Have you seen them? The way he moves in front of a camera is staged. In those last scenes it was very clear he has issues, At one point he almost had a smirk on his face that said “I did it and I’m going to get away with it”. I am angry that her son doesn’t have her ashes! But the cops aren’t crazy there, and it’s only a matter of time before it gets out that scary rob has to do with it. Men's Health participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. Rob the husband would be my no.1 suspect. Rob 100% did it.

Submit a tip to unsolved.com/tips #unsolvedmysteries ... We'd like to think Robert Stack would be proud. Dice que el ña va a proteger siempre.

Compare that to how much he spent on gas and what the gas prices were.

ROB!! He said something about wheelbarrow and stuff. Does this guy had other wives? Said he got a degree in criminology. #unsolvedmysteries, These are the last known whereabouts of Lester Eubanks. It seems like he was trying to make their marriage seem perfect to hide his motive, which was jealousy because Patrice gave her son more attention than him. I wish and hope there is a closure in this case so he and who truly cares for Patricia know eventually the truth…

The place she was found, everything was very well thought.

He describes Endres as having been jealous and possessive around his mother, and claims that Patrice wanted to divorce him. Y ahora tiene sus cenizas y ademas presule del hecho. It was him. The witnesses said Patrice’s car was parked in front of the shop and the blue car was pulled up in front of the door.

Sa façon de changer de regard quand il cherche un vrai souvenir et quand il ment! That degree in criminal stuff, he has the knowledge. Together, we can help solve mysteries.

Get details.

and he also mentioned that he majored in criminology so that means with all the knowledge he acquired, it’s not possible that he murdered Patrice in cold-blood. If he did, you would have put it in a urn and not in an unopened box. Patrice’s husband, Rob, has an airtight alibi. His need of control over her indicated that. I have a feeling he couldn’t control Pistol the way he liked to control Patrice, by keeping everything from him was his way of keeping some kind of control over him. I totally believe he killed her! Why does Rob get her remains? Echter lijkt het mij heel verstandig om nog veel meer onderzoek te doen met de stoffelijke overschotten van het slachtoffer, om zo mogelijk meer detail te vinden over de mogelijke dader/en of verantwoordelijke achter deze brute moord. There’s something really fishy about both of them and maybe they can some how make a link between the two men.

Black gives candid interviews throughout the course of the episode and clearly grieves the loss of his kind, compassionate parental figure. This content is imported from YouTube.

Put him behind bars already.

it´s the husband i think. The way he talks about her son is alarming too. If he is or if he isn’t, hopefully justice will be served to the right table. That whole scenario would have only taken a few minutes.

Poor, Poor, Pistol. #unsolvedmysteries ... No disguise can mask the horrific acts of Lester Eubanks. Who Is Tim Matouk From 'Unsolved Mysteries'?

Bon sang que l’enquête soit réouverte l’évidence est là!

John Wheeler III served multiple US presidents.

This is professional. All the theories and false confessions behind the Patrice Endres’ Unsolved Mysteries case.

The way he opened the ashes saying it was emotional was all an act. Where Is Sandy Klemp From Unsolved Mysteries Now?

There are a number of theories surrounding the question of who killed Patrice Endres; two of the most popular suggest that the perpetrator was a serial killer.

Both Black and Rob said in the episode that there was an ongoing animosity between the two of them, and that Rob kicked Black out of the house as soon as Patrice disappeared (even, says Pistol, without giving him any of his personal belongings). Plus, he is SUPER CREEPY.

He and his weirdness may be one of the things they were referring to when they said there were some things they couldn’t reveal to the public. Unsolved Mysteries Also Includes Cases Related to Murder, Missing Persons, Wanted Fugitives, UFOs, Ghosts, Paranormal, Missing Heirs, Amnesia, Fraud. He knows not being put in cuffs means absolutely nothing, but is just trying to sell his innocence to the viewers, Rob’s words on the interview: “I am very protective of Patrice, I have her ashes, and that’s good” not exact words but that is the same as saying If I can’t have her no one can.

Also, the way he was shaking during his interview, it was Rob 100%, d’après mon avis personnel Rob aurait étais capable de tuer Patrice pour la garder rien que pour lui , certain de ses propos laisse a penser qu’il n’aimer pas que Patrice soit amis et parle avec d’autre que lui et la relation mère fils qu’elle avais ne lui plaisait le fait qu’il dorme avec les cendres de son épouse laisse penser qu’il aurait besoin d’un suivi psychologique si ce n’ai pas déjà le cas après ce n’ai que mon avis mais pour moi Rob n’est pas innocent même si ce n’ai pas lui qui a tuer Patrice quelque chose chez lui me pousse a penser tous cela.

Hola. Owning a hair salon was Patrice Endres’ dream come true.

6 – The day of Patrice disappearance the clients noticed her stressed because she had already had an encounter with Rob that day and he told her that he would go find her As a mother myself I know how strong our love is for our children, that’s being said Rob is more involved than detectives originally thought , they need to look at how cold he is towards patrices son that can paint a thought words of how dark he can be he knew she had a child therefore knew he came with his mother , the fact rob won’t let patrices son have her remains is a red flag get someone who has expertise in understanding the mind do anything in this day and age we should surely have a method of finding out the truth for her sons and friends and family please. He practiced how to position himself for the cameras. When he later recants his confession, some investigators cross him off their list of suspects.

