Travelers 2:01:53 15. PERFORMANCE Band: Goose Date: December 21, 2019 Venue: Wall Street Theater City, State: Norwalk, CT Taper: Chris Imburgia SETLIST & TRACKING Set 1 01.

You also know that you will have to carry the potentially heavy bird all the way back to the ambulance too. Fish In The Sea {4} 1:27:46 12. Including to check some foxes trapped between a wall and garage next to Lismore Court Eastbourne. Cars This year we have certainly had more than our usual share. Into The Myst [1] 03. Honey Bee {10} > ... 12.13.19 • Covington, KY • Madison Theatre Set 1: Wysteria > Take On Me {1} > Flodown, Arcadia {2} > Lady Marmalade {3}. That’s when all the craziness started. Intro/Banter 02. Hometown: Norwalk, Connecticut. 2020/09/12 Yarmouth Drive-in, Yarmouth, MA, Weeks is listed as a Member with Goose LLC in Connecticut. Limbo 11. Echo of a Rose >  5.

Also, I’m excited to get out to the West Coast since I’ve never played out there. Goose has been a force on the jam band scene recently and was the overwhelming choice for best jam band of 2019-2020 when I personally polled my friends. Jive II 06. 2020/09/17 South Farms, Morris, CT, 02. Select Page: {5} Kenny Loggins cover Goose The Agora Theatre Cleveland, OH March 5, 2020 Opened for Pigeons Playing Ping Pong 1) Flopener (Flo Down opening the set) 2) Wysteria Lane 3) Honey Bee > 4) Jive I > 5) Shout (The Isley Brothers) 6) Echo of a Rose 7) So Ready Winter Tour poster designed by Drew Findley at Subject Matter Studio Taper: MFrano Source:  Audio Technica AT8022>Mil Spec Silver XLR Cable>Tascam DR100mk3 @24/48 Lineage: Tascam DR100mk3>Logic ProX>AIFF>Converted to FLAC, Goose Neptune Theater Seattle, WA February 22, 2020 01 Tumble 02 Slow Ready 03 Creature-> 04 Arcadia-> 05 Praise You, Goose Wonder Ballroon Portland, OR February 21. Tumble {2}  03.

The answer is probably as subjective as the question, but I would say it’s because of their tight musicianship, improvisational prowess, and ease of evolution within the scene. Butter Rum 02. “Drive” came next, a song that debuted earlier in 2019, followed by a cover of “Ghostbusters”, which the band jammed out to close the set. Madhuvan  6. I was able to catch them after getting back from Mexico and right before heading out on a huge tour – a tour so big they can hardly fit all of the dates on the admat! Christmas Wrapping {5} >  08.

A car full of Goose fans happened to be passing by and gave him a ride to the venue, just in time for the show. Until Peter’s car goes off the road and fans request it, I don’t think we’ll be playing it. Tumble 13. The band then played a cover of Kenny Loggins’ “Danger Zone” which prompted yet another fired-up crowd sing-along. Fleeprise {3} 1:25:45 Set 2 10. , and , . Into The Myst [1] 03.

Quick Facts.

}); In Your Eyes {4} 11. ShamaLamma Ding Dong Set 2 12. All I Need >  4. He currently has 53 hedgehogs, two wood pigeons, a badger, and a feral pigeon in care at the centre all which need regular cleaning, feeding and medication. So Ready [1] Disco Myst. (We’ll be seeing you at 4848 btw! }); Rick Mitarotonda.

Goose Legend Valley Drive-In Thornville, OH 10/15/2020 Set 1 01. Drums. Disco Inferno 03.

