Glimmerbrook is a very small little town which is clearly inspired by the north plains of America(or possibly the Midwest). edited 2 years ago.

NEXT: Sims 4: 10 Amazing Save Files To Replace The Default. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Why they gotta be so cute?! My current family: Caring and kind, Pisces is among the more emotional of the zodiac types. Add new page. If she said yes, she's a keeper. Luumia. Obscurus. I quite like the Pancakes though I think my enjoyment of Dan and Phil's sims 4 series might have something to do with that. Mayhem - Sims. Little Doxy. The city is her playground, and whatever she sports next usually ends up being the hottest fashion. SOMETIME (not always) I give her a Sims2 make-over (as close as I can with the Sims4 items I got) ! Windenburg is a beautiful town based on the German homes of old. It’s got crazy festivals happening every other day, artists performing on the streets, and many people dressing oddly and just loving life in the big city that is San Myshuno. I don't know if they'll stay together, but they make a cute teen couple. Like no bitch gtfo!!! Before any expansion, game, or stuff packs she was everywhere in my game and all my Sims were friends with her. In Game. I remember in one save file she was marrying Jade (the townie who lives with Paolo) when Paolo (murdered by that girl) came back to life and objected to the wedding, and then THEY got married at the wedding. This map was added with the Realm of Magic game pack and it’s the one place where you can fulfill all of your magical needs. He likes to work out at the gym that has the climbing walls and often has whims to work out to one of the TV videos. It’s not really too cozy and you’ll feel like the story is following you around everywhere.

Ulrike Faust and Mortimer Goth. She's so adorable!

I'm not sure if this has been done before but I'm curious to hear what you guys think. Just as Johnny's outgoing and seeks to make other people laugh, Sagittariuses are known for being the funny extroverts of the zodiac types. Sims 4 - Gameplay Help, Building, and Addon Packs Discussion,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, I had this run doing the time lord challenge, and my first "evil" time lord stuck the roomies household in her basement and played the "wait for you to die" game. I also like Nancy Landgraab too. They're often seen as the rebels and free thinkers of the zodiac types, with new ideas that challenge the status quo. It's like a Sihk retirement community in my game. Madlen. This post may contain affiliate links. Beautiful space and well worth a visit, especially if you’re familiar with the Americana style of houses. Wish I had started marrying her sooner. By the way, you can also visit The Magic Realm and purchase an enchanted home there too if that’s what you’re into. Some of them are unique to a specific game, while others have kept appearing time and time again as playable townies. Baako lives in one of the brightest apartments in the entire game, and his personality is just as colorful. However, what Simmers might not know is which of these characters they resemble the most based on their zodiac type. I can find the download link for you and post it when I get home! I love simming, reading, and YouTube.

I don't like most of the TS4 townies but I love Maaike Haas and Jade Rosa in Windenburg. RELATED: Sims 4: 10 New Characters They Introduced To The Game. Magnolia - c. Magpiesan. Always gonna be obsessed with those households they're so crazy! Players Wonderland. Brindleton Bay is the place where you and your pets can live together in harmony. Just name your favorite townie! A natural leader, he has yet to reach the peak of his potential, but he's well on his way. The matriarch of the Landgraab family, Nancy might come across as cold and heartless, but she's merely ambitious and focused on getting whatever she needs for her family. Jesus Christ, I'd sacrifice my entire family just so a real life version of her could exist so she could turn me down when I ask her out. However, his devotion to a partner is akin to that of a reliable and strong Taurus, who stands their ground no matter what the situation is. The starter homes available here look like traditional American homes where families can make a living and enjoy the benefits of such a culture-packed and rich town.

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