This places the player inside a small iron box without any capabilities, at which point they must press "B" to enter into Build mode. This skill increase helps the fighter to dodge projectiles fired at it: the first few shots will always dodge at 100% and then dodging will become less and less likely but with bonuses added for better pilot skill. Fighters can be produced on any ship (or station) with both a Hangar block and an Assembly. For mining, this isn't the end of the world, since you can find some big asteroids and tell them to just cut it up and they'll do so, but salvaging fighters are next to useless since, in the process of salvaging, they tend to cut big wreckages into multiple smaller pieces, and … Assembly blocks require power to function, and may be turned off when not in use via the Ship Screen.

all asteroids within the range of the mining system count toward its max detectable asteroids . In the combat update, they changed the death mechanic so that there is a chance the pilot will eject and you can pick them up just like the turrets from what I understand. If you believe your item has been removed by mistake, please contact, This item is incompatible with Avorion. When building it, you can increase these stats for points, but doing so will make the fighter more expensive. @Belven, you hire pilots and they fly the fighters.

Fighters are small, maneuverable but relatively slow craft which provide a variety of roles to your fleet in Avorion. Doing this, you can have a ship mine all rich asteroids in a sector by itself.

As seen in the above image, parts of the asteroid will be destroyed, dropping resources ready to be collected. I managed to get enough material to build a decent hangar. You can build or purchase 2 main types of fighters with any of the 7 materials which match the types of turrets in-game: In order to have fighters, you must first have a hanger. Manoeuvrability is how fast it can turn.

@Itharus, I covered that using 2 paragraphs in the "Acquiring Fighters" section.

In case of crew/cargo shuttles, it depends on the material the fighter design is made of. freeSpace < fighter. All rights reserved. Hovering your mouse over this check box will indicate the cost in metal and time to create the fighter. Click okay to create a new blueprint for that fighter squad. This will require a ship with the appropriate crew and at least one mining turret. Each fighter costs one of the six metals, based on the turret used to create it. The material cost seems to be dependent on the production requirement of the fighter and the material being used. You need to have boarders on board your vessel (not pilots!)

Fighter blueprints can be created by drag-and-drop in the Ship Screen. volume then: return false, " You don't have enough space in your hangar. " Great guide but as i was messing around with stations for the first time i ran into a problem of cargo not being moved fast enough, even tho i have 3 squads of cargo shuttles in each station which is set to deliver/collect from the other. © Valve Corporation. They are noticeable even at some distance, as they have glowing veins of minerals on their outside. To extract the resources, the ship must shoot the object with its laser. The flashing red icons near the top of the screen indicate various stats that fall below the game's idea of adequate.

It is unknown whether the same applies to battery charge turrets (probably not, needs testing). Also fighters do not need Turret Control System .

A mining carrier with several squadrons of r-mining fighters, piloted by an AI captain, will generally mine more ore in the same amount of time than a mining ship that is using r-mining lasers, as fighters will be able to reach new asteroids much faster. Initial stats and the amount of durability you get per point spent depends on the material of turret from which you are creating the fighter.

This item has been removed from the community because it violates Steam Community & Content Guidelines.

To mine, the player needs a ship that has a mining laser equipped. If you have a factory, consider producing your fighters there and then transferring them to your ship. To automatically create fighters, you must first destroy one to create a "blueprint" by dragging the fighter to the blueprint slot to the left of the squadron. The player is able to design custom fighters at any Fighter Factory aligned "good" or better. Although technically goods, no stations buy or sell any kind of material ore. A drone using its mining lasers to collect resources from an asteroid Iron floating in space after mining An Iron rich asteroid A field of asteroids including an iron-rich asteroid 1 General Overview 2 Hidden Asteroids 3 Raw Mining 4 Asteroid Field Respawn 5 Mining Automation 6 Resource extraction equation Mining is the process of obtaining materials from asteroids. I bought 3 salvage fighters and added them to a squad. Sometimes, certain asteroids have a large amount of resources hidden deep inside them, but are not distinguishable on the surface from normal, mineral poor asteroids.

It is much cheaper for a ship to achieve the same damage potential by building fighters using assembly blocks and resources, compared to building turrets in turret factories. At minimum, a single mining laser of equal tier as your fighters so it will move around with them. (Amount of resources in the block)*(efficiency of turrets/100), it is worth noting that if a turret has an effeminacy higher than 100% the yield will be higher than asteroid blocks, however in vanilla it is uncommon to see Raw mining above 99.5 percent, the efficiency listed on the turrets is not a percentage which is why its divided by 100. If there is none, they can use the drone, as it has two mining lasers equipped. It does not decrease the chance of the fighter being hit. They can be purchased at Equipment Docks and Fighter Factories, or manufactured by the player.

The material cost seems to be dependent on the production requirement of the fighter and the material being used. Crew Shuttles are used for boarding stations. "When using the build option, you can use fighters from the workshop.". Certain high-efficiency mining lasers will not produce pure resources, but rather, extract ore that will require cargo space, and will need to be refined at a Resource Depot into usable material. Hangers can only be constructed with Trinium, Xanium, Ogonite or Avorion. local fighter = GenerateFighterTemplate (random (): createSeed (), weapontype, dps, tech, Rarity (rarity), Material (material)) local hangar = Hangar (ship. Mining systems can only detect a certain amount of asteroids at a time. A Mining System will highlight these asteroids if it can detect that material on its own (so a mining system that detects up to Titanium will not detect hidden Naonite deposits). Custom fighter damage calculation: 0.3 * turret damage / number of slots. Fighters require trained pilots to function, and normal crew members cannot be assigned to this task.

All material ores have a size of 0.02, and any Resource Depot can refine any ore. it is worth noting that it takes time to process ores 1 mill of any resource is going to take a significant amount of time. Size translates to the volume of hangar blocks that your ship will need to fit your fighters.

Noob here - need some help. This includes the hidden asteroids in the count of rich asteroids and they will often push the percentage over 1.5% so they will need to be cleared too in order for the asteroid field to respawn.

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