Stay bless woman of faith. It’s called Darb al-Mustaqim – a different name of course - but it’s still there; and the street called Straight. This is a guy who’s got authority to come to Damascus and do what he’s been doing in Jerusalem. Then there became some practical things that needed to be adjusted as he went and the transformation continued, because you see, the transformation then is a process of being conformed to Jesus Christ, and that’ll finally be complete when we see Him face-to-face. All Rights Reserved.

That’s just a normal kind of thing. Believe me people. It is this transformation of our character that produces the actions that reveal to non-believers that we are in the world, but not of the world, and produces a true contrast community. For the Christian, prayer is like breathing. He faithfully provided for my every need at precisely the right moment. Now that I have tasted of His goodness, how has my life changed? He didn’t know that his life was transformed. Maybe God just brought it across his attention. Enter your email address to subscribe to this website and receive notifications of new posts by email. I still cling to the Word, but I realize that our understanding is limited. Registered User But during that time, Jesus worked profoundly in his life. They might even read the Word. So, God ordered the events. Instead, I will choose to love, to seek unity. May the Goodness and Mercy follow you all the days of your life. And we talk about rehabilitation, but the majority of them go back.

And in fact, when all the records are done and we get to heaven it may be that if we chat with Ananias we’ll find out that it was really him that Saul was after, that he was the head guy that Saul wanted to get at, which then brings an interesting flavor to this whole thing. He loves us so perfectly, every moment of every day. Some say, if I lose weight I will have a transformed life. That’s part of the transformed life. But how are you going to say, “I’ll live with you and love you clear on out.” I just said I’m not going to love her for 60 years. Is it possible that we have spent so much time dividing the Church over doctrinal issues—human interpretations of scripture—that we have failed to follow the most important commands? Verse 17, “And Ananias went his way entered into the house.” So, Ananias went to commission Saul and he putting his hands on him said, “Brother Saul.” He commissioned him as God’s instrument. That’s why I say the second thing in the transformed life is fervor in supplication. You don’t go to sleep at night saying, “Boy, I hope I remember to breathe while I’m asleep.” You breathe better when you’re asleep than you do any other time because your body relaxes and the pressure of the air just moves right in.

… as lights to the world …. Well, listen to the command that came to him.

God is very selective in choosing His people to do His tasks.

That’s a securing doctrine, people; that’s a securing doctrine. Teach surrender rather than treaties. Only God could say to the prophet Ezekiel, “I’ll take out the heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh.” I’ll put my Spirit within you. No, you’d be madly – you’d be madly in love with your wife. A transformed life is a saved life, a life of salvation. You never saw that coming, the same way no one saw that Joseph’s own brothers would set a trap for him out of envy. The transformed life: faith in the Savior; fervor in supplication; faithfulness in service.

He relentlessly pursued me in my unfaithfulness. What have You got?” The Lord said unto him – just get what his reaction must have been – “...arise, go into the street which is called Straight and inquire in the house of Judas, for one called Saul of Tarsus.” And you can imagine what Ananias thought at that point. Would you buy that?

Man doesn’t have an outside problem. He set it all up; moved on Ananias, put the whole thing together. This is one of those chapters that gives for us some great insights into the basics of the Christian experience. Welcome Guest. That’s hard to say that. And that brings us to the real question, and the real question is: Can anybody be really transformed. I can change you. Get going, Ananias. All rights reserved. They said, “This coin will change your behavior.” It was one they had particularly designed, and it had a kind of a relief thing that you could rub it in your fingers, and they told him to find everything he didn’t like about himself and write a reversed positive statement. Very superficial. There is a man who is part of one of the Summit’s prison campuses and has been in prison for 14 years. Today some people say that there’s a spot where that house was and supposedly a closet where Saul was praying for those three days, but that’s conjecture. Some say, if I lose weight I will have a transformed life.

They’ve been transformed. Now let’s pick that up as we look at verse 12 – verse 13. The term “vessel” means an instrument to convey the grace of God to men. After clicking 'Register', you will receive an email with a link to verify your account and to complete your registration. To pride, it doesn’t matter that you’re beautiful; just that you’re more beautiful than her. I mean, can’t we transform man somehow?

He was a bad man, very bad. The truth is, our Father is good! He’s got an inside problem. A pair of corresponding visions at two ends of town are going to meet head on. Crush out all their personality and all their dignity and you make them a nut in the cosmic machine, and nothing more. Don’t go to God and say, “Someday God I’m going to do this, someday, someday, some day.” That never happened. It should be a daily affair because a renewed mind leads to a transformed life. Verse 12, “Saul has seen in a vision a man named Ananias coming in and putting his hand on him that he might receive his sight.” God gave Saul a vision.

