The Cannock Chase murders (also known as the A34 murders) were the murders of three young school girls that occurred in Staffordshire, England, during the late 1960s. As it was subject to HM Inspectorate of Mines regulations it had to be checked for gas, and so late in the day the investigation was suspended.

Whittle's kidnapping and murder dominated national headlines for 11 months. [10][11] Two thousand people searched for Reynolds in the hours following her disappearance.

The reason (that I had the notes destroyed) being it might have been poking our noses into the private lives of people and upsetting families. [5][6][29] A 1971 book compared and analysed various English newspapers' handling of the widely reported discovery of Reynolds's and Tift's remains. The police were called, who in turn called out the local vehicle registrations officer for Walsall.

Morris was arrested in connection with the attempted abduction.

In the subsequent investigation, Neilson's fingerprints were found to match one of those in the drain shaft.

[9] Prior to making an arrest, 150 detectives visited 39,000 homes, interviewed 80,000 people and checked over a million car forms. [32][33] Morris and the Cannock Chase murders are referred to in David Peace's novel Nineteen Seventy-Four[29] and the Channel 4 adaptation, Red Riding. ", "Cannock Chase murderer Raymond Morris in new bid to overturn conviction", "Life meant life for wicked killer Raymond Morris", "Those were the days: All over – and we've won!

When police from Staffordshire were alerted by Dogs Trust, a charity, about a potential puppy farm in Cannock, they decided to investigate.What they found alarmed them and they decided to take action. We heard it was a severed head that was found and then cops found the body. Emergency services were called to an address on Anglesey Street, at around 6.30pm last night (Saturday 13 April), where they discovered the body of a woman. The death is being treated as unexplained and a post mortem will take place in due course. [8], Chief Superintendent Bob Booth, who led the investigation into Whittle's kidnapping, was subsequently demoted from CID to a uniformed beat officer. An alternative scenario is that Neilson was not present when Whittle died and that he fled on the night of the failed ransom collection without returning to the shaft, believing the police were closing in on him, leaving Whittle alive in the dark for a considerable period of time before falling to her death. Three weeks later he was convicted of the murder of three post office workers, and given three further life sentences. [4] Dorothy picked up her home telephone to ring Lesley's brother Ronald, but on finding it dead, rushed in her dressing gown to her car.

Despite trawling through 7,000 statements and 20,000 notes of telephone messages, police were no nearer to finding her killer and to add to their problems, a year later in August 1967, the body of another young girl aged 7 was found in Cannock Chase. It is widely believed that Neilson pushed Whittle off the ledge in the drainage shaft, strangling her. North Wales The boys who found the torch in Bathpool Park had given it to the headmaster several weeks before, but neither had realised the significance of the find until the television broadcast.

Raymond Leslie Morris died at HMP Preston health facility of natural causes Gagging the teenager, who was wearing only her dressing gown and slippers, he took her to his green Morris 1100 car, where he tied her up and laid her down on the back seat.

[7], An investigation led by Detective Chief Superintendent Robert Booth of West Mercia Police, with assistance from Scotland Yard sent a team led by Commander John Morrison that included DCI Walter Boreham. [9] He had been suspected of taking indecent photographs of schoolgirls in October 1966, though he was not arrested as police failed to find any evidence.

"[12]), Although convicted only of murdering Christine Darby, Morris is considered the chief suspect in the deaths of both Reynolds and Tift, despite a lack of sufficient evidence for him to be charged with either murder. Jubel feat. One man aged, 47, has been arrested in connection with the death and remains in custody for questioning. [3], Lesley Whittle, born in 1957, was the daughter of George Whittle, a co-owner of Whittle Coaches, and his girlfriend Dorothy.

That's the man that did it to me. [9][11][16] During the trial, at the Stafford Assizes,[22][1] Inspector Pat Molloy reported that when charged with murder Morris had said "Oh God. She drove to Ronald's house and then returned with Ronald and his wife, Gaynor, back to the Whittle family home, where they found a second copy of the Dymotape ransom note tucked inside a box of Turkish Delight in the lounge.

He had estimated that the Whittles could easily afford £50,000. The address remains cordoned off while a forensic examination is carried out. on 11 March 2014. [5] It demanded £50,000 and instructed the family not to contact the police, but to wait for a telephone call at a phonebox at the Swan shopping centre in Kidderminster that evening. The next day a headmaster at a local school told police that a pupil had brought him a piece of Dymotape that read "DROP SUITCASE INTO HOLE" and, subsequently, other pupils had found a torch wedged in the grilles of what was locally known as the "glory-hole", one of the capped ventilation shafts of the old Harecastle Tunnel. [12] At the time the A34 murders were committed, Morris and his wife lived at Flat 20, Regent House, Green Lane, Walsall – a council-owned flat in Birchills, directly opposite the police station. Ballistics evidence and finger prints on the cartridges also linked the same man to the Freightliner shooting, the previous post office robberies and thus the Black Panther murders.[3].

The police played around with the numbers and located a local record for a green and white Ford Corsair which was registered to Morris.

There was a mattress and a sleeping bag.

After four months of every other fingerprint investigation in the nation practically being put on hold, no match could be found.

Post-mortem examination showed that Whittle had not died from strangulation but had died instantly from vagal inhibition. No telephone call came to the Swan shopping centre phonebox in Kidderminster. [6][9] Morris went through a variety of jobs before getting a position as a foreman engineer at a precision instruments factory in Oldbury, West Midlands, in 1967. On 5 March, Chief Superintendent Booth and Ronald Whittle appeared together on both national and local television. On 10 February 1975, the news black-out was lifted.

Arriving at Bathpool Park 90 minutes late, Ronald turned into the "No Entry" sign as instructed, but in the dark he did not see the low wall that edged the railway bridge, and drove to the end of the lane. The manner in which the young girl was killed demonstrates that it too involved a substantial degree of premeditation or planning. [3], Neilson then drove Lesley to Bathpool Park in Kidsgrove, Staffordshire. Requiring money, Neilson read about a dispute between Whittle and Selina.

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