Developed by Visual Concepts, NBA 2K20 is E for Everyone by the ESRB. Well, the direct competitor of both games has now delivered a women’s team sport as something other than a side experience. The result is that even on Pro difficulty (second of four settings) I felt I needed either a wide-open look at the basket or I had to max out the timing meter to drain a three-pointer. All 12 WNBA Teams and Players are Ready to Play on September 6. You can tell they are taking the time to capture the essence of the WNBA and have created an immersive experience that all fans of basketball will love.”.

See and for additional details. I get that. The best feature of this console generation? All 12 WNBA Teams and Players are Ready to Play on September 6. Copyright 2020 NBA Media Ventures, LLC | Turner Sports Interactive, Inc. All rights reserved. Many of the top WNBA superstars, including Parker, A’ja Wilson of the Las Vegas Aces and Breanna Stewart of the Seattle Storm, were scanned into NBA 2K20 earlier this year using 2K’s best-in-class motion capture technology to create the most realistic simulation on the market. NEXT-UP IN NBA 2K20: MAKE WAY FOR THE WNBA. By accessing any information beyond this page, you agree to abide by the, Sabrina Ionescu Undergoes Successful Ankle Pr…, Inside the W with Michelle Smith: 2020 Season…, Dallas Wings And Head Coach Brian Agler Mutua…, ESPN’s Coverage Of WNBA Finals Game 3 Up 34…. If Mario can surf barefoot, why can’t Sonic? I think the pressure is more on their colleagues with EA Sports. Mostly, I’m impressed by how the WNBA feels like an additional mode of NBA 2K20 as opposed to an alternate set of teams you can mess around with (and there are dozens in it). Resolving to put this to work for me, I found I could quickly dominate a game with a wing scorer’s blend of movement and size, (think L.A.’s Candace Parker or Seattle’s Breanna Stewart), where I have a much harder time getting men at a similar position to stand out. Such that my unexpert eyes can tell, though, women’s basketball is a different and rewarding game, and not for the damnation-by-faint-praise of “good fundamentals” or “great passing” that WNBA detractors often use. That has been the extent of things for the WNBA in NBA Live and women’s national teams in FIFA. “The 2K team has done an amazing job of making sure to not just put women into the game playing men’s basketball, but I’ve seen first-hand the hard work they’re doing to make this as real and authentic as possible to women’s basketball. The women’s league in MyLeague shows that sports games’ big systems work for them too. “Growing up, I always remembered watching male athletes on TV and playing as them in video games. That is the backbone of MyCareer play, so we know it can include women.

The 2K label has some of the most talented development studios in the world today, including Visual Concepts, Firaxis Games, Hangar 13, Cat Daddy Games and newly formed, to-be-named studio in Silicon Valley. All rights reserved. Sex, Tetris, and Charlie Chaplin: The Alexey Pajitnov interview, AO3’s Hugo Award win is a long time coming for the fanfiction community, Destiny 2’s hardest puzzle took 81 hours to solve — and split the community in half, Change your name, speedrun organizers tell tomatoanus, LCS players design their ideal League of Legends champions, How a summer camp is bringing young women into the game industry, I recreated my Galaxy’s Edge lightsaber in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, Grand Theft Auto 5 role-players have created rival newspapers to document the city’s news, Everyone hates my big stupid horse in Red Dead Online, Bob and Linda Belcher are my marriage goals, In 2020, I can no longer abide the 100-hour RPG, The biggest surprise of Microsoft Flight Simulator: it makes Bing cool, What it’s like to map a galaxy in Elite: Dangerous, Playing Destiny 2 on my vacation made me rethink Stadia, Most video games ask me to do everything, which makes doing nothing so fun.

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