That was the positional transformation. And so, man cannot really change what he is, says God. Indeed mom , your life is transformed , A transformed life…a powerful message. You know why? You can see that when he says, “I advanced in Judaism beyond many contemporaries among my people” (Galatians 1:14). “So being affectionately desirous of you” – he used to hate them; he used to want to kill them, and now he loves them. Some people say salvation is a process. An Ethiopian, by determining that he would rather have a different kind of skin, doesn’t accomplish it. “He is to be My instrument to convey the grace of God to men.” Incidentally, the Greek here where it says “chosen vessel” is literally a vessel of election.

Praying for a joyous year...2020.. May we have a real revival...Amen, Then plane crash in Russian Causus of Kardzieran, Hey Daniel how my fellow international news correspondant I been holding the fort down some crazy stuff happen last night at LAX little girl was found dead at some plane out of LAX. Your neighbors, friends, parents will all know it. Prayer is just communication with Jesus Christ, isn’t it? He carefully bound up my wounds and healed my broken heart. Great Word! And they’re doing, frankly, a miserable job – hopeless – and even in their textbooks. If I ever had the chance to ask the Apostle Paul what his purpose was,... © 2020 J.D. Pride, you see, is inherently competitive. We've missed you around here. I’ve heard by many of this many how much evil he hath done to Thy saints at Jerusalem’.” This is the guy who’s after the Christians. I shudder to think how I was blinded my own pride. We must be comfortable with saying the truth. It isn’t superficial, lovey-dovey brotherhood. He goes in there blind, and all he can see is the blazing sight of Jesus Christ before him – like a man who stared at the sun and can’t see anything but the sun no matter where he looks. You know, I really think that we can branch off of that thought and think about a lot of things, but I like the fact that God wants us to move for him now.

And when they get it, guess what? Psalm 34:8. I mean, she’s lovely and she’s the object of your love at that point. It just seems very remote and you wonder if God – you’ve got such a little silly thing here and you just – you think God’s got all these things to do and He’s got to make sure Venus stays on course and He’s got to take care of all that. Now I say this as a footnote. “Then may ye also do good that are accustomed to do evil.” Only if the leopard can change his spots and the Ethiopian his skin. I want to be loved now. The title “Transformed life” has a lot of meaning when you think and pray about this. It’s not prison. Then, when people encounter your story, instead of being turned off by your self-righteousness, they will confess that only God could have worked such a miraculous transformation. Listen to what he said in Proverbs 27:22. The second point, fervor in supplication. A transformed life puts on the whole armor of God and withstands(to remain undamaged, unaffected) in the evil day. The answer is love. You didn’t do anything to set yourself apart, so you have no reason to boast. He does. For our exhortation was not of deceit or uncleanness or guile. A transformed christian is an improved christian. I mean, if you really – I’ll love you ‘til death; you don’t know that. We were allowed of God to be put in trust with the gospel. Nor will it happen accidentally or coincidentally. Surrender. “My thoughts are nothing like your thoughts,” says the Lord. I don’t know what it did for her life or what it will do in the long-run. Legalism does not make the heart strong; it makes it hard. ( Log Out /  Faith says that although i be slain, although i face afflictions, although life seems rough, my anchor is Jehovah. Jeremiah 2:22; listen to what he said. It’s like one guy said, “It’s – you know, I love you humanity; it’s people I can’t stand,” and that’s a very common reaction.

He lavished me with grace and forgiveness that I didn’t deserve. Her greatest desire is to use her darkest days—days marred by adultery and divorce—to encourage others to find the joy of a life restored by Jesus Christ. Sin exposes us and righteousness protects us from the swords and bullets coming from the camp of the enemy. And I think that’s proof of the transformation. And Saul did suffer. I don’t know about that. Get going. People say, I got a new job and I am a transformed man or I will get over my financial problem and I will have a new transformed life. “Because before this happened, I thought I was God. Guest.

It had a street that ran right straight through the middle of it from the eastern gate to the western gate, straight about three miles long. Then may ye also do good that are accustomed to do evil.” God says that it is against your very nature to change. var sc_invisible=0; He who did only evil continually began to do and have a desire to do good.

He just went to help Saul to understand what God had called him to do. Sure there was preparation, there was education, there was time to grow. And I wouldn’t trade what I’ve found in God for all the freedom and all the riches in the world.”. Philippians 2:15. My life is a “transformed life”. In his letter to the Galatians, one of the ways Paul defended the gospel was by pointing to three ways he experienced Jesus in his personal life. At one end of it was the house of Judas. Once we’ve begun to manifest these transformational marks it is most often noticed first by others who see the change in us. After Paul met Jesus, he didn’t spend … And so he just spent three days just crying. It is inevitable in most cases. It’s been a long time ago – nine, ten years – I remember standing in the little room there thinking, “Now these vows I’m going to say, ‘I promise to love you ’til death do us part’.” See?

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