There are six simple steps you need to take to purchase that special python from a company like snake ranch used to be.

Step one – before getting hooked on the idea of keeping a python as a pet, you should find out what you are letting yourself in for. If you are not an experienced keeper, read this first.

Step two: Make sure that you hold the appropriate licence required in your state for the species that you wish to own. The following are links to the appropriate regulatory body in your State where you can seek clarification as required. NSW, Vic, Qld, SA, ACT, WA, NT, and Tas. Unfortunately we are not permitted to export all species to WA or Tas.

Step three – make your choice from our current price list …
Step four – contact us & place your order …
Step five – support Aussie bureaucracy… If you reside outside of NSW you will need to arrange for an import permit or movement advice. If you are unsure about your obligations, please contact us and we can assist you.
Step six – rock-n-roll! … make sure you have your enclosure set up and then speak with us re the most appropriate option to take delivery of your snake.

After-sales service… Please contact the sales team at any time after the arrival of your hatchlings – whether it’s two days or two years after your purchase, we will either help you directly, or get the necessary information or advice from an appropriate member of the Snake Ranch