Band Members: Ben Atkind - Drums, Rick Mitarotonda - Guitar/Vocals, Trevor Weeks - Bass, Peter Anspach - Guitar/Keys/Vocals. {2} Otis Day & The Knights cover The address on file for this person is 6 Locust Lane, Westport, CT 06880 in Fairfield County. The Colorado run continued the next night with yet another sold-out show at Old Town Pub in Steamboat Springs, a little mountain town nestled in the northern part of the state.
I got to the point where I felt I must have got too far, so decided to turn round and head back. Your donations will help support those affected as well as those working on the frontlines … I walked up the river for what seemed like ages. Intro/Banter 11. Goose | 2019-02-02 | The Bluebird Theater, Denver, CO -= One Set =- 01. What was your most defining moment this year? Goose Live on 2018-12-01 At Jay Peak Resort In Jay Vt Setlist: ??? {2} Creedence Clearwater Revival cover Madhuvan 02. Echo Of A Rose 04. {5} Kenny Loggins cover Into the Myst 04. Is it the same?BA: Funk-folk is definitely a part of what we do but I don’t think it sums up the whole story – it’s definitely more improvisational and our songs range in style, while our open jams can go anywhere.

Ted Tapes III, Are you guys working on any writing or recording currently? A highlight of the set came next in the form of a fantastic cover of Radiohead’s “Weird Fishes”. Track 03 04. Loose Ends 09.

Mississippi Half-Step Uptown Toodleloo 06. The poetic and emotive original, “Into The Myst” came next, followed by another song from Moon Cabin in “Turned Clouds”. ** 01. This was followed by a call down to Eastbourne seafront to an injured gull. Lead the Way 09. 726. The band then played three originals, “Tumble”, “Western Sun”, and “Time To Flee”. The amped-up audience cheered fervently as she accepted the proposal. “The place was considerably fuller and that was the starting point of a …
Jeffrey Arevalo, Hey Taco.

As a former card carrying member of jamband scene this would have fit nicely back in the late 60's-70's and the late 90's-00's when improvisational jams were king. Gringo {3} 04. Jive Lee, 2020-02-12 Fremont Theater San Luis Obispo, CA Setlist: 01 Intro 02 Lead The Way 03 Elizabeth > 04 Bob O. John 05 The Way It Is [1] > 06 All I Need [2] [1] Bruce Hornsby; while WizKid was changing a string a fan named Warren requested TWII, Handini said absolutely & let the entire crowd know that Warren is doing the entire tour [2] slow and melodic version. It’s very hard to sum up. White Lights 6. {6} Handini played “charge” before the song

Approaching from this direction the views seemed to make better sense so the found the bush and log shown in the photos I had been sent. Intro/Banter 09. In that 2017 interview I asked what you would say your genre was, and you said “funk folk” was closest to describing your music, but you were moving more towards improvisational. {1} Spoon cover {2} Unfinished. All I Need 07. The fan-favorite “Wysteria Lane” was up next–a song that debuted in 2017–followed by a high-energy cover of Billy Joel’s “Moving Out”. Poorly Canada Goose on the bank of the River Cuckmere. Goose 10/3/20 Drive-In Live Cheshir‏e Fairgrounds Swanzey,NH Source-ADK a51TL's(cards/DIN)>1+2 of Mixpre6 Teac ME120's cp2's(omni's/ split 30' A/B)>3+4 of Mixpre6 [email protected]/48 Audacity>cdwav>TLH Flac24 Set1 1. This is going to take the scene into another direction with Garcia Peoples.

Lead the Way  04. The band then did an incredible cover of Widespread Panic’s “Ain’t Life Grand” and rocked it straight through curfew, wrapping the night up with The Isley Brothers tune “Shout” in which the band, crew, and audience got all the way down to the ground whispering along with the song, and rising back up in unison as the song directs. Get The Funk Outta Ma Face (end) 05. Jive I 4. People in the scene spreading the word afterwards just added to it. Goose Thursday, November 2, 2017 Appalachian Brewing Company Harrisburg, PA **A 'Beats By Bean' & 'Team Pittsburgh' Recording! Speaking of touring, you’re about to head out on a winter tour at the end of this month!

I did get some funny looks from walkers as I approach them carrying a goose under my arm, as well as from motorists as I tried to cross the river bridge and road back to my ambulance. Night one of the Colorado run began at Fort Collins’ Aggie Theatre on Thursday. 2020/09/11 Yarmouth Drive-in, Yarmouth, MA, I think Taco was ahead of the curve in realizing your talent.

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