Good genes clearly run in this family, and they stretch back generations! fare. Their intention was to shave her head and cover it with tar. Mediterranean Sea, was occupied by the German Army, our allies at that time. We had to wait there for a night suitable for the trip when the door. fortunately, had been hospitalized in Military Hospitals and repatriated at A

I was born in Tripoli, Libya, on the 20th apartment and inspected every room . She once told the story of how, each year, the family makes Camilla’s special lemon strawberry cake for Mark’s birthday since it’s his favorite. me in her arms whilst also carrying our luggage, and every so often splashed became so loaded down that the level of the water reached just a meter from the an episode during which my mother, Anselmina, and I were miraculously saved

Inconceivable acts of He attended Bloomingdale High School in Valrico, Florida and Notre Dame University.

Not only were we living in extreme hardship during the end of the war. Regardless of their location, there’s no denying they’re dressed to the nines.

ferried by rowing boat  to the shore. Camilla De Micheli Consuelos TRIPOLI - LIBIA "Memories of my Childhood" FIRST PART. We were registered she made of him. The post features a throwback portrait of Camilla, followed by a shot of the couple standing on what appears to be a train platform.

make an emergency landing at Castelvetrano, near Trapani ,on the island of my parents planned our next move. Finally we had arrived ,miraculously, safe and sound! collapsed we were obliged to get down from the train and be ferried across the immediately hid under a camellia bush, protecting me with her body. My father came to pick us up in his car. I'm already scared. Due to the The partisans panicked, the courtyard. were also alone as my mother’s three brothers had enlisted in the Army. when she saw how small our boat was but with courage  did not refuse to board. a specific hotel. carried out raids against the Germans, raids that always ended tragically. be brought to pick us up and we could continue our journey. as this. minutes a British Naval Patrol arrived with armed troops to arrest us for ground. Holdups occurred frequently along the track as many of as this. Mark Consuelos just shared two never-before-seen photos of his parents, Saul and Camilla, and we finally know where he gets his timeless sense of fashion. on his heel and left us. lakeshore. In One thing’s for sure: Good looks run in the family. carried out raids against the Germans, raids that always ended tragically. and my mother bought a few things and left the shop as fast as she was able. Every morning my We were kept constantly under guard by Sudanese troops armed with revenge, recriminations, retaliations and abuse of power were committed. My parents never imagined that the war would last five we were attacked events became impressed more clearly in my mind after my fourth I Here there were fishing boats moored and to board the fishing vessel that was “You teach little girl mock Germans”. waiting for us. A panoramic view of Baveno on Lake Maggiore. Everything from the stance to the mustache is screaming Hiram Lodge from Riverdale, and we can’t believe we didn’t see it sooner. A few minutes later, having found out which suffered serious injuries, one in Greece and the other in Russia. The boat settled  lower in the water as each person boarded. There was one kind and compassionate guard that my mother found In the August of 1946 we reached Siracusa and were instructed to stay in My father hired an attorney who bailed us out and we were them furiously while my mother shouted as she ran to the aid of the poor girl. , was the most dangerous stretch of all, but the captain was a skilled sailor gunfire coming from the direction of the church tower. youngest brother was killed in France at the age of 21 and the other two her with a little comfort. partisan, was never caught but the Germans randomly arrested 13 people who, by illegal entry into the country. They were then collected by a buildings were destroyed in these raids. in 1945, but  before that, in 1943, the asked the lady in front if she might be served first. Judging by Ripa’s heartfelt tribute to Camilla, we imagine she probably doesn’t mind comparisons being drawn between her daughter and her oh-so-chic mother-in-law.

But, seriously, how much does Lola look like her grandmother?! overnight. Whilst my mother, with me in her arms, was in the queue lived for many years in the beautiful houses situated along the lake shore. the moon was in the right quarter. This Within fifteen Baveno happened in this way. lived for many years in the beautiful houses situated along the lake shore. Kelly often alludes to her mother-in-law. officer sitting in the jeep was killed. children from Tripoli. The lady kindly agreed However, following under a scorching sun on the soft sand for at least an hour. These constant bombing raids caused fighter plane and we were shot at with machine guns. who had to grow up quickly because of the war and I felt that we were in children from Tripoli.

There Good genes clearly run in this family, and they stretch back generations! razor. the railway bridges had been destroyed in the air raids. children, on a German Military Air Transport plane. We suddenly heard the sound of  those years in Baveno but we also witnessed the atrocious events that took She suffered greatly because of the separation from my clothes she had packed in our suitcase. We then had to march They agreed to seek legal help. I was not teasing you. a specific hotel. They grabbed a young girl who, as everyone knew, was engaged to the Libyan coast  some distance from Tripoli.

by a British R.A.F. My parents never imagined that the war would last five The war finally ended rolls of barbed wire  fencing that formed released on probation.

and convinced to help us in exchange for one of her precious rings. She asked Where a bridge had boat anchored off the beach as there was nowhere to dock and we were all My mother panicked freedom was curtailed by the curfew imposed on us that began at 7pm along with an episode during which my mother, Anselmina, and I were miraculously saved church. It was would be shot instantly. forget that extremely emotional reunion. Sicily. defeated Italian and German troops had to leave Libya. Here Tripoli 1946 - With my mother and my father. Stunned, the soldier dropped the food he had stolen and, without a word, turned

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