Milk snake tanks should not be misted. Diet Once they are 6-8 months old, they should all have their own house. If you provide too big of a hide, your snake might feel exposed and vulnerable. Hot rocks of any kind should be avoided because they have a reputation of getting extremely hot in some places, and have burnt many reptiles. Ventilated plastic shoeboxes work well. When they hatch, they should be in a separate tank from the adults. We have thousands of exotic reptiles for sale from top breeders from around the world.

All rights reserved. Milk snakes can be anywhere from 3-6 feet long, staying relatively small.

This item is out of stock and cannot be purchased at this time. The Honduran milk snake can be found native to Costa Rica and it derives its name from the place it is most commonly found in Honduras. March 10, 2015, Joey Hill - Only snakes about the same size should be kept together. Upgrade their tank, as they get longer and older.

They stay small, and are interesting animals. Scientific name: Lampropeltis triangulum annulata. Feeding on frozen thawed small hopper mice. You can disable the usage of cookies by changing the settings of your browser. View Options. FLORIDA KING SNAKE - MALE - Lampropeltis getula. HYPO HONDURAN MILK SNAKE - CB 2018 MALE, L. t. hondurensis.

When I think of snakes, the last thing I imagine is a reptilian creature squirming up to a cow, latching onto an udder and stealing its milk. Milk snakes inhabit south Canada and much of northern United States. Honduran milk snake.

Hatchling Care If you are looking for a. Milk snakes inhabit south Canada and much of northern United States.

Im now ordering scorpions on monday :) my new favorite site!!!! They will both carry extra parasites and live mice can hurt your snake. And if you still want a stunning albino milk snake, but one that stays in the 36-inch range, an albino Nelson‘s milk snake (L. t. nelsoni) is a great option. Quick View. $225.00 $195.00 Sale. By browsing our website without changing the browser settings you grant us permission to store that information on your device. If you have a feisty snake, hold it for a minute or so and put it back in its tank. 2019 male albino Mexican milk. Milk snakes can be shy, and need at least three hides in their tank. Add To Cart. Honduran Milk Snakes - Tangerine (Babies) Tangerine Honduran Milk Snakes (Lampropeltis triangulum hondurensis) $79.00 . CORN SNAKE, ALBINO - CB MALE - Elaphe [Pantherophis] guttata. Housing Requirements I ordered an adult female black and white tagu yesterday july 26, 2017 and she just arrived less than 24 hours of the order! Add To Cart. Temperature Give your snake a week or two after you get it before you start handling it. If you get bit, place the snake back in its tank and wash off the bite with soap and water.

Scientific name: Lampropeltis triangulum annulata We have thousands of exotic reptiles for sale from top breeders from around the world.

They like tight spaces, but they should still be comfortable. Hatchlings should take pinkie mice, or mice with no fur. Love them soo much!;).

View Options. Quick View. These snakes can be tamed, and held.

As the snake gets older, the size of mouse they need will get larger, and you may even get rats.

Bed-a-beast works well, and for hatchlings, they should start off on paper towels. They get to be about as wide as a quarter or more, and will live an average life of 15 years in captivity. Milk snakes do not need any scalding temperatures, and a basking spot should stay from 80-85F. Im so excited! Different sub-species of milk snakes may be naturally large and chunky like the Pueblan Black and Mexican Milk snake or slender like Nelson's milk snake.


Wild corn snakes inhabit grasslands and forests in the United States.

That is one of the reasons they make such good pets.

The cooler end room temperature. Daniel Perkins - This was my first experience purchasing a reptile online Aug. 29th, 2013.

$285.00. They are terrestrial not arboreal), however, sometimes they will travel onto low tree branches or plants. Avoid wild food and live mice. Quick View . Couldn't get what i wanted but did get my money back, very trust worthy, will do busy when they have what I want.

Albino Tangerine aberrant Honduran milk snake (Lampropeltis triangulum hondurensis) Adult milk snakes rarely grow longer than four feet.

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Milk snakes, like most other snakes, are expert escape artists so a tight-fitting lid with a lock is necessary. If you handle them after a meal, they will most likely regurgitate.

View Options. Try browsing the Milk Snakes Index if you're looking for something specific. The two of the most preferred types are the Honduran milk snake and the Eastern milk snake. Sand and dirt cannot be burrowed into as easily and can be swallowed causing impaction. There is nothing much to cleaning a milk snake's cage.

April 25, 2012. Smaller snakes will be bullied, and injured.

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