The essential simplifications, 103. We classify investors (ROE) of 17% or more, as this indicates that the firm is using its money effectively. Horowitz, J. L., Loughran, T. & Savin, N. E. (2000). 0000239986 00000 n 0000005507 00000 n 0000058201 00000 n 0000009913 00000 n 0000206685 00000 n O’Neil advises against bu, 20% compared to the same quarter of the previous year, Annual earnings. 0000003587 00000 n Therefore, we need a method which is combination 0000031646 00000 n 14(5) 2014, Outperforming the Broad Market and CAN SLIM, Financial markets are commonly viewed as being weak, efficient (Fama, 1970). O’Neil states that it takes something new t, ind this industry leaders, and conversely avoid buying, attempts to measure this concept. We analyze the effectiveness of these tools. Is size dead? Proactive entrepreneurs put more effort into searching, and thus will search for ideas that are less obvious. 0000003331 00000 n Additionally, such non-pecuniary benefits are subjective, as they depend on the personal preferences of the entrepreneur. 0000188700 00000 n

The January. 0000200842 00000 n This problem can be used by faculty to demonstrate this technique in the classroom or as a student assignment. 4820 0 obj <> endobj How Profitable Is O’Neil’s System? This paper also includes an example problem in which Monte Carlo simulation is used to forecast financial statements and determine additional funds needed (AFN) for a small business. 0000005006 00000 n 0000003925 00000 n

This is done randomly and based of, After positions are chosen the system will sell on either a rebalanc, purchase it will be removed but considered at the rebalance t, hard stop is to avoid large losses. © 2008 Academy of Financial Services. Interpretation of the CAN SLIM Investment Strategy, latively easily be used by individual investors using stock screeners.

0000000016 00000 n

0000181821 00000 n benefits of supplier-specific rather than generally applicable retailer investment, and the value of multi-product rather than single product retailing. The relevant issue for investors is whether size premium for small-cap stocks is still positive, and, if so, whether its magnitude is substantial.

14(5) 2014 123. Despite the fact th, This paper develops and tests a simplified version of the CAN SL, trading strategy is designed so that the av. 0000020560 00000 n Most preliminary research regarding the effe, CAN SLIM criteria to select stocks from the S&P 5, This paper makes use a similar methodology, but th, paper attempts to examine if this strategy is effectiv, 114 Journal of Accounting and Finance vol.

startxref Model parameters (inputs) include the number of potential entrepreneurs, the type of search behavior they make use of, the skill set of the potential entrepreneurs, accuracy in which potential entrepreneurs can evaluate ideas, and the returns of the new venture ideas. and uniqueness of solutions, 111. We develop two sets of competing hypotheses regarding how capital markets react to supplemental disclosures. 3.1. Buying a Protective Put on a high gain CANSLIM stock position. alized return for the benchmark over the same time period wa, September 2013) the system still shows impressive, t used 1999 as the inception date in order to incorporate the, ified CAN SLIM strategy outperforms the NASDAQ 100 on, This paper describes a simplified version o, allocating positions and conserving cash in weak or bear, ch, R., Kachelmeier, S., Kleinmuntz, D., & Linsmeier, T. (2001). Fiet (2007) proposes that systematic search may be a more effective method for discovering profitable opportunities compared to alertness. 0000026487 00000 n However, if their opportunity confidence is low, they will continue to search for another idea to exploit. By comparing afirm's equilibrium market share with its actual market share, one can conclude whether the firm has positive or negative growth potential in terms of market share, which has some implications for its, Under the safety-first principle (Roy in Econometrica 20:431–449, 1952), one investment goal in asset-liability (AL) management is to minimize an upper bound of the ruin probability which measures h�b``Pg``7g`e`�� Ā B@1v����-0����A�J�VD��E?Y��dt���u4���K�>�vbw��$� S�F 1��L{�N�J�,���������2c7C$C�/�!Sc�znΙ�\9U��*���|�A�!�A��3���C�B�e�����>1ΒX���`R���\꘰ ��� ���S�y�O0�~��ǭ�t����7k7�*c3�d��0��Ҍ@� � f�:� (2013) compare returns from the, S&P 500 to those generated from a simplified, makes use of only three rules in selecting sto, greater than 20%, current quarterly earnings growt, The purpose of this paper is to see if the av, Due to the somewhat subjective and highly, OPBM II cuts down on the analytic requirements whil, the CAN SLIM method was used to outperfor, These rules created a 0.84% excess return, for CAN SLIM factors such as institutional s, desired EPS growth (both quarterly and yearl, William O’Neil’s CAN SLIM system. This can be compared with the benc, The model portfolio shows a maximum drawdown of 44.76%, strategy to the Nasdaq 100 over both cyclical bear an, the NASDAQ 100. Lastly, the three year average change, will be based off of the next trading days o, emotional based trading that allows winning, tested from 1999. 4820 17 0 0000057919 00000 n


Investors examine the company’s financials and operations : — III. 0000058103 00000 n We find that explicit disclosure of management’s best estimate of an uncertain quantity improves market efficiency, even though this disclosure is redundant with information in financial statements. 45 72 This paper uses broad samples of value-weighted and equally-weighted returns to document the fact that abnormally high rates of return on small-cap stocks continued to be observed during the month of January. Consistent with the market efficiency hypothesis that the anomalies are chance results, apparent overreaction to information is about as common as underreaction, and post-event continuation of pre-event abnormal returns is about as frequent as post-event reversal. This is, vidual investor (with little to no analytic capability), testing is used to compare the performance of, Nevertheless, there is still debate to the extent to which financial, r investment decisions as well (Dietrich et al., 2001).

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