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It also appears during various other events. Find a searchable list of all creature IDs on our creature ID list.

It is however possible to kill it (with a team preferably) and get a special achievement on Steam. I first encountered this creature while watching the hunting of another tribe. Its body is mostly covered in brown and dark brown feathers that are slightly rusted in gold in some areas. I think that would depend on if you're using a mod or if you're starting one of the events. I mean perhaps make it so only at most 1-3 can spawn on the island at any given time. Other maps still get the orange supply drops and random scarecrows/gravestones/pumpkins popping up, but no mega-dodo boss monsters. Dodospondylus is terrifying! Be aware that it has a fire attack and a level 1 DodoRex already has 666,666 health! ARK: Survival Evolved Taming Calculator. Godzilla Fanon: Creatures living on Goji Island, For more information, please refer to the Cookie and Privacy policy by clicking the 'Read More' button. I know that but I want it as a trophy mount in my singleplayer world.

Domesticated: Good beast of burden, but too stupid. im up to glitches or cheating because im doing it through singleplayer, oh yes just have a constant dino that can be lured to bases and destroy metal structures .-. I agree with being able to keep the item for future events, but permanently adding something as ridiculous as the Dodorex would be silly. The DodoRex is an event only creature found on the Ark.

At first glance, it has the body structure of a large, feathered Tyrannosaurus with the head of a Dodo. Though 600 eggs for 15 minutes of dino is insane as well, Thats what im wondering if its worth 600 eggs, No, most assuardly not. Name: Dodorex, RaphusRex Origin: Ark: Survival Evolved. When first introduced this creature was the strongest in the game, even surpassing the games bosses, since then it has been overcome by the Titans. once summoned, when you look at it, it has a timer. I have heared that tribes on official have tamed the dodorex and cannot find anywhere that it is only spawned for 15 min can anyone confirm how long a summoned dodorex FROM THE EASTER EGGS will last?

The comestics will be infinitly more worth it. Is the DodoRex a permanent tame on singleplayer?

Tools Stat Calculator; Torpor Timer; Admin Commands; Get Dododex On; Android; iOS; Google Home; Items Resources NEW; Kibble; Saddles; Consumables; Dyes; Charts Headshots & Modifiers; Carryable Creatures; Stats; Creatures Lists; All Creatures; Aberration Creatures; Extinction Creatures; Genesis Creatures; Reaper Reaper Taming Calculator Tips Stat … Each claw is peach-like white with rust-like, grey texturing. Wild: Apparently they live somewhere on the beach.

If it lasts then just "delete" the force tamed one and then keep the challenge going to get one the right way... That is what I would do unless someone else has the answer for you. I believe it is 25 min. Tier: At least 8-A. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Privacy Policy | Partners:

He can be attracted by a large concentrations of Dodo. In order to obtain this skin, you must have purchased Ark: Survival Evolved during its Early Access period. That'd just be too outright broken.

Theres no point grinding this hard for a creature that will only exist 15 minutes on single-player.

The two back fangs of the upper jaw are just behind where the modioli terminate.

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When first introduced this creature was the strongest in the game, even surpassing the games bosses, since then it has been overcome by the Titans. He suddenly appeared and attacked hunters. However, Wildcard has announced that the DodoRex will make its appearance in the game on special events (like April 1st?).

All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. Dodo Wyvern is only On Scorched Earth map. Also, is there a way to spawn it with the turkey hat on if there's no way to keep it permanentely? Not an official support channel.

Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America).

It's an awesome mod.

Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. It was made with the same recipe as the other witch hat during … Dino Witch Hat Skin – This is similar to the Witch Hat Skin, except this variation can be applied to dinosaurs instead of people. Above the orbits are extended brows similar to that of a Carnotaurus, but terminate in obstioderms. Events include: Air becomes cooler; Days becomes shorter; Nights become longer; Moon will transform into a shade of red; Bats and other spooky creatures will appear above …

Permanent Dodo Rex So i know there are mods and stuff to add the dodo rex permanently to the game but, I cant be the only one who thinks that they should just add it wild to the game.

Basic Info. I first encountered this creature while watching the hunting of another tribe. Checked in single player.

Click the "Copy" button to copy the entity ID to your clipboard.

If it's permanent tame tho, or if there's a setting for it, I'd definitely be interested in it as a trophy tame. I have no idea unfortunately but maybe try spawning and force taming and see what happens? How do ya tell if its on the island, i hear people saying "dodorex has appeared" but thats in servers Do you need to kill x amount of dodos to summon him or what kinda dont wanna manually summon him, thats a bit cheap

Even on the right maps, they only show up every 3rd night. He suddenly appeared and attacked hunters. Close. Standard Equipment: Dozens of Zombie Dodos. ARK: Survival Evolved coming to PS4 this December. He can be attracted by a large concentrations of Dodo. The head is Tyrannosaurid-like in shape and is mostly dandelion yellow with bulged, dodo-like beak parts at the front that are colored black while slightly rusted with pale brown.

Its body is mostly covered in brown and dark brown feathers that are slightly rusted in gold in some areas. Not sure if 15 mins but for sure not perma.

Because IMO its super annoying to have to collect materials every time a holiday comes around, just to get the dodorex … There also appears to be no lips to cover the fangs.

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Large Size (Type 1), Fire Manipulation, Breath Attack, Summoning (Summons Zombie Dodos upon it's appearance), Attack Potency: At least Multi-City Block level (Far stronger than bosses such as the Dragon), Speed: Subsonic travel speed, Subsonic+ combat speed (Via size, comparable if not superior to the Dragon), Lifting Strength: Class M (Comparable to bosses such as the Megapithecus), Striking Strength: At least Multi-City Block Class (Superior to bosses such as the Dragon), Durability: At least Multi-City Block level (Can take hits from the games bosses), Stamina: High (Can fight bosses for long periods of time).

Basic DodoRex info Currently the DodoRex seems to be untameable, like every other boss creature in ARK.

Sadly it appears that it's temporary... but are you on PC? The upper jaw also has visible skull indents made by the orbit, the theantorbital fenestrae, and two unknown fenestrae above, leaving a darker shade of dandelion yellow on all but the orbit indents. It's a 25 minute tame on default settings in single player, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. … Whats the point of a trophy mount if it disappears? They even released an official document on the appearance of the DodoRex: | Contact us |

The front of the neck and the underbelly are a dark shade of beige with rust-like, dark texturing while the bald area of the legs and tail are bluish grey with small, rust-like areas of beige. Dossier Wild: Apparently they live somewhere on the beach. If you continue to use this site, you agree to the use of these cookies. The head, the front of the neck, the underbelly, the lower area of the legs, and the tail are completely bald.

In addition to many fan favorites from past Fear Evolved events, survivors will find themselves on the hunt for 11 new spooky themed chibis’ to add to their growing collection, seven new ghostly dinosaur skins and other rawrsome fun, including: …

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