I think he hired the murderer and made certain to be seen when she was being abducted.

Find Out Answer on Unsolved Mysteries Broadcast Website. Ik vind het ook opmerkelijk dat hij met zijn gedrag met de schedel en het as, niet 100% kan uitsluiten dat hij ze behandeld als een soort van behaalde trofeeen.

He has a criminology degree, and everyone knows the police interrogate anyone close the deceased person, and unless they have a warrant, they cannot arrest or force you to be questioned.

The already-strained relationship between Rob and his step-son, Pistol, totally disintegrates with the disappearance of Patrice.

Since the release of Unsolved Mysteries: Volume 1, over 5,000 tips have been submitted to unsolved.com. It was rob, my reasons were the first, he said that suddenly they had her kidnapped for a long time using her as a toy, he could be referring to it since after the disappearance he changes the locks of the house, his excuse not having a good relationship with your stepson, what is the need to change the locks to protect you, protect you from what?

Who is Jennifer Fairgate? Although he gave incorrect info to law enforcement at the time as to the whereabouts of her body, this could simply and easily be explained by two factors: Jones was a known drug addict as well as a serial rapist/murderer. 100% Rob Rob ROB!!!! Subscribe for new episodes announcements, latest news, featured cases, and more! Condolences to Pistol and his family. So he knew what he was doing. Patrice disappears from her salon, and the search for her begins immediately. El perfil psicológico de rob demuestra que su relacion nonera sana. Who Plays Townes in 'The Queen's Gambit'?

I hope Pistol finds closure and he’s surrounded by loving people. Just watched this episode and Rob is one creepy mother trucker and I 100% believe he had SOMETHING to do with Patrice’s murder.

The way he asked the funeral directors to reassemble her bones was odd, I think he wanted to have one last look at her to satisfy himself with the work he’d done or had somebody else do.

He is a total sociopath.

Marie Claire participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. The US Marshals Service is now offering $50,000 for information leading to his capture.

Girlfriends? Netflix's recent revival of the docu-series Unsolved Mysteries, which recounts and reenacts unexplained events and phenomena, includes a number of true crime stories which are still ongoing investigations. Ele é formado em criminologia, ele sabe o que se deve fazer para não deixar pistas para trás. Sería interesante descartar la posibilidad de que ese dato exista exista en su memoria mediante una regresión hipnótica. He probably also thought it out to the point of taking her remains to the same woods that another killer had previously left remains in to place the blame somewhere else. #unsolvedmysteries, After an extensive search by police, Shane Walker and Christopher Dansby seemingly vanished. It’s 100% rob, their marrige was comming to a close, because he was overprotecting of her, he was even jalous about her son and her friends. Rob had a little weird smile and was verry creepy when he said :” I have her now” First of all, he said he has a criminology degree, meaning he knows the details they would look for to link it to him. I think he had the attitude of “if I can’t have you nobody can” and he was proud of himself for proving that, who knows what he was actually saying while he carried her skull around. In the episode, Black said it'd been 15 years since his mom's death, and that he has none of her personal belongings (Rob has her possessions, as well as her ashes—Rob says he's glad Black doesn't have them). Submit a tip to unsolved.com/tips. Son ticket de caisse pour l’essence il l’a toujours genre “vous voyez ce n’est pas moi” ce besoin de se justifier en permanence. Er bestaat een kans meer te weten te kunnen komen over de relaties van de dader en zijn mogelijke verbanden met mensen vooraf aan deze moord, als er meer detail beschikbaar is over gevonden stoffelijke overschotten. Investigators create a timeline based on Patrice’s customers that day, and her cell phone calls, and identify a narrow 13-minute window of time when the abduction took place. Rob displayed and said some very odd and suspicious things that were major red flags to me. Makes no sence unless he knew, she wasen’t comming home again.

He probably pay the other suspects to help him. I think Rob believes the reason Patrice was going to leave him was because Pistol was her first priority and he couldn’t stand it. The abduction of two children in 1980s New York City still haunt the families left behind.

#unsolvedmysteries, The abduction of two children in 1980s New York City still haunt the families left behind.

He was extremely jealous of her and her son’s relationship with each other, he didn’t want her to divorce him, he “claims” that he never knew anything about her wanting to divorce him.

But Rob probably took care of the rest. 100% was Rob. I’m more than sure about it! Endres' behavior following his wife's disappearance was also extremely unusual: he kicked Black out of the house and changed the locks, not even allowing him back in to collect his belongings. Si la matricula del auto estaba descubierta y la testigo ocular vio que era de Georgia, seguramente vio el número pero no lo registró. She wanted the divorce, he can say whatever, but nothing will convince me he didn’t know.

He almost smiles!

Gary Hilton, currently on death row, committed a series of murders in Florida, North Carolina, and Georgia, where Endres was killed.

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