgrouse  Grebes    NW Flycatchers  NW Suboscines There was no puncture wound, but severe bruising, but the dog later passed away from an apparent intestinal rupture. Wrens  Sunbirds Pointing slightly forward and gray in color, the tough, horny casque enables the cassowary to make its way safely through the thick underbrush of the rainforest. They maintain the diversity of the rainforest, and play a key role in maintaining the ecological balance in the rainforest.

   Petrels Have you ever met a Cassowary?

The southern bird also sometimes called the double-wattled cassowary, is native to both Australia and New Guinea, while the northern bird was native to only New Guinea. To help conserve this species by working in the field with Earthwatch, click here. If you read the post I wrote last year, you may see that these birds are charismatic and fascinating creatures.

The legs and feet may either be brownish-gray or greenish-gray, and two out of three of the species have a red wattle, which is the fleshy, loose skin hanging from the neck. Why am posting this, you might be wondering? Brehms Tierleben, 1892.

For more on World Cassowary Day, click HERE. They are part of the genus Casuarius and are native to the lush, tropical, forests of New Guinea, nearby islands, and northeastern Australia.

 Mimids It will be at the Daintree Rainforest Observatory, 3701 Cape Tribulation Road, Cape Tribulation, Australia. Size: These birds may grow as large as nearly six and a half feet (2 m), with females being slightly larger than the males. Cassowaries are part of a species of birds known as “ratites”.

Cassowaries have several distinctive physical features, separating them from other large birds that don’t fly, such as the emu or ostrich. Though the species are truly omnivorous, their diet consists mainly of fruits(called frugivores), as well as a variety of other foods including fungi, insects, frogs, flowers, snails, fish, birds, mice, rats, carrion, shoots, and grass seeds as well as small invertebrates and vertebrates.

Tinamous range from northeastern Mexico to Tierra del Fuego.    Kingfishers Struthioniformes (Ratites) - Tinamiformes, Modern birds are characterized by the presence of, Infraclass Paleognathae (Eoaves) - Ratites and Tinamous, Extinct Ratites and Other Flightless Birds, 47 species, 9 genera. An egg can weigh up to 20 ounces. The three species of this bird can be found in their natural habitat, the tropical rainforests of northeastern Australia, with other sub-species of the bird in New Guinea and the nearby surrounding islands.

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