Beattie continued, “Just knowing a few basic facts can go a long way, and always call the manufacture and ask questions. Make something. Beattie told us, “The only true way to determine a converter’s stall speed is at the racetrack with the car in low gear, when you launch. Be sure to verify you're ordering the correct 2-step, as models vary due to connector changes based on vehicle year model. But, another safe way to get a reading that will be within 100 to 200 rpm, is to have a manually-shifted automatic transmission, or a way to hold it in high gear (1:1 ratio). There are basic factors and variables that can dramatically sway the amount of footbrake stall someone can see from a converter. FBX to OBJ or OBJ to STL for 3D printing, DAE to JSON for use with WebGL, ..). When the transbrake is released, the converter will flash and accelerate the car off the line.”, “The 2-step works equally well when foot-braking an automatic, or dumping the clutch on a stick car,” he added. Thank you very much. We'll send you the most interesting FordMuscle articles, news, car features, and videos every week.

Interested in learning more about what MSD has to offer for your ride? : Transbrake and Torque Converter Stall speed question. rtigert, Jun 1, 2006 #1. spankustang Joined: Feb 13, 2004. When used in the heavier car, the converter will stall at a higher RPM than it will in the lighter car. All of the major torque converter companies employ skilled personnel that have a wealth of information available. If a 2,500 to 3,500 stall speed is selected, you should be able to hold the brakes (footbrake), and the converter should allow the engine to rev to around 2,700 to 3,200 rpm. When discussing the stall of a converter, you need to be able to distinguish between flash stall and footbrake stall. The range listed will tell you what you can expect from the converter.

Remove the stator, and a torque converter will retain none of its torque multiplying capabilities. For the stator to properly function, the sprag (a mechanical, one-way clutch mounted on bearing races) must hold the stator in place while the converter is in stall mode (at engine idle), and then allow the stator to spin with the rest of the converter after the turbine speed approaches the pump speed (as engine RPM increase).

Of course, this is dependent on the vehicle’s setup.

If your camshaft has an operating range of 1,500 through 6,500, you would select a torque with a minimum of 2,000 rpm stall. Launch control module, RPM controller or 2-step are just a few of the names by which MSD Performance’s launch mechanism device is described. If you’ll recall back in early 2011, we had great success using MSD’s early iteration of its 2-step on one of our former project cars, — a 2011 Mustang GT. If choosing a torque converter for use in a street car, you might want to select a torque converter with a stall speed that is below the engine RPM at 70 mph, since this is where your engine will spend a lot of its time. my name is Dennis , I … Not necessarily, the best advice we can give you is to contact the manufacturer and get their suggestions. BB: “Absolutely. Thanks a ton in advance! It has a 2-step feature.

This RPM limit is typically set lower than an engine’s maximum RPM. When was the last time you had to sit down and decide what torque converter your project needed? When discussing street-use torque converters, stall speed is typically listed as a range (example: 2,500 to 3,500 rpm). His passion for performance got him noticed by many locals, and he began helping them modify their vehicles. The range listed will tell you what you can expect from the converter. These are many of the questions that get asked, so we decided to talk to a few professionals in the field, and get their input. © 2017 Power Automedia. With newer cars comes newer technology, but on classic or vintage platforms, these will work just fine as well. We promise not to use your email address for anything but exclusive updates from the Power Automedia Network.

“The final rev limit is just like a factory rev limiter on a late-model vehicle – albeit it is adjustable – so that an engine doesn’t see over-revving, or sustain critical engine damage. Our supercharged 2005 Mustang GT will receive one at a later date as well, so we decided to check in with Blane Burnett, Advertising and P.R. makexyz’s free file converter instantly converts STEP files to STL files. I have an MSD DIS-2+ on the car. Coupon sent! Therefore, the converter has to do less work. For instance, a heavy car with numerically-low (highway) gears is more resistant to forward motion, than a lighter car with numerically-higher gears.

rtigert, Jun 1, 2006 #3. spankustang Joined: Feb 13, 2004. For those of you wanting to really maximize your car’s potential, you really need to have a lot of information ready for the manufacturer (see sidebar). Supported input file formats include 3DS, FBX, Blender, OBJ, DXF, LWO, STL, PLY and more than 25 others. How to Tune Your Virtual Racecar in Doorslammers 2, Holley Announces Brand New MSD Direct Ignition System Kits.

© 2017 Power Automedia. Email yourself a 10% off coupon. Let’s say it weighs in at around 3,200 pounds, and is equipped with a 350 cubic-inch engine that has a 9.0:1 compression ratio, and is running a relatively-mild street camshaft like a Comp Cams 260H, and has a set 3.50 rearend gears. Transbrake and Torque Converter Stall speed question. Virtually anywhere you would want to be able to execute a consistent launch, having a 2-step will do nothing but benefit you right from the beginning —literally!”. Sign in. The opposite is true as well.”. Check your email makexyz is 3D printing on demand. At a minimum, if talking about a street-driven car that has some power, is on the heavy side, and has a decent gear for cruising, you should know the rearend gear ratio, tire size, engine size, and what transmission is in the car.” These are the basics that will get you in the ballpark for your cruiser, but what if your car is more than a cruiser? If you work with the manufacturer, you should be able to get a torque converter that is the perfect fit for your car.

When using an automatic transmission, it’s the torque converter’s job to transmit and multiply the engine torque, and deliver it to the transmission